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  1. Truly amazing watching this. Everyone in rl builds this love for the game that only happens in our sport, and he is just another person, but a person with a viice. Full credit to him the way he portraits himself, people will sit up and take notice. And all credit goes to the others in the doc who have the similar stories, love watching these too.
  2. If you only know rugby league, it wasn't even worth stopping play for.
  3. Yup, I watched it on sky. I Would have watched on c4 if I knew it was on there.
  4. Sky trying different things tonight. I like that then with coach Ram whilst game still on.
  5. Oh ######, the music after a try is with us for another year..... again.
  6. Sky trying new ideas. However, I find myself here at the start of a new season praying we don't have the same old music played when we have a try, the same music that we've had for 20 years. Bbc don't have it, c4 don't have it but sky continues. All the new will be insignificant if they chose to play on with it again afterwards. I pray not
  7. Just joined. Only 4 of us in it, cmon you lot, it's only a bit of fun.
  8. Marwan Koukash, didn't he race a few horses with rl connections? I'm sure he did.
  9. Myself, being from wigan I've always seen leigh as a small club, simply a district in wigan with no potential to become as big as us. But, I have changed my perception of you leighers recently and fair play to degsy for a big part of that. Wigan (inc leigh) imo is the epicentre of rl in the uk, junior and amateur teams are doing well etc. If man u and man city can can be based in the same city because the area is football mad then why shouldn't we have 2 teams based around wigan. As much as I detest leigh due to being a wigan fan, I actually hope you do well.
  10. Problem with that simple format is there being little doubt of eng, aus, nz and tonga being almost nailed on certs for the semis. Makes the whole group games pointless. And eradicates any possibility of creating success stories, even if that is for a lower ranked team making it to the quarter finals.
  11. So true, I've not been this excited since the last world cup. And I know it'll prob end in heartache but you can't top this.
  12. On reflection I am being a bit harsh there. But the point I'm making is we must think bigger than what we've got at the moment. That's obvious isn't it.
  13. A bit of a side note but you can read into my thought process with this..... I am in Cyprus right now on my hols, wakey cas on TV tomorrow night. I have zero interest of dragging my family to a bar to watch this. The thought of watching two small towns from a couple of miles apart in yourkshire has zero appeal to my family nor me.
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