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  1. I've been having a look at his Facebook page. Lots of people commenting on the various threads. No idea whether they are real or not. A recent comment made reference to the rugby league cup final being played today (erh...) and the chants of 'Oh Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson' that were being sung. I watched the match on tv but didn't hear anything. Did I miss something??
  2. I'll be voting Lib Dem. It's a tactical vote. I live in Tim Farron's constituency and would probably be voting Green but they have stood aside and asked their supporters to vote for Tim. Last election a very poor Tory candidate got Tim's majority down from 12,000 to 9,000. This time their candidate is a local councillor and there seems to be a strong feeling locally that he might even unseat Tim. His strong support for remaining in Europe appears to be losing him a lot of votes. Tim was a very good local MP but appears to have lost his way a bit after being elected leader. The Labour vote will probably remain at it's usual low level and there's no UKIP candidate. I've gone for a Tory majority of 1-49. Labour appear to have had a good campaign but think they've come across well as the other parties, apart from the Greens, have had a shocker. There will probably be enough of the I-won't-vote-for-Corbyn feeling that will see the Torys home. Working in social care I'm not looking forward to the next five years ?
  3. I listen to a lot of thrash/death/black metal so lyrics are irrelevant as I usually have no idea what the 'singer's' on about. Though one of my favourite lines comes from Billy Bragg: In the end it took me a dictionary, to find out the meaning of unrequited. While she was giving herself for free, at a party to which I was never invited.
  4. Great performance from Fax?? Thought it was a poor game with neither side showing much creativity in attack but both fairly solid defensively. Ref bottled it with the high tackle. Fax fans only woke up when they were leading. Both sides far short of Superleague standard. Fax deserved the win but not a great advert for Championship rugby.
  5. Assuming Clawphin is a single company then it should be is not. And ltd should be Ltd
  6. Just to throw in a few more that I don't think have been mentioned. The Vanishing (the original French-Belgian one, not the awful remake). Silent Running Monty Python and the Holy Grail (always found it funnier than Life of Brian). One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Would second / third a lot that have already been mentioned.
  7. I'm in Kendal near the river, luckily at a relatively high elevation, and it is frightening how much flooding there is. Lots of roads are covered in torrents of water and it's still spreading further out. Have never seen anything like this before. It's still raining and things can only get a lot worse with all the run off from the fells. Going to be a hairy few days.
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