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  1. We have a good record with overseas coaches at this level. Maybe their contacts have helped to bring in quality players such as Collins, Fallins, Baker (going back a while with those 3), King, Jones, Parata, Chisholm, Brown etc. So an Aussie half back - I'd take any day of the week. However if it is to be Brian Mc..... If he gets us to where we want to be then who cares ? I get that he has said things in the past that have made him unpopular. (Maybe he needs to sign an add on to his contract ....'sign here..once a capper always a capper'- just to appease the fans) He will bring with him some serious experience, and I dont care what style of rugby we play as long as we win. Lets not forget that we played some breathtaking rugby this season but in the only two games that counted - we were sh#te
  2. Hopefully we can keep Bus, Chiz and Nu. Then if the rumours about Briscoe, Lefao and Wildie are true I dont think we need too much more in terms of major signings. Possibly short on props depending on Locky / maybe Gadwin returning ?
  3. Top 5 ? Top 3 ? Why would we be settling for this after 2 back to back grand finals ?
  4. So he's been a fan of what they've been doing for a while ?? What exactly ? They way they rolled over at our place, and their place, or the fact that they've finally accepted the inevitable and gone part time ?? Big fan of his but good luck on the sinking ship.
  5. Yeah Leigh fans in particular still bang on about it - you know the usual thing that our whole team was entirely made up of Leeds reserves in 2019 (which we did well to get away with given that we were only allowed 4 out of the 17). They also used this as a reason why they deserved to take up Torontos place last year. Again a bit rich given that they brought in the big guns for the 2019 play offs (Kevin Brown etc) but still failed miserably
  6. Yeah done that one before. Depends which way you look at it. Seems acceptable to have a relaxing weekend with the missus in the lakes with a game thrown in - whereas Toulouse just seems a lot of hassle and expense just to get to the game and come home. Never tried it mind.
  7. 1. Ferres (that says it all) 2. Davies 3. Bussey
  8. Toulouse 1st try was fine. 2nd he lost control. Not even debatable. Ferres in the corner fine. Anyone who expected anything other than these ###### decisions hasnt been watching us long enough. (ffs even Phil Clarke 'disallowed' 2 of them). Yes we bottled it in the first halt, we were rubbish, and overall you cant argue about the result but im just thankful that those decisions didnt (statistically speaking at least) affect the result. The sooner we accept this as being the closest we get to SL the better. Its not the despair its the hope i cant handle.........
  9. Can just see him as Toulouse Lautrec - on the touchline ready to come on.. With a ball shaped beumb thrown to him by the RFL. Seriously I wouldn't put it past them (He says sarcastically to all the gullible smug anti-conspiracists)
  10. I need to improve my googling skills. Was looking into the possibilty of travelling over but didn't see anything between Friday and Sunday that was do-able.
  11. I dont think Bussey played last time either ? I'd have Moors in even with a shoulder strapped up What about Jones at centre. Might not be a popular choice but I just think we have to throw the kitchen sink at them and to be left wondering with top players sat in the stand would be unforgivable. Welham has been solid this year and he's got more.....solid as the season has progressed but nothing more than that for me. Jones could provide a bit more zip and he'll tackle anything
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