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  1. How on earth did we manage to get through a full season and complete all the fixtures before 'summer' rugby started....
  2. Maybe the hard-to-believe waterlogged pitch news was only released to Rovers TV subscribers
  3. Don't know - I don't do it either. Thought news would have been on website.....
  4. Well of course in terms of all match coverage, previews, interviews, reaction and special features etc but I can't agree that news of any sort should only be available to TV subscribers.
  5. Thanks for this. My post was also a bit tongue in cheek. Not sure why injury news is suddenly only on Fev TV. Sods law i've been a subscriber for the last 2 years but it ended yesterday !!!
  6. Is there any chance the injury news can be shared or is it exclusively for subscribers ?
  7. Are the player of the season awards ok ?
  8. 1. Chisholm - by a mile Struggling with the next two as there was some good bad and ugly from all of them... 2. Blackmore - took some work off the pack and got us moving forward particularly in the first half. Looks as good as the 2015 version 3. Ferres - Some strong runs, big hits and good ball skills. Didn't look like he was just here for the money - could be good for us.
  9. mmmm I'm not sure about this idealistic viewpoint. There's a couple of games in particular last year when I would have very reluctantly given Will Dagger a vote with the other 16. Anyway what next ? - ban all talk on the terraces as to who is having a good game ?
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