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  1. Thoughts on todays results anyone? The stand out one, West Hull 0 Siddal 34 very accomplished performance by Siddal.
  2. So sad to hear about the mindless damage done to Thatto Heaths training barn, for those in the rugby community this is a kick in the **** for a community club offering training for all ages and progression in the best game in the world. Kick on Thatto from Siddal.
  3. If they go to a club they should be registered to the RFL then the Community Game Compensation kicks in, albeit for registration is minimal. Then if they get disillusioned or feel this isn't for them and dont go back to their club the game has lost out again, and yes no progression for either.
  4. True they don't pay the RFL do as I said earlier, but as a lump sum is nice, don't you think having a talented player in your side up to and playing O/A level is better for the progression of your club?
  5. The money community clubs get for players signingpro is from the RFL and is called community game compensation. Its an initial payment then more after so many games or to a super league team and again after so many appearances.
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