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  1. On 16/10/2021 at 10:09, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    One that came to mind straight away was whenever I'm taking to any non-RL fans I always make sure to always call the sport Rugby League, I won't just say, "I'm an obsessive rugby fan" or something, I'll say, "I'm an obsessive rugby League fan". I remember having a right long natter with a random bloke in the middle of the Mourne Mountains going on lots about rugby LEAGUE and also a random bloke halfway up the Rock of Gibraltar, same conversation. I make sure to basically just big up rugby LEAGUE to anyone I might meet. I even took some Germans to a Hull game back in 2017 (Leeds game when we got battered in case you were wondering). 

    I actually did the opposite last week when cancelling sky sports for the winter. For the reason why, I made sure i said I only watch RUGBY, and that the RUGBY season had finished last week. Purposely not saying league I actually thought it would make the guy on the phone to somehow acknowledge my point that there is more than one form of rugby 😁😉😏

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  2. Being at the game I had a couple of moments where I had no idea what was going on due to confusing ref calls, but I didn't feel any bias toward on team or the other throughout. Its only afterwards watching it back on telly that 3 big calls all went against cats. If matautia punches someone he should be off, simple. The makinson penalty try could have gone either way but it went saints way, and the Tomkins head lock was a penalty to cats not saints. Them 3 calls where big calls and all went saints way.

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  3. You can't look past wigan and saints again, they are still head and shoulders above the rest. Perhaps just as interesting is every year one of the perceived big clubs struggles. There is also usually a team that over achieves. Who will they be this year? For me, Leeds could be the struggler, Salford or Huddersfield could be the surprise.


    My attempt though would be 

    1.saints 2.wigan 3.huddersfield 4.warrington 5.hull 6.castleford 7.Salford 8.leeds

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