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  1. I was going to post Mark Preston of wigan in the fastest 13. But opted for this thread instead. Wasnt he a model too?
  2. I would certainly go. I work in retail and have been in contact with over 1000 people daily during the whole pandemic. Going to a game wouldmt seem too dissimilar.
  3. Really cant see hardcopies being viable, there wont be enough content for one, and very few will have the chance to buy one nor be tempted to because of the first point
  4. Dont know how it came across on TV last week but at the game i was impressed by Toronto's energy, they were pretty solid in the middle and kept the ball alive a lot with plenty off loads. It wont be an easy game for wire that some are predicting. I think wire will win but i would not be surprised if the wolf pack get their first win here.
  5. Done. Would be interesting to see some of the results later.
  6. Jesus Christ luobo82, Its play the ball, PLAY THE BALL.
  7. From a wiganer living in wigan, surrounded by wigan fans, I couldn't have put it better myself.
  8. Omg that's took me back. I had a wigan rl walnut, don't know what its purpose was, where I got it from or why. But same here, I loved it and had it for years.
  9. Well that was more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. And probably enjoyed watching the women more. Really great to see. BUT, it's proven that the English game is so one dimensional. Most of these teams has so much flair, switching play from one side to the other, side steps, flick passes, dummies, speed, keeping the ball alive etc. We looked so out of touch with this concept and any of this list. We were awful, everyone else were entertaining and skillful. Coming from this I think we actually need a national 9's for sl and also a separate championship 9's. If only to improve our players' skill set.
  10. Oh my god I hope so. Stay with them for the first 20 and who knows. C'mon Salford.
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