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  1. New Article from Fox sports. Very informative. “Next time there’s a Test he won’t get the cattle,” says Maitua. “Nobody will want to play. “What he’s done for them is enough, we need a fresh face to lure the top talent back to Samoa. “Sia [Soliola] is the number one leader. He is the only man in the NRL that can have an influence on the younger players. He is a leader without saying anything. “And if he isn’t playing [since 2013], you’ve got to ask why? It’s confusing that nobody can see that from inside the Samoan inner sanctum. “It’s baffling why they want to stay with the same methods. Until that happens, then everything will stay the same way.” Parish was contacted for comment, however, he responded that he had no intention to provide any formal comment. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/world-cup/booze-boycotts-taking-the-pss-the-civil-war-threatening-to-tear-footymad-nation-apart/news-story/0a88eca6b61cbdeb7e0bef74e40748e4
  2. So in 2016 they beat Tonga, this was before Tonga had all those top tier players become available. They were going quite well at that point. In 2015 they almost beat England and New Zealand while under Parish. They also went fairly well in the 2017 mid season test against England. They fielded a fairly strong team. The RLWC that same year is where they started their decline. They didn't win a game and got through the to the semis on a points for and against draw with Scotland. Again they had a fairly decent team but many players ended the tournament overweight and played well below their potential. Willie Mason in his podcast claims Roger Tuivasa Sheck would have played for Samoa that year except for Parish been coach. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/forget-what-papers-are-saying-heres-who-really-needs/id1499743238?i=1000520424659 Since then they beat a PNG team in the midseason test which contained a very young Xaavier Coates who probably hadn't played A-grade at that time, James Segeyaro and Rhyse Martin as the only NRL players in their starting 13 with Kurt Baptise on the bench. Their entire team was NRL A-graders with possibly the exception of James Gavet who I cant quite remember. When they were destroyed by Fiji 44 - 18 that same year there was 8 Fijian players who I recognize as either A-grade NRL/Super League players. The rest are mostly from lower grades with one from the Fijian competition. Samoa's entire side with maybe the exception of again James Gavet and Marion Seve are NRL regulars some having played State of Origin and Martin Taupau who is an ex NZ legend with 24 tests. Its fairly obvious Parish is getting no where near the best out of this team. There is no argument. He has gone terrible since the 2017 RLWC though before then he did quite well. If Parish is an obstacle for Samoa achieving success he needs to go. Obviously it would be better if a Craig Bellamy or Ivan Cleary took over but at the moment the only offer is the Johns brothers and SBW which would still be an improvement over the current coach who cant attract the top tier players or get the best out of them when they play.
  3. He has the wrong Fijian game. Its 2019 Oceanic cup. Its actually really good to watch from a Fijian point of view. They throw the ball around, its very exciting. Pathetic from Samoa though.
  4. Great podcast by Willie Mason https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/forget-what-papers-are-saying-heres-who-really-needs/id1499743238?i=1000520424659
  5. A Johns and SBW chatting about it.
  6. Better than Parish. Especially if they can attract higher class players. Remember Fatty Vautin who never coached a side before beat a very strong NSW with a team of "Neville nobodies" Parish has lost the players respect. Johns x2 and SBW isn't the perfect option. A Cleary or Bellamy would be obviously preferable, but right now Parish should go.
  7. When Parish took over he was doing a real RL missionaries job. Samoa kind of started the Pacific revolution before Tonga came in and made it a huge thing. They almost knocked over NZ in the last minute of the game after going down to England by 6 points in 2014. They also under Parish did a good job in the mid season test vs England in 2017. From there it was downhill though with much of the squad getting fat during the RLWC 2017 and putting in disappointing performances through out the tournament. Their last game in 2019 stacked with full NRL talent they absolutely got smashed by a Fijian side with no where near the NRL experience. Thats why its so hard to understand the reason Samoa are so keen on keeping Parish when three greats of the game (well maybe two if you don't include Matty) are willing to take over for free. They all work in the media so it means coverage for the RLWC which has been lacking. They will attract some of the best players. It just seems madness. Parish's hart is in the right place with development but obviously now he is doing more damage than good and its time he moved on.
  8. It has a lot of people scratching their heads.
  9. So there was a letter signed by Samoan players asking the Samoan board to remove Parish because they felt they couldnt succeed under him. There is also talk that RTS would play for Samoa as well as a host of others if they change the coach. What the Johns Brothers and SBW bring are two good football minds and a guy passionate about the nation because his father is Samoan as well as actual media coverage from Ch 9 (A Johns SBW) and Fox (M Johns) which before this story has been minimal. So what has happened now it seems is the Johns Brothers and SBW have been invited to assist in order to encourage players to make themselves available. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/125031676/samoa-coach-to-ask-sonny-bill-williams-for-help-with-rugby-league-world-cup-campaign https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/05/03/taumalolo-like-the-impact-of-johns-brothers-sbws-samoa-coaching-dream/
  10. Yep that is true but still my statement stands who in the Australian team is at that level? Consider since the last RLWC Aus has only won 50% of its games.
  11. Weakest team in my life time. Go back5 years with Slater, Thurston, Cronk, Smith, Inglis, even Hayne. Who is at that level now? RLWC might be fairly exciting next year if it goes ahead.
  12. I don't think there really is atm. If you look at the past halfbacks in the Australian comp the guys there now are really a few levels below.
  13. Mate, full respect for someone who has worked 20 years developing RL in Europe and obviously you would know more than me. Still I have a few questions if you dont mind. Wouldnt a club competition that is semi-professioanl also be a hard sell? Its not as if you are attracting world class players to the compeition. It would be no names to a sport most have never heard of. At least with National teams you have are using national pride to attract fans, players and media. With a club competition you dont even have that. All these things are already part of the expense of the proposed Euro 13 club competition, except you would have to relocate players as well. They are talking about a draft. So what kind of players are going to move away from friends and family, probably jobs to move to another country for a semi-pro contract (Part time work). Obviously very comitted players but most, I doubt will have that type of commitment so you are already creating a smaller player pool of just those willing to move. Then there is the language issue. There are 24 official languages in Europe and more than 200 spoken (Thanks google) That again slims down your player pool to players who can communicate with each other. So in the end you are not really going to have that much of a larger playing pool of better players by using clubs. Its so much easyer and has so much more benfit if all the players came from at least one nation. Yes there is lots of work to do, yes its a long term stratagy but again its the national body that benifits not a club and the national body is the one who is going do be developing the game and player pathways, instead of obessing over winning a premerships. That kind of ended up more statements then questions. Appologies. But still Id like to hear your thoughts.
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