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  1. Whatever gave you that idea ?
  2. I only started watching Rovers in the early 80's so I didn't get the chance to see some of these. But of the ones I did see.. Steady - I remember being gutted when he left. One of those worth the admission when he was on song. Newey - I think the best Rovers player I have seen. Genuine world class. Deryck Fox - definitely a massive loss. Did he leave after we were relegated ? I think his best years were with us though. Finny - must be worth a mention. He was our midfield general when we won the league for 4 successive years. Despite that I dont think too many were overly disappointed when we thought we were getting something a bit more dynamic / younger in Gareth Moore. Although he was the best of the Batley 4 - how wrong we were. There were other reasons why we subsequently slipped down the pecking order namely Beaumont getting a sniff of SL but on stats alone Finny was a big loss Tuuta - As with Deryck we got the best years out of Tuuta. But in terms of being missed as a fans favourite he must come out on top ? I was watching an old game on YouTube the other day V sheffield at Don Valley. I couldn't remember the result so was glued to it. We had a few missing that day and got beaten but it was a cracking game. Tuuta's performance just made me remember how good he was. He set up one try with a floated over the top pass then another when he regathered his kick through. Crazy to think he was just known as a hard runner and tackler. Anyway to top it off he got sent off in the closing stages with a late 'flop' causing a mass brawl. Legend.
  3. I think a bunch of referees got wind of this at the last minute and made sure we didn't win.
  4. If its possible I totally agree. Some may say there will have been advantages here and there depending on who plays who at home or away etc (but it wont be as unfair as playing a summer bash !) I doubt that there will be any sort of competition but if there is - I would take anything rather than wait another year. As long as we're all playing off a level pitch. I suspect the issues will be SL clubs not agreeing to any shortened season rather than Championship / League 1 clubs
  5. I see Kear has suggested no relegation but one or two ! clubs being promoted so increasing SL to 14/15 for one season at least. Funny that - I remember not too long ago when he was coach at Wakey, he was very much against promotion as apparently there weren't any teams outside of SL that could improve it.
  6. Good shout re. Andy MacIntosh. He was outstanding for a short spell (from memory 84-85 season). Shame it couldn't last longer. I also remember the game against Bradford where everyone was expecting Hanley to add to his tally - I think it was that record breaking season
  7. At the time I was never a fan of Ray French - I thought the game needed someone younger but looking back he had a way with words like all the greats ..Bill McLaren, Dan Maskill, Peter Alliss, Ritchie Benaud etc. Murphy however was a clown - he might have thrown in the odd catchphrase but his lack of preparation and ability to get players names wrong was unparalleled. Although now we have Dave Woods.... Come back Eddie Waring all is forgiven.
  8. Not bad this Griffin and Riddy wouldn't have been close for me and probably not Craven Bussey and Briggs maybe higher Good shout whoever said Danny Baker. Unstoppable at times and to prove he could have played at a higher level he scored a cracker v Leeds in the cup. Was it the ill judged tweets in more recent times that reduced his ranking points ?
  9. So if and when the virus causes delays / suspensions to RL fixtures how about..... 1. Scrap the 1895 cup 2. Scrap the Challenge Cup. 3. Scrap the Summer Bash. 4. Depending on when the season can restart - extend the season - as late as November ? - and reschedule the postponed / remaining league fixtures. 5. Should there be insufficient time for the play-offs. The league winners get promoted. It might not happen but worth thinking about. (Unless there's any functions booked in t' clubhouse that clash - then we're really b*ggered)
  10. At a different game 1. Hall 2. Bussey 3. Blackmore Impressed with Jouffret as well. Why on earth isn't Hall doing the kicking !!
  11. Be careful you can be shot for having such opinions....
  12. Just seen you predicted both. Any chance of next weeks lottery numbers ?
  13. Too early to call for me. Some odd results so far - not least today. I don't know if your predictions were done before Dewsbury's win this evening ! That said - you may not be far off the mark.......
  14. No but after a while it makes you wonder (well me anyway). As I said - last year the trend continued.... https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/337356-match-thread-bradford-bulls-v-featherstone-rovers-sunday-3rd-feb-2019/page/6/
  15. Phil. Some of us think there is something not quite right with the raw deal that we seem to have got all too often. No more no less. This talk of meetings where referees are instructed to make sure Fev and only Fev lose games is in the head of some of the above posters. I don't think anyone has suggested this seriously but at least believing so keeps those RFL lovers amused. I totally agree with your points about bias and this is where I am coming from. We are not wanted in SL. We don't fit with their model - is that a controversial think to say ? I thought most people believed that ? yes there are many clubs not wanted but there is a big argument to suggest that we are the least wanted.... (e.g. We've been knocking on the door the longest and have been the most likely to push for promotion amongst the minnows, too close to Cas and Wakey, issues with some supporters etc). Given that - is it not remotely possible there is slight bias (whether that be subconscious or not) amongst such as referees and the disciplinary panel. even if its just on those occasional crucial 50:50 calls when it matters. There are some other factors - would a referee even with no previous bias want Fev to get into SL with all the money Toronto are bringing into the game. (surely refs want more money in the game - they are getting paid after all) Was there a referee with the balls to have overseen a Fev victory in that grand final ?????
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