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  1. jamie shaul was penalised for not touching the ball with his foot early in the leeds/hull game. Every time he played the ball after this he made connect with the ball with his foot.Players will soon learn to play the ball correctly if they know that if they do not, a penalty will be given against them.
  2. I do not support any particular team, but i have noticed that in the last couple of televised catalan games these incidents are more frequent.Last weeks game against Hull saw Gigot, Tomkins and Bird all trying to "win" penalties (or cheating).Gigot even kicked the ball against a defender who had moved to the side of the ruck to avoid being penalised.The more Catalan keep doing this, the more the opposition will do the same (like Shenton ).Can we also start penalising players for not playing the ball with their foot, the only time the ball is played with the foot is when the players are trying to hit a defender who is on the ground a couple of yards behind the ruck.The aussies sorted this out last season and now most play the balls are with the foot.
  3. The pennine league play in sept,oct, nov dec, jan, feb, mar and april, this is the so called "winter" season.The "summer" season starts in march,with friendlies and challenge cup games in late january and feb.The ncl playoffs final are in october. Most of the current open age players have played in winter,( remember the first 2 televised ncl games last season at mayfield and lock lane).The terms of summer and winter seasons are misleading.When the rfl had a poll on what time of the year the game should be played (the poll was conducted in the middle of the worst winter of recent years in 2013) there were 3 options ,stay in the traditional season, go to "summer" or have a mid season break. i think the last option has a lot going for it.Start in september,have last 3 weeks of december and first 3 weeks of january off and finish in may.This would see the summer league teams swopping june,july and part of august for october,november.This would also help with pre season training which would be in july and august and not in december and january..It would also help increase the bar takings in club houses as people do stop longer after a game in winter when it is dark and cold and there are very few counter attractions as opposed to the summer months.
  4. 10 30-0 in a season looks good to me when you compare it with the YML league, who have had less than 50% matches completed weekly in the last couple of months.
  5. To answer your question, the pennine league is a better option than the YML because if there was no YML summer league then the pennine league (which has a high number of games completed from september to december) would be in a better position to maintain this to the end of april.If there was no pennine league the YML would still struggle to get teams to play regularly from june to august.
  6. As i have pointed out in a previous post, the pennine league struggles to complete fixtures only where the 2 seasons overlap.From mid september to december last year the number of games postponed due to player shortage were few, a lot fewer than what is happening in the YML LEAGUE at the moment. There are more games not played than are played and this has been happening for the past 3 or 4 weeks and this is when the summer league has no competition from winter rugby.The holiday season is only just starting now so the number of games that go ahead will get even less.This is also happening at under 18 and 16s.The summer experiment is not working,but nobody at the RFL will admit this and the game continues in decline.
  7. You would think the YML had more important issues than trying to break the pennine leagues licence on "winter" rugby.Last weekend only 8 out of 23 fixtures completed and it was not much better the week before, and we have not got to the holiday season yet.The pennine league had its problems last season and it was no coincidence that these occurred when the 2 season overlapped.There were very few postponed games from late september to january due to a shortage of players.It was february onwards when these problems arised.The YML league ( and NWmens league) has no competition from may to august, but they can get nowhere near the fixture completion rate the pennine league did when it had the game to itself.You have got to ask yourself why.
  8. Even more of a concern is the results from the u18s yorkshire juniors this weekend, only one result and 9 no results.Are teams just not sending the results in or have all these games not gone ahead?
  9. 30 scheduled YML fixtures for saturday 9th june. 15 results published and this is before the holiday season begins.The NW MENS LEAGUE is not much better.
  10. In 5 -10 years open age rugby might well be non existent in "summer" or winter.The summer season starts in march with pre season friendlies and challenge cup games in jan and feb and ends with the conference grand final in november,leaving december as the only month when "summer" teams are not playing.Winter teams start in september (with friendlies in august) and finish in may,with june and july the free months.Your suggestion of a break at the height of summer (say july) would mean that the summer and winter teams are playing in almost identical month.December is the worst month for winter rugby teams when players will try and work saturdays to pay for christmas.I do not know which are the hardest months for summer teams perhaps july/august in the holiday season.A sensible solution in my opinion would be to start the season in september,have a break in december and january and finish the season in may/june.
  11. dont let the facts get in the way on another attack on "winter" rugby.Most teams in Bradford and Halifax have had home games in December and January,despite the bad weather,even teams like Greetland and Queensbury.
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