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  1. So if and when the virus causes delays / suspensions to RL fixtures how about..... 1. Scrap the 1895 cup 2. Scrap the Challenge Cup. 3. Scrap the Summer Bash. 4. Depending on when the season can restart - extend the season - as late as November ? - and reschedule the postponed / remaining league fixtures. 5. Should there be insufficient time for the play-offs. The league winners get promoted. It might not happen but worth thinking about. (Unless there's any functions booked in t' clubhouse that clash - then we're really b*ggered)
  2. At a different game 1. Hall 2. Bussey 3. Blackmore Impressed with Jouffret as well. Why on earth isn't Hall doing the kicking !!
  3. Be careful you can be shot for having such opinions....
  4. Just seen you predicted both. Any chance of next weeks lottery numbers ?
  5. Too early to call for me. Some odd results so far - not least today. I don't know if your predictions were done before Dewsbury's win this evening ! That said - you may not be far off the mark.......
  6. No but after a while it makes you wonder (well me anyway). As I said - last year the trend continued.... https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/337356-match-thread-bradford-bulls-v-featherstone-rovers-sunday-3rd-feb-2019/page/6/
  7. Phil. Some of us think there is something not quite right with the raw deal that we seem to have got all too often. No more no less. This talk of meetings where referees are instructed to make sure Fev and only Fev lose games is in the head of some of the above posters. I don't think anyone has suggested this seriously but at least believing so keeps those RFL lovers amused. I totally agree with your points about bias and this is where I am coming from. We are not wanted in SL. We don't fit with their model - is that a controversial think to say ? I thought most people believed that ? yes there are many clubs not wanted but there is a big argument to suggest that we are the least wanted.... (e.g. We've been knocking on the door the longest and have been the most likely to push for promotion amongst the minnows, too close to Cas and Wakey, issues with some supporters etc). Given that - is it not remotely possible there is slight bias (whether that be subconscious or not) amongst such as referees and the disciplinary panel. even if its just on those occasional crucial 50:50 calls when it matters. There are some other factors - would a referee even with no previous bias want Fev to get into SL with all the money Toronto are bringing into the game. (surely refs want more money in the game - they are getting paid after all) Was there a referee with the balls to have overseen a Fev victory in that grand final ?????
  8. At the start of last year I came up with evidence that we lose significantly more close games than we win but you would not accept this. This trend continued throughout last year but I've given up on that one. I would suggest that accepting that rules are always fairly adhered to is a very blinkered and naive way of looking at things
  9. I'm not sure who is more boring - you or your fellow pro-RFL followers. I think I would rather read whats on Facebook than spend all my time defending refereeing decisions and disciplinary decisions which clearly are not and never have been consistent when comparing the favoured clubs against teams SUCH AS Fev.
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