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  1. Guys like Coote, Aitken and Linnett could be in the running. I think for those guys to play for GB they should have made themselves available for the European Championship. If NRL and Super League guys are going to put their hands up for these nations in big games like 4 nations and world cups they should have to play the lessor tournaments as well.
  2. Seems ok for me. Everyone seems to be getting games. The NRL shouldn't be messing with it because Peter Beatie is one of the guys who helped organise it. GB tour next year play all the pacific nations and NZ, all the pacific nations and Australia play against each other. That's a massive improvement for Tonga, Samoa, PNG and Fiji. Will help them build their teams since they actually have a viable rep career. Kangaroos tour GB and France the year after, while the pacific and NZ play oceanic cup again. Funds going into America and middle easts and African tournaments. (assume that means Lebanon and South Africa) Not sure about the 9s. Sounds a bit too much. Not sure what people are complaining about. GB is too soon in my opinion only because there isn't enough Welsh Scottish and Irish players who can make the team, unless they take heritage players.
  3. http://rlif.com/article/8527/ The Rugby League International Federation Board has approved in principle a rolling calendar of matches for the next eight years. The calendar will see a mix of world events, regional events and bilateral tours starting in 2019. The meeting was held as a part of the RLIF Congress in York. A highlight of the 2019 plan is the creation of the Oceania Cup featuring Australia, New Zealand and Tonga in one group and Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea in the other group. The nations also agreed that the Great Britain Rugby League Lions will visit the Southern Hemisphere to face New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea subject to consultation with the major playing leagues and the players’ representatives. There are ongoing discussions to ensure that the programme for the women’s game and for wheelchair rugby league are advanced at a similar rate to the men’s game. The Board has also approved financial support for the Americas Championship and a new competition for nations in the Middle East and Africa, the MEA Championship. RLIF investment will be annual, commencing in 2019, underlining the strategic significance of and recent growth in these territories. Australia will host the inaugural RLIF Nines World Cup in 2019 which will see teams from across the world gather to compete in this innovative and exciting form of the game. This will feature both men’s and women’s competitions. The programme will be punctuated every four years with the World Cup and will include the repeat of the Oceania Cup in 2020 and 2022 which will mirror the European Championship in the Northern Hemisphere. With space created for the bilateral arrangement of games and tours by the individual member nations. Chief Executive Nigel Wood has welcomed the outcome saying: “The whole international rugby league world has looked to us to complete this important piece of work. The discussions this week have been extremely collaborative and positive. “This is a complex process and if we can put all the pieces of the jig-saw into place we will have a very exciting programme.” “There is some further consultation to be undertaken with leagues and playing groups together with some important commercial evaluations before we could make final announcements, however we are confident that we can complete these discussions before Christmas.” New Zealand Rugby League CEO Greg Peters said: “We are delighted to have the support of the RLIF and member nations for a significant calendar of rugby league events in New Zealand. This will be the first time in the history of the sport that this number of international games has been hosted in New Zealand. We still have work to do, however, but we are very encouraged by the commitment of all parties to work towards making this a reality.” Sandis Tsaka, President of Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League, said: “It’s a great boost for us in Papua New Guinea to have a reliable calendar of games that we can promote to our fans, players and stakeholders.” Todd Greenberg, CEO of the Australian Rugby League Commission, welcomed the collaboration shown in the discussions: “It was refreshing to see the way in which we were all able to work together, particularly the Pacific nations, to deliver the framework for this calendar.” Ralph Rimmer, CEO of the Rugby Football League, was pleased with the opportunities provided by the calendar: “These are exciting times for the sport in general and particularly the chance we have to both take a Great Britain team to the Southern Hemisphere next year and then welcome the Kangaroos in 2020. There is still some discussion to complete on 2019 but everything looks to be moving in a positive direction.” RLIF Southern Hemisphere General Manager Jeremy Edwards said: “This programme will give us all a framework that we can work with. The Oceania Cup gives the Pacific nations the ideal platform to continue the immense progress that they have made over the past few years."
  4. I don't know about that. The grand finalist of 2017, Nth QLD Cowboys who obviously had a great team got totally smashed this year and came down near the bottom. 2nd to 13th in one off season after some of the best players in the world come back from injury. There are always teams that over perform and under perform.
  5. Because he was injured. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/15314/11517818/englands-sam-burgess-ruled-out-of-autumn-tests-due-to-injury
  6. Milford played for Queensland and Samoa this year. If they are happy to let him miss mid season test (or Origin game 2) its all good.
  7. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/21/mate-maa-tonga-set-sights-on-winning-2021-world-cup/ "I think we have got a good crew here and I think there are a lot of good young Tongan players coming up too," he said. "There's also David Fifita at Brisbane and some other young guys coming up. If we can get them on board for the next World Cup hopefully we will have a strong team."
  8. I agree with most of what you say. Tonga's style will always be over top of the opposition and I think like a lot of people have already mentioned, the anchor dragging them back was lack of match fitness from most of the squad not playing many games in the last month. If they had had a warm up game or 2 you would have seen more tackle busts and they would have been more effective in the way they play. Skill still has a massive part in the game even though its not Tonga's strong point. Australia showed last week when they were physically dominated they still had the skill to be in it till the last minute. The score flattered the Australians vs NZ, but their skill kept them scoring tries out of nothing. That's why they are so hard to beat.
  9. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/20/tonga-juggernaut-rolls-on-despite-loss-to-kangaroos/ The remarkable scenes at Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday night are set to be repeated next year with plans for Tonga to play Tests against New Zealand, Australia and the touring Great Britain Lions, as well as rivals Samoa. Lots of good after game interviews here https://www.nrl.com/
  10. Media wrap up. All very positive. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/australia-defeat-tonga-but-crowd-support-and-atmosphere-the-big-winners-in-the-historic-test-match/news-story/d9d1f17a39273d8d8a7b7327d3f074c2 “It was like a carnival atmosphere. They’re all happy and they all sang the Australian anthem. It was such a good atmosphere, happy, they’re good people and they showed it tonight.” https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/20/tongas-rugby-league-revolution-13-years-in-the-making/ Jason Taumalolo, David Fusitu'a, Siosiua Taukeiaho, Tuimoala Lolohea, Saliva Havili and Ata Hingano all played for Tonga junior teams in end of season tournaments in Auckland. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/live-blog-kangaroos-v-mate-maa-tonga/news-story/8b3716f7947d6e37de03d725a8ae6cc6 And the fans turned out in their droves, with thousands lining up hours before kick-off to produce a sea of red and create a memorable atmosphere in Auckland. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/rugby-league/news/australia-tonga-singing-fans-atmosphere-crowd-sipi-tau/1av1f7zdyfk671c1j3nba7aizs "Wow, what a crowd!" Cordner said. "We wanted this game just as much as Tonga. "It's all about growing the game and look at this. "You guys are unbelievable, keep getting behind your team. "It's an experience none of us have ever seen before. "It's been the case all week with the Tongan supporters and their country, they're all about respect and they're very humble and we really respect that as a country, so thank you very much."
  11. I would have picked him, but I think your right, he is looking a little past it isn't he.
  12. Its not if they are bias its the perception of bias when ever they make a mistake. It wouldn't have been hard to get some Super League refs out for the occasion.
  13. 8 point try hey. How often do you see that. He didn't lash out at his head with his foot he tripped over a dude who fell in front of him
  14. every time Tonga get a roll on their brain explodes and they do something stupid
  15. brain snaps from the Tongans. Aus making easy ground. Could get bad.
  16. Don't know if any of you guys got twitter but some of the scenes of the crowd, even through the week. Its like the Beatles all over again. Maybe not so many fainting women.
  17. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/sport/369049/more-players-expected-to-follow-the-lead-into-tongan-rugby-league-team
  18. Someone else said this on this forum years a go but I'm going to steal it. France need to do what ever they can to get Trent Robinson grand final winning Roosters coach and ex coach of the 2 French teams currently playing in the Super League (He was a defensive coach as well so he might reduce some of the big scores against them). Only so much a coach can do with the cattle he has, but I still think he can bring the national French team up a few notches. Sign him up for the next 2 RLWCs would be close to the best thing they could do.
  19. I think "Australia do #### all for the international game" is a little more one sided. Yes they have developed these players for their clubs, but tell me who develops players for other nations other then through clubs in their competition? Does England sponsor a French academy or any other nation for that matter? Players get developed through school and club competitions. That's just life. If it wasn't for club competitions youth development programs in Australia how many nations would be able to field teams of professional standard? How are the Pacific Nations going to arrange their own matches when they have no money? Tonga vs NZ and Tonga vs England was in the RLWC. Did they get a share? I don't know ask the RLIF. Probably not much considering how little they had to pay their players. Nothing is stopping the Pacific Nations from putting on their own games except their own ability to do so. If it wasn't for the NRLs mid season Pacific Tests there would be no games for those nations until the next world cup. That's not enough games in my opinion but its better then the alternative, nothing. I'm glad they came to the party so we have this Tongan game this weekend. I wish there was games for Fiji and Samoa as well. You know the Australian players took a 75% pay cut so they could be paid the same as the Tongans and so this game could go ahead right? What happened in Denver by the NRL was short sighted and damaging to our own game. I think it was terrible that they didn't back it. The RLIF can arrange any international tournaments with any nation they want. They are the RLIF its their job. The clubs dragging their feet was an issue since the players are contracted to them, which was a dog act. The NRL should have been firm against the clubs and made them release players and should have been more supportive of the concept. Still the game went on though didn't it, the NRL didn't stop it from happening, they just didn't like that it did happen. There is no Denver test next year because the Moore group didn't make the money to pay the nations. The NRL didn't block it, but their poor attitude didn't help it be a success. So what. Is it a pathway to professionalism for New Zealand players and does it help them become a more competitive nation? The NRL is still a business not a charity. Its still a major factor in developing and maintaining the game in New Zealand. Australian coaches are currently coaching Australia, New Zealand, England, Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa. That's also the current international ranking. Apologies they are not doing it for free, though I doubt the pay cheque from Tonga Fiji or Samoa is going to buy them a new house. The point is although I often think Australia could do more for the international game they are still doing plenty and more then any other nation. Its funny the biases on these forums sometimes. If Australia do nothing you get the "Australia don't care about international RL they are ######" mob, and when they do do something its "Australia are in a power play to take over RL they are trying to control everything" So which is it, do you want them to sit back and do nothing or get involved and be seen as some kind of aggressor. Either way they cant win the public opinion of many in this forum and in England because some people just dislike them and no matter what they do good or bad they want to see the worst of them no matter what. Australia isn't perfect, in fact they do some $hitty things sometimes and annoy the ###### out of me. I still stand by point that to say they do nothing for the international game is ridiculous statement.
  20. Australia have developed all the players in every pacific nation, New Zealand, Lebanon and Italy and a few in other nations as well. They all play in NRL clubs, that's how they got so good. Australia has bankrolled every game for the pacific except the world cup Australia organises every game for the Pacific Nations, the RLIF does nothing. Australia has toured PNG with the PMs13 most years Australia has bought the PNG Hunters in not to mention the New Zealand Warriors. Its Australian coaches that coach most of the Pacific Nations, USA, Italy What a ridiculous comment.
  21. And this report sounds different again Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa would each face each other in a round-robin format, meaning at least three games for each nation. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/tongas-test-schedule-set-to-increase-in-season-2019/news-story/dd184d39e30b54f29683207fb5c42338 No mention of Australia
  22. They always come out with something a bit weird when there are obvious solutions in front of them don't they. Still I happy to see the Pacific Nations getting a decent run. Its about time. GB is going to tour NZ and the Pacific I think I heard. Is this an annual tournament? (other then WC years obviously). Or are these games specifically the 2nd group played over a number of years.
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