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  1. I agree with everything you say except the remotely possible part. If I said to you early last year Tonga would be doing what they are doing I'm sure most would say that was not remotely possible, and yet, here we are. Definitely need a set in stone calendar where each of these nations is getting at least 3 or 4 games a year.
  2. Hopefully Samoan and Fijian players will take note and decide to follow the trend. Both with eligible players could field a side of similar strength to Tonga and Samoa could get similar crowd support in New Zealand. I wonder where PNG will be in 10 years time if the Hunters continue to develop players. Less reliant on heritage hopefully one day they also will be a force.
  3. RFL shut the youtube video down due to copyright claim LOL. ######s.
  4. Peter Beattie streaming the PNG vs PMs13 was better then this stream
  5. If it freezes try refreshing the page. That just worked for me.
  6. Its on youtube Might be a few mins behind though. But Im watching it now in Australia.
  7. "The level of interest in this game has been staggering so it will be great to see the house full sign up outside Mt Smart Stadium this Saturday,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said in a statement. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/17/australia-kangaroos-v-mate-maa-tonga-test-sold-out/ Fairly sure it was sold out 4 weeks a go and they added more seating
  8. I think emotion will play a huge part in this game. The atmosphere and the feeling that they are hard done by the RLIF with games, recognition, payment and general passion for their nation will have Tonga fired up. It depends on what they do with that emotion. If they try to intimidate Australia too much and give away silly penalties Australia could put a big score on them. If they use it well and dominate the Australian pack with tough legal play, anything could happen. Jennings up against Mitchell could be personal since Jennings was let go by the Roosters so Mitchell could take his place. Jennings will be out to put one over on the form centre of the NRL.
  9. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/league/news/article.cfm?c_id=79&objectid=12142824 Fifita calls for Eden Park games featuring Tonga.
  10. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/16/australia-v-tonga-team-lists/
  11. Its hard to see how our game can succeed with these people in charge at times. Its like they are spys from RU here to destroy from with in (I don't actually believe that but still .. it boggles the mind that someone can be that bad not on purpose)
  12. I think Pacific and Lebanese families are still exceptionally Pacific and Lebanese for generations to come. That's why heritage teams work for them, they get massive crowd support and their players are so passionate about representing. Welsh, Scottish and Irish families and those nations supporter bases you would need a different tactic and eventually get home grown talent. They all have great teams in different sports of home grown players and don't have any interest in supporting what they see as English men (or Australians) representing their nations. For now I think they need to stick with their heritage players because with out them they will drop to an amateur level but hopefully they can get a team in League 1 or some other development technique. As soon as more homegrown players start replacing the heritage players, as long as they are competitive I think you will find more support coming from those nations for their national team.
  13. If that last kiwi try (or no try) was allowed I think the Kiwis would have rolled up to 40. That would have brought excitement back to the NZ team by the fans. They kind of stuffed a bit by letting the Aussies back into it. They just switch off. Maybe they needed to do some Warriors breathing exercises to calm down a bit.
  14. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/13/harris-tavitas-ridiculous-kick/ They need to look at that rule I think.
  15. I know most of us wont have a clue what they are saying, but its still good news that main stream press is reporting on the Philippines national team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMdP9fh1E-0&feature=share Id get my wife to translate it for me but she is busy playing World of Warcraft. 103 million people in the Philippines. The Aussie dollar goes a long long way in that country. Geographically it is right above PNG. Another place with a lot of RL potential.
  16. They will pick up. They just need a few more home games to resell their brand to the public. A few wins will also help.
  17. They sell out games quicker then any international team. Their last 3 games have all been sell outs and this test sold out 4 weeks before the event. I believe they have now added extra seats to squeeze more in. Their fans bring fantastic atmosphere with many players and other nations fans saying its the best they have experienced. Their team is the first in many many years to be able to not only compete but beat (though Fiji followed suit straight after, funny the lack of fanfare about them) top tier nations. They bring a lot of positive media coverage to our game in New Zealand and Australia. A story early in the year told of how a Tongan development program had to turn back juniors because they didn't have the resources to accommodate the massive influx of new kids wanting to play rugby league. They are growing the game in NZ at grass roots. Their team is very strong with depth in every position except the halves. I'm not sure what else they need to do in order to make some people get excited. Just because they don't have a few more zeros on the back of their population number doesn't take away from the many things they are adding to our international game. Infact their small population adds to their underdog factor increasing their already massive public support. The West Indies didn't have a massive population in the early 80s (though it has since grown) when their cricket was the toast of international cricket.
  18. I think rugby league should strike while the iron is hot and schedule as many games in NZ against Tonga as they can from the big 3. This kind of reception and passion is all over the news and puts rugby league on the media spotlight for all the right reasons. Its great PR. The players love it also. I remember an English player from last years world cup saying it was his greatest sporting experience playing against Tonga in New Zealand. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/nrl/amazing-scenes-as-thousands-of-fans-greet-tongan-stars-ahead-of-kangaroos-clash/news-story/428a55b8ac7157840f478ca7eddc68e4
  19. I would alter the concept and play a World Series. Similar to the 4 nations but with promotion and relegation of the top 20 national teams. Teams would be in pools according to world rankings. The World Series before the World Cup would make up the competing nations. According to World Rankings It would currently look like this Gold Pool Australia New Zealand England Tonga Silver Pool Fiji Samoa Scotland France Bronze Pool Lebanon PNG Ireland Wales Blue Pool Italy USA Jamaica Canada Red Pool Serbia Malta Norway Russia
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