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  1. On 17/12/2021 at 23:28, coolie said:

    Your abused & threatened everytime you go out the house mate

    Take the flat cap off

    Take the Fev shirt off

    Take the Fev scarf off

    Tie the whippet up

    And put some gloves on

    And become a member of the human race

    We don't get threatened or abused




    Except on the featherstone forum




    Ooh you love a bit of banter don't you.  

    You come on here constantly trying to wind people up.  So when does banter become something more serious ?   

    I'm still at a loss to understand what exactly happened at the Fax game.  Did someone say something out of order to someone before the game ? during the game ?. Someone ran on the pitch ?

    All I can say is that I was in the stand in question and all I heard was 'banter'  The Fax fans were getting 'who ate all the pies' type abuse thrown at them but nothing more.  Nothing racist / homophobic etc.  There was nothing overly malicious and no aggression involved.  

    We've all got stories about being verbally and physically attacked in the past and that was very much a different time - but if todays snowflakes can't handle a bit of banter we're all ####ed.  

    For what its worth the most offensive thing I saw or heard at the Fax game was the cheerleaders getting abuse but thats fine - it wasn't us.....

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  2. On 17/12/2021 at 13:47, The Blues Ox said:

    I know at least one of the complaints from a Fax fan went in before kick off so the result had little brring. It were due to the actions of a small group of lads in the corner of the stand over looking the toilets.

    Why on earth did Bulls2487 'like' this post given that he cant possibly know if it is true.  Clearly sad ar#e fans of other teams love to come on here to gloat but ffs thats just ridiculous.

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  3. What do you mean it never rains ?  It p*sses down on us constantly.

    To even things up next season we need to start making some bogus complaints against some of our rivals.

    I wonder if complaints from our nice friends at Fax and Oldham would have been quite so vociferous had we not stuffed them in those games.

    Many people on this forum think we are all treated equally by the RFL


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  4. I've no idea what happened.  Doesn't really matter though does it.  Just to put things into perspective - thinking about the worst thing I've ever seen on a rugby pitch - a few years back Ben Flower received what was effectively a 10 match ban for punching someone in the face whilst they lay unconscious on the ground.  Many people on here think that the RFL treat us all equally. At least that gives me something to laugh about.

  5. 59 minutes ago, Robin Evans said:

    Where you putting Pickersgill?

    Loverugbyleague put together their version of how we might line up in 2022.  Pickers at FB.  Hardcastle, Jones and Davies dont make the 17........Clowns.

  6. 8 hours ago, marklaspalmas said:

    We are now up to 21 players for next season. With the long awaited JSL to come, perhaps there may not be many more signings after that. If DR is happening in some shape or form, then a 23 to 25 man squad might be about the right size. Let's see.

    Looking at the changes, I think we're a man short still in the middles, and also perhaps at centre.

    In the backs, Hall's position is the big question mark for me. I thought he was ok at full-back but he was moved from there and played his best rugby and was most prolific on the wing. But we have three other out-and-out wingers among those six players. Centre looks weak with only Hardcastle a genuine centre. I think Hall will play there, but defensively we've had problems with that.

    In the pivots, Brown is a loss, but Holmes & Chizz as first choice is pretty strong. Smith is an unknown factor after such a long injury lay-off and is a bit of a punt, but if it comes off, we will be ok. Wildie for Parata? Two very different AHBs. Let's see how that goes.

    In the forwards, Koppy & Locky a year older and so far no newbies after Harrison and Fergie left. Maybe we'll see more of JD and/or Moors and/or Ferres in the middle rather than second-row? Hellewell for Halton in the second row plus the previously named, and a fuller season from Bussey would be a boost.



    *** Rod Lambert & TPH made some really good points about our squad on the other thread about other teams' squads. I think we'll end up with two thread on the same topic here.........


    Luke B played at centre quite a bit last year.......

  7. I think its difficult to tell yet.  I'm assuming there are some more signings to come - which could determine whether or not we're favourites  next year.  JSL seems to be still on the cards ?_  C#s forum suggested that Eden was a done deal but thats gone quiet and with Gale and Briscoe I'd be happy to keep Blackmore and / or Doyle.  After that I reckon we need a quality half back and prop.  Not asking for much ! but previous seasons would indicate that at this stage we have a couple of signings up our sleeve.

    As things stand, to improve on what we had last year, I reckon we effectively need a replacement for Brown (depending on how you see Wildie slotting in) and Harrison (who didnt play that much last year).  Oh and some DR kids to fill in for the kids that we've let go.  (You know the ones that our rivals will inevitability see as being pivotal in any success we may have)

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  8. 3 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Jack Bussey confirmed as having re-signed. Really great and important news for us that.

    I dont think he's as appreciated as he should be (in both spells with us imo).  At this level he can make things happen and those players are hard to find.

    It might be a flattering comparison but if we're talking about someone who has good hands, good feet, gets in the opposition face and has the rare ability to play at half back or in the forwards there is a similarity to the legendary Sir Brendon Tuuta (He does have the baby face as well)

    Great news.  Could do with a full season.  Good luck Jack.





  9. 5 hours ago, Maureen T-k said:

    Just go for day Robin, that’s what I’ll be doing. 


    14 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    you could see Widnes, who finished in the bottom half of the table last season,  feeling aggrieved if they were paired with full-time Leigh


    We'll be playing Leigh.  Could be important again this year.  (I cant see us being so far clear in 2nd spot again)

  10. 2 hours ago, minor said:

    commented on this after first game,and got pulled to bits by people who said it didnt happen at rovers,a lot seem to be blind to it.


    Maybe but I can honestly say that I have no idea what this story is about.  We have a few ****head 'supporters' but I really must have missed something here.

    On a positive note its nice to have a fine under £10K

  11. 8 hours ago, Cardypaul said:

    So if it’s not McDermott who would we want it to be?

    We have a good record with overseas coaches at this level.  Maybe their contacts have helped to bring in quality players such as Collins, Fallins, Baker (going back a while with those 3), King, Jones, Parata, Chisholm, Brown etc.  So an Aussie half back - I'd take any day of the week.

    However if it is to be Brian Mc..... If he gets us to where we want to be then who cares ?  I get that he has said things in the past that have made him unpopular.  (Maybe he needs to sign an add on to his contract ....'sign here..once a capper always a capper'- just to appease the fans)

    He will bring with him some serious experience, and I dont care what style of rugby we play as long as we win.

    Lets not forget that we played some breathtaking rugby this season but in the only two games that counted - we were sh#te


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  12. Hopefully we can keep Bus, Chiz and Nu.  Then if the rumours about Briscoe, Lefao and Wildie are true I dont think we need too much more in terms of major signings.  Possibly short on props depending on Locky / maybe Gadwin returning ?

  13. 8 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    So the elephant in the room then...looks like Dual Reg might be back next year. Had a brief listen to an interview between the Leigh chairman and the newly-appointed head of rugby Chris Chester - it's a bit weird, the chairman asking Chester questions, but he asked him if they'd be continuing the DR agreement they had with St Helens previously and Chester said "yeah, we're hopeful." He went on to say they were going to have a squad of 23 or 24 players so that means DR would be a mainstay of their promotion bid.

    if that's the case and a team which was in SL in 2021 and is remaining full time is going to use DR, it's hard not to see most other Championship clubs following suit in the current funding situation, including us presumably?

    As an aside, it's amusing to remember at least one Leigh fan coming on here in 2019 when we were on our play-off run and telling us that teams who have used DR shouldn't be eligible for promotion...

    Yeah Leigh fans in particular still bang on about it - you know the usual thing that our whole team was entirely made up of Leeds reserves in 2019 (which we did well to get away with given that we were only allowed 4 out of the 17).  They also used this as a reason why they deserved to take up Torontos place last year. Again a bit rich given that they brought in the big guns for the 2019 play offs (Kevin Brown etc) but still failed miserably

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  14. 6 hours ago, Robin Evans said:

    Aye... mind.... so is a trip to Whitehaven if you add an overnight in Keswick.... which I'm hoping to do

    Yeah done that one before.  Depends which way you look at it.  Seems acceptable to have a relaxing weekend with the missus in the lakes with a game thrown in - whereas Toulouse just seems a lot of hassle and expense just to get to the game and come home.  Never tried it mind.

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  15. 2 hours ago, POR said:

    Now the dust has setted and on reflection my grandson say's we were pant's and deserved to be 16 nil down at half time but did we 

    Robert said try for both TO's efforts and the video ref no matter what he sees won't go against that decision but WHAT IF robert says no try and video ref goes along with him then it's not 16 

    similarly WHAT IF  robert says try for bretts second  video ref say's yes  it's 16-12  and a whole different ball game

     It's the WHAT IF's that makes me love rugby league

    Funny that.  Its the what ifs that I hate about Rugby League

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