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  1. A strange one today for many reasons. Before the game we were on about injuries and how it couldn't get worse only to find out Locky (does he ever miss a game) and Jones were out. Ok we are still just about managing to put out a 17 who are arguably man for man better than the opposition but I reckon scoring 68 points away from home against a team who always give us a good game made this our best win of the season. I thought Dewsbury gave it a real go in the first half. I was behind the sticks and I wouldn't have complained if either of the disallowed tries had been given. they c
  2. 1. Parata 2. Gale 3. Hall Moors and Davies on any other day could have been mom but for the attacking threat those 3 were outstanding today. 36 points for Hall - where does that stand in the record books ??
  3. I realise that there may be an element of kidology with the selection each week - maybe for the benefit of the opposition but Andy Currier way as well be in the 21 every week.
  4. Minns hobbled off the pitch last week. He didn't look right for most of today's game after taking an early knock (even though he had a good game) I think we're doing something wrong on the injury front.
  5. really ? For me Lussick looked uninterested and I wouldn't compare his efforts to Koppy's. However I'm happy to be wrong about Dagger. Looked a different player to the 2019 version.
  6. Apart from 2 superb passes to put Day over, making one of our few clean breaks of the second half which led to our penalty kick, pinpoint distribution, good defence including getting back to tackle Spedding one on one late on and generally not putting a foot wrong.........Yeah he was ###### Seriously though it's all about opinions - maybe he's just set the bar high
  7. Can't we swap loans with Bradford - we'll take Golding and they can have Mr Darcy. But of a tool isn't he ? Does a bit of boxing ? Best part of that game in Toronto was when Briscoe accidentally kicked him in the head and he had to return with a bandage on his head.
  8. Yeah despite the commentator saying several times that it was Harcastle. Gale ran the ball into touch under similar circumstances last week didn't he. Schoolboy errors really but top performers for us so I'll let them off. Talking of the commentary I didn't mind so much hearing two former Fax players last week but how come we had some Widnes fan on the mike at our gaff ??
  9. 'In making this decision, the Board noted that under French Government regulations Toulouse’s players are subject to a seven-day quarantine period following any trip to the UK, making it unreasonable to require them to play any more away matches' I'd only just sussed out what the situation with Toulouse was.....until I read this. Is it just me that doesn't get it ??
  10. Just on these 3 points. Yes it's based on % but to me it stands to reason that it's advantageous to play fewer games. (Less chance of the inevitable slip up or two which happens over a longer season. Plus when you consider they've already been given a walk over against a full-time team (you would think one of the few that could have challenged them) Depends what you think about a cup which has a select number of entrants and the best team other than us is not taking part. Yes I would say Toulouse would be favourites to win at their place
  11. Fair point. We get to play offs in 2016, 2017, 2019 but not 2018..........
  12. Meanwhile Toulouse are p*ssing themselves on their procession to the league leaders shield playing the odd game every now and then against opponents most of which don't bother turning up (literally in some cases), and as a result picking up fewer injuries etc etc... That Wembley win will be long forgotten when we lose another close million pound game overseas.
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