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  1. Full credit to leigh, I said it was obv wigan would come good towards the end, I just didn't think leigh would be winning 18 0 at any point. You showed plenty of energy and speed early on though, im feeling pretty relieved this morning.
  2. Sorry Leigh, I think this will be a stroll for wigan come the latter stages. All above predictions have it close, I'm going more like wigan by 20+.
  3. No I haven't. The point is, if I did inform them, it would be too late, the emails have already been sent, and its embarrassing.
  4. Check your emails, its already been sent to everyone.
  5. Same email here. My response was I am waiting until later in year to buy tickets. If a good proportion responded the same, I'd suspect they will be building their strategy around that.
  6. You can't look past wigan and saints again, they are still head and shoulders above the rest. Perhaps just as interesting is every year one of the perceived big clubs struggles. There is also usually a team that over achieves. Who will they be this year? For me, Leeds could be the struggler, Salford or Huddersfield could be the surprise. My attempt though would be 1.saints 2.wigan 3.huddersfield 4.warrington 5.hull 6.castleford 7.Salford 8.leeds
  7. Yes, a 20 word write up on page 48 of the sun, inbetween netball and ice hockey before the horse racing pages. Its still rl you know.
  8. Feeling so relieved with this. Whatever money clubs have they will spend, they are never flush with cash. So obvious to me that taking this PE would have meant clubs still being in the same situation in 3 years time but receiving less from the sky income. Short term gain for long term pain. No thank you.
  9. No no no, this link half way down states all 61 are on bb1 and 2 live... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54623157 However, I share your reservations and think many of the games will actually be online or red button, but I'd be happy with that too.
  10. For all the knockers of the bbc, that a massive commitment from them.
  11. The BBC have said they are showing every minute of every game live, of all three tournaments. Aswell as bbc1 and 2, you would assume red button and online would play a big part.
  12. Nothing to do with bbc i player but if you're after watching some older games, there's plenty of full matches being uploaded on 'rugby league cares' on Facebook. Most of these are from the BBC archives and imo are brilliant.
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