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  1. Was very similar to Tommy Makinson's sending off against Cas and he's got one match.....
  2. I can't agree with any of that. I don't think we should look at how he went in SL or any other club at any level for that matter - sometimes things just don't work out I don't recall his defence being poor at Championship level in fact I seem to recall quite a few bit hits and try saving tackles. 22 tries in the season and to be fair if he's an average SL player at best - I'll take that. We are a Championship club with only one half back after all. Anyway its all pie in the sky stuff
  3. Yep I was thinking the same. I have to say watching Cas lose 52-0 at their gaff in the second half alone, more than made up for the impact the injuries might have on us. Do you think he's getting sacked in the morning ?
  4. Never. Not Reynolds. I won't have it. Isn't he the most popular player in the dressing room usually ? But seriously - how many times has he made us have to rethink out half back options this season. At least now we can forget about him.
  5. Probably wrong to lump them together but I did say worst and most disappointing. Like you say Currier was a great player when he joined us and might still be the biggest Fev signing I remember. Still in his prime at 28. GB international. Top points scorer in an NRL season playing for a Balmain team of legends and played in the grand final against maybe even bigger Canberra legends. Regarding the injury I thought it was pre-season but either way we still mention it now. As in - who will be this years Currier. From memory didn't he return the next season and score a couple against Wigan then disappear ?? But I'm happy to swap him for Mark Aston in that list...
  6. Yeah fair enough I get that. It always worries me when overseas players arrive in Jan / Feb and the weather is horrendous compared to what they are used to back home (amongst other things). It just bothers me when we don't see see enough of them - In Tanners case a couple of very brief cameo appearances 2 months apart with no visible sign of an injury ? I'm not saying he hasn't been injured but I'd like to see a player who we've flown from the other side of the world put his hand up to play when carrying a bit of a knock.
  7. He's got to be up there with the likes of Currier, Verlinden, the Batley 4, all the PNG lot from 2019, J Ford and Ben Reynolds as one of the worst / most disappointing signings in the clubs history. There's been a lot of them.
  8. Well we certainly won't miss anything if he leaves but if that's the case it will be interesting to hear the club statement as the situation does seem very Yei-like and clearly the official line on his departure was not entirely the truth............
  9. All the tries were down Hall's side though weren't they. I'd need to see them again but we're getting something very wrong defensively.
  10. 1. England 2. Jones 3. Turner I thought we might get a mixed bag this week
  11. Probably thought he could get away with it while she was up there
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