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  1. You dont turn back superstars. "You only had to see the excitement from the locals every time Semi Radradra touched the ball for Fiji during the Rugby World Cup game against Wales on Wednesday night to understand the challenges rugby league faces on the Pacific island." "Every kid wants to be Radradra." He is to Fiji what SBW is to NZ https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/semi-delirious-fans-highlight-problem-rugby-poses-for-league-in-fiji-20191011-p52zsg.html
  2. Watching the PNG girls break down with tears of joy on the final siren was great to see. Means so much to these girls. Great for the game.
  3. 16 all. Was a great first half, a lot of errors creeping into the 2nd.
  4. Not sure why David Mead isnt in the PNG team. He is in the squad but not the 17. Other players missing Kurt Baptiste, Xavier Coates, Lauchlan Lam. So potentially PNG could have a back line that looks like this. Nene Macdonald had a great season for St George last year but this year with the Cowboys got in trouble for drink driving and kicked him out of the club. 1 Johnston 2 Mead 3 Olam 4 Coates 5 Macdonald 6 Lam 7 Boas Thats actually a very handy backline full of potential. Olam was sensational for the Storm this year, Coates looks to be a star of the future as with Lam. Mead or Johnston at fullback or wing, either way both are proven quality players. Macdonald obviously needs to get signed by another NRL club after been a naughty boy, but can be really good. Could be a nice slick backline come next RLWC. They still need to develop some more forwards though.
  5. The Tongan community dont seem to give a rats a$$ incase you didnt notice the sea of red filling every game they have played since 2017. I think their oppinions are more important.
  6. There was a Tongan kids rugby league clinique in 2018 where they had to turn away 2 thirds of the kids that showed up because they did not have the rescoures to deal with such a large number on the day. I think as of 2019 its safe to say Tonga is more a Rugby League nation then a Rugby Union one. Not so for Samoa or Fiji. Although a few stars have committed (Marty Taupau) no where near as many and thus they have had no where near the support. If you look at these teams there is a huge amount of eligible players who are injured, their clubs say they are injured or more likely have just not made themselves available. Unlike Tonga the players for some reason have chose not to make a similar commitment and as a result the national teams have not had anywhere near the public support or media interest. Each Fiji and Samoa could put a team out of Tonga's strength.
  7. There are about 3 Tongan born players maybe even 2 in the Tongan national team, since 2017 when the star's made themselves availble for selection. Most Tongan games have sold out, players have been greeted at airports by thousands of fans, there has been street parades to the games and the crowds at the stadiums are visibly a sea of red. Its safe to say that pacific islanders not only accept people of heritage as Tongans/Samoans/Fijians but are excited to support them. Been born on the actual islands doesnt seem to make much if any difference to the communities.
  8. Its a hard one. I was all for the shoulder charge, but then a guy was killed in the QLD cup from one. In saying that not to long a go an Australian batsman was killed by bouncer in cricket and there was no knee jerk reaction to ban bouncers or pace bowlers. Its annoying to see a great hit that gets penalised because a guy bounces off the defender's shoulder before his arm gets to make contact. Most times you do lead with your shoulder in defence after all. Other tackles suffer as well that are not "traditional" shoulder chargers. When a guy is diving for the line for example an a defender comes across and hits him into touch. The rule was never really created to ban those kind of tackles but technically they are shoulder charges. Billy Slater's was a perfect example (though I do think his arm made contact).
  9. Don't know if Im missing something but I thought they were terrible due to pitch burn and contributions to knee injury. I admit though I am uninformed on this topic. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4364058/Rugby-players-share-snaps-burns-artificial-pitch.html
  10. The top half of his body ended up over the line. That's momentum.
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