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  1. It is a good team, its just not as good as any previous teams in the last 30 years. Says a lot about the Kangaroos when one can make that statement. No matter who they field they will always be strong as so in this case.
  2. Not that its terrible, but is this the worst Australian side in the last 30/40 years? There is no one of a Cronk, Smith, Slater, Thurston, Lockyer, Johns, Fittler, Langer, Daily, Stuart, Lewis, Sterling, Kenny calibre in a long long time. Its still a strong side but much weaker then previous Australian sides.
  3. I think they might be foxing a bit. Wouldn't surprise me if Gagai played centre and Campbell-Gillard started.
  4. Australian team https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/kangaroos/mal-meninga-reveals-australian-kangaroos-lineup-to-take-on-new-zealand-kiwis/news-story/ac63c6c64aa8332afb760d0f766c9368 Kangaroos: 1 James Tedesco 2 Dane Gagai 3 Latrell Mitchell 4 Tom Trbojevic 5 Valentine Holmes 6 Luke Keary 7 Daly Cherry-Evans (vc) 8 David Klemmer 9 Damien Cook 10 Jordan McLean 11 Boyd Cordner (c) 12 Felise Kaufusi 13 Josh McGuire Interchange: 14 Ben Hunt 15 Jake Trbojevic 16 Tyson Frizell 17 Aaron Woods 18 Tyrone Peachey 19 Reagan Campbell-Gillard
  5. Now you mention it, that's an insane selection. No way Id have Ken Maumalo in there over Isaako.
  6. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/09/dallin-watene-zelezniak-to-captain-new-zealand-in-test-against-australia/ Kiwis team: 1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (c), 2. Ken Maumalo, 3. Esan Marsters, 4. Joseph Manu, 5. Jordan Rapana, 6. Shaun Johnson, 7. Kodi Nikorima, 8. Jesse Bromwich, 9. Brandon Smith, 10. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, 11. Kevin Proctor, 12. Isaac Liu, 13. James Fisher-Harris Interchange: 14. Kenny Bromwich, 15. Leeson Ah Mau, 16. Martin Taupau, 17. Adam Blair, 18 Peta Hiku, 19. Jahrome Hughes
  7. Well, right them a letter and give them a list or you could even start a petition on change.org.
  8. Not according to Peter Beatie when asked on twitter. Peter Beattie‏Verified account @SmartState1 Following Following @SmartState1 More Peter Beattie Retweeted Brad Boucher No Brad. It is the PM’s XIII. It is not a test #nrl Peter Beattie added, Brad Boucher @WePlayLeague Replying to @SmartState1 There's word around that this game is given test status, this isn't true is it? 12:55 AM - 26 Sep 2018 from Sydney, New South Wales
  9. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/06/prime-ministers-xiii---kumuls-v-kangaroos/ Due to an optical illusion the crowd on one side of the stand invaded the field thinking one of the light stands was about to fall down on them. Or maybe they just wanted a selfie with the players.
  10. He was still fairly destructive in the NRL. Won man of the match on an occasion from centre, then didn't show up to training and got dropped. I probably would have had him in the centres. Kata and Hurrell make to many mistakes.
  11. Might look something like this 1 : Hopoate 2 : Tupou 3 : Kata 4 : M Jennings 5 : Fusitu'a 6 : Lolohea 7 : Hingano 8 : Fifita 9 : Havilli 10 : Fonua-Blake 11 : Pangai jr 12 : Manu 13 : Taumalolo 14 : Ofahengaue 15 : Taukeiaho 16 : Murdoch-Masilla 17 : Katoa Robert Jennings is under Development Player so maybe they might be sneaky and put him in since he was 3rd highest try scorer though it would be hard to drop Tupou.
  12. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/05/mate-maa-tonga-squad-to-face-kangaroos/?utm_source=NRLTWContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent Squad reduced to 21. Sika Manu cleared of serious knee damage and will take part.
  13. I haven't read the entire thread and although I am enthusiastic about what Toronto are doing living in Australia its been hard to follow them other then watch a game or 2 here and there on Fox if I'm lucky enough to turn the channel at the right time. The way I see it is Toronto (and other expansion sides) will give sponsors a new market to advertise their product. If you put a sponsors name on a Wigan jersey then people now in parts Canada will see that instead of just a small part of northern England which mean will suddenly putting that sponsors name on that jersey is worth more, meaning the club will get more or have more options when it comes to sponsorship. That's a basic example. This is how I see expansion teams helping the Super League. Even the entire competition now has broader reach so the next group that wants to sponsor Super League the competition, should have more competition for that sponsorship thus have to pay more, which is more money been shared around to the other clubs when they give out their grants. Maybe that's a very simplistic way of looking at it, I don't know, but for me expansion sides advantages far outweigh the negatives. As for stealing talent, any club that has more money then the other steals their better players. Has been that way for ever. Nothing new to see here.
  14. I agree, but they set the precedent with Fifita and Semi. Fifita was supporting a childhood friend in jail and Semi was found not guilty in court. NRL going overboard I think.
  15. Gagai in for Inglis Last of the Super Stars out of the Australian side. Will be interesting. I bet England are spewing they are not getting a shot this year.
  16. I think its more then enough. Means a massive deal to him.
  17. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/01/greg-inglis-to-lead-new-look-kangaroos-squad/ Kangaroos squad Reagan Campbell-Gillard (Panthers) Daly Cherry-Evans (Sea Eagles) Damien Cook (Rabbitohs) Boyd Cordner (Roosters) Tyson Frizell (Dragons) Valentine Holmes (Sharks) Ben Hunt (Dragons) Greg Inglis (c, Rabbitohs) Felise Kaufusi (Storm) David Klemmer (Bulldogs) Josh McGuire (Broncos) Jordan McLean (Cowboys) Latrell Mitchell (Roosters) Cameron Munster (Storm) Tyrone Peachey (Panthers) James Tedesco (Roosters) Jake Trbojevic (Sea Eagles) Tom Trbojevic (Sea Eagles) Aaron Woods (Sharks) https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/10/01/five-debutants-in-new-zealand-kiwis-squad/ New Zealand squad Leeson Ah Mau (St George Illawarra Dragons), Gerard Beale (NZ Warriors), Adam Blair (NZ Warriors), Jesse Bromwich (Melbourne Storm), Kenneath Bromwich (Melbourne Storm), James Fisher-Harris (Penrith Panthers), Corey Harawira-Naera (Penrith Panthers), Jahrome Hughes (Melbourne Storm), Jamayne Isaako (Brisbane Broncos), Shaun Johnson (NZ Warriors), Issac Liu (Sydney Roosters), Joseph Manu (Sydney Roosters), Esan Marsters (Wests Tigers), Ken Maumalo (NZ Warriors), Kodi Nikorima (Brisbane Broncos), Isaiah Papali'i (NZ Warriors), Kevin Proctor (Gold Coast Titans), Jordan Rapana (Canberra Raiders), Brandon Smith (Melbourne Storm), Joseph Tapine (Canberra Raiders), Martin Tapau (Manly Sea Eagles), Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Sydney Roosters), Dallin Watene-Zelezniak (Penrith Panthers).
  18. There is a lot of really good ones retiring though. They should put their persuasion skills to the test. Would be great for the game in Canada and Super League if they could convince one of the many super stars retiring at the end of the year to go another year or 2. See a new country, make new friends, meeting interesting new rugby league players and smash them.
  19. Thanks to Peter Beattie been very approachable on Twitter, I can confirm this is not a test.
  20. Strange Strange Team. Obviously not the "test" team so surely these players cant get an official test in their rep records. Australian PM's XIII Men's Squad 1 Corey Allan Brisbane Broncos 2 Zac Lomax St George Illawarra Dragons 3 Jesse Ramien Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 4 Brian Kelly Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 5 Nick Cotric Canberra Raiders 6 Jake Clifford North Queensland Cowboys 7 Daly Cherry-Evans © Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 8 David Klemmer Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 9 Ben Hunt St George Illawarra Dragons 10 Jordan McLean North Queensland Cowboys 11 Tyson Frizell St George Illawarra Dragons 12 Tyrone Peachey Penrith Panthers 13 Jake Trbojevic Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 14 Aaron Woods Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 15 Reagan Campbell-Gillard Penrith Panthers 16 Matt Prior Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 17 Chad Townsend Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 18 Gehamat Shibasaki Brisbane Broncos 19 Reece Robson St George Illawarra Dragons 20 Enari Tuala North Queensland Cowboys
  21. I think there is more Tongans or people from Tongan families in New Zealand and Australia then there are in Tonga. Definitely needs to be a game there sooner or later.
  22. https://www.sportsbet.com.au/betting/rugby-league/international-matches/Tonga-v-Australia-4260246.html 3.55
  23. I don't think it matters if they sell out so fast, its a business remember. Down the track if Tonga build a decent stadium and there is enough money to put aside it would be nice to see a few home games played in Tonga. Its unrealistic right now though I think.
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