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  1. Its a hard one. I was all for the shoulder charge, but then a guy was killed in the QLD cup from one. In saying that not to long a go an Australian batsman was killed by bouncer in cricket and there was no knee jerk reaction to ban bouncers or pace bowlers. Its annoying to see a great hit that gets penalised because a guy bounces off the defender's shoulder before his arm gets to make contact. Most times you do lead with your shoulder in defence after all. Other tackles suffer as well that are not "traditional" shoulder chargers. When a guy is diving for the line for example an a defender comes across and hits him into touch. The rule was never really created to ban those kind of tackles but technically they are shoulder charges. Billy Slater's was a perfect example (though I do think his arm made contact).
  2. Don't know if Im missing something but I thought they were terrible due to pitch burn and contributions to knee injury. I admit though I am uninformed on this topic. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4364058/Rugby-players-share-snaps-burns-artificial-pitch.html
  3. The top half of his body ended up over the line. That's momentum.
  4. Well it will put the standard of their national team back many many decades. Not a great outcome.
  5. I think the hype Tonga has created has proven so far that high profile players switching to these pacific nations is actually a great result for the game. Tonga are selling out stadiums consistently, creating great media hype and adding to the international depth. If Samoa can achieve something similar then surely that is a good thing. I do feel for NZ but players are knocking back Australia as well. We could get 6 nations with the talent available (Aus, NZ, Eng, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji) up to a similar level of competitiveness. People forget Fiji beat NZ last time they played and since have produced two new exciting wingers (though wingers they are not short on) just this year for St George and Parra. The Big problem for Tonga, and Fiji (not so much Samoa) is quality halves. If these oceanic games can successfully create a good enough profile I'm hoping some guys from Super Rugby might consider making the switch to league considering there is a hole there ready to be filled for someone with a bit of a kicking game, but that is hopeful thinking.
  6. Lyon made himself unavailable for origin because he was sick of been run over by Inglis. Well that's a theory anyway. No way on earth Lyon was better then Inglis. In his prime there was probably no better running attacking player. Opinions though right, everyone's got one.
  7. Only if they are working there I guess. I not many people would move there to live.
  8. I doubt it very much. None are professionals and if they did get paid a weeks worth of PNG currency wouldn't buy a coke in the UK (slight exaggeration maybe) Not to mention foreigners are often targeted for theft and murder. At least in the capital.
  9. Id like to see some Scottish, Welsh and Irish players to make an actual GB tour at the end of the year instead of England with a welsh guy.
  10. I'm very interested to hear how they went. They are all QLD cup premiership winning players, should be more then capable at Championship level.
  11. Ive been saying it for ages (though I did steal the idea from someone else on these forums) Trent Robinson is the man to coach the French National team for at least the next 2 RLWCs.
  12. Ive never seen that before. I am now a better man for it.
  13. Does anyone else think they are underachieving as a national side?
  14. I don't think nations because there are international competitions for nations. International clubs like the PNG Hunters or the new Fijian franchise would be great but of course they are on the other side of the world and don't have anywhere near enough money or time in their schedule to take part.
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