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  1. Top five: Wigan v manly. My far my favourite game ever. Hard hitting, anything goes rugby. The ref (holdsworth I think it was) was biased towards wigan imo, and let a lot of biff go unnoticed, prob the last time a ref was biased towards an English team against the Aussies. 89 cc final, wigan 27 saints 0. Driving home on the coach singing 'have a scrike' to all the saints fans crying on the way home. 27 has been my favourite number since. Gb v Australia, 2003 dw stadium. Adrian Morley getting sent off after 12 seconds. Cost us the game but looking back now, I say good on you moz. Wigan v Sheffield cc final. I was there, gutted for my team but made up for Sheffield at the time. I went to Sheffield away the week after and the place was buzzing. Shame they collapsed soon after. Wigan Catalans at nou camp. Not because of the game obviously. But that place is just amazing. Please, our sport needs to go back there in which ever guise.
  2. Saints are the current perrenial big game bottlers, Fax by two tries
  3. You could feel the desperation from both teams on how much they wanted to win. Now i don't want to open a can of worms here, but would we have seen a game of this excitmemt from two teams at the bottom, at this point of the season if we didn't have p and r. Looking at the table every team has something really important to play for each week. Remember the slogan 'every minute matters', it does this year.
  4. That was such an entertaining, thrilling game. I couldn't dare watch the last 2 minutes, wanting a broncos win. It was a 12 round boxing bout towards the end, both teams just threw everything at each other.
  5. It was only the other week or so that Demetriou was talking on the radio that he would like to come back to England one day. His family would like too come over too. Did Hetherington hear it too and now he's signed him up.
  6. Yeah I'm sorry spike, but the wording of the petition isn't professional enough. Got to be honest that's why I never signed it, in an attempt that it won't become anything. I am not the one that could word it any better by the way, but someone could.
  7. If that's me you're talking about then you're exaggerating my words and not getting the point I was trying to make. Listen to people around you, people want a magic weekend that is in an area where you can make a mini break of it. If it's only 2 points on offer then it is no different to any other game every week. My comment that your exagerating is that where I stayed in newcastle made for really good weekend. Most people will not want to stay in Liverpool for the weekend. And now we are a few weeks away from the weekend. Look on the social media sites and read what hundreds of comments are saying. There is no appetite for the magic to be at Liverpool. Almost everyone is saying it should still be in Newcastle due the pubs, location etc and due to it being a weekend away for them.
  8. May I add though, this is not sour grapes or looking for reasons why wigan lost. Roosters deserved their win.
  9. I've never noticed it on tv, and I never see it at super league games. So it was the first time I've witnessed it last night. And honestly, it infuriated me. And yes, it shouldn't be allowed. It's a 13 man game, not 13+1. Seriously it wasn't much short of Robinson himself being on the pitch.
  10. Been the game tonight. I feel relatively happy with the whole game. I thought the ref yet again was very harsh against us, why they feel the need to do this when they the aussies don't need a hand is beyond me. But what really annoyed me was there water boy. He must have done more minutes than all of the roosters team. Always at the back of their line directing their plays.
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