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  1. I didn't mean it literally but thanks for the stats that back up what I was thinking..... ....you've won an unusually high number of games by a small margin.
  2. I wouldn't worry about that, York haven't beaten anyone by more than a couple of points all season have they ?
  3. Spot on. They seem to think they are amusing as well.
  4. I thought posting information about incidents that you did not witness was your thing ?
  5. First two points you've lost me and I don't think you've read what I put. You ask what the point of the thread is. I was simply quoting an article which was made up of comments from Carr about referees and an interesting response he received from Bentham. I thought this was worth posting whether you believe that referees are fair - or not. To clarify - I didn't add a comment or my own to the post - as tempting as it was to end it with 'Back of the net'. Anyway I'll remember in future to check with you whether it's ok to start a new thread. The fact that I thought we deserved to lose at Widnes is irrelevant here. Despite how you choose to interpret / twist / exaggerate my comments for comedy effect I don't actually believe that referees are at fault for every decision or for every one of our defeats, nor to my knowledge have I or anyone else suggested anything of the sort on here previously - but the idea does seem to give you and your cronies a chuckle so it's all good.
  6. Well if Newman's first try was forward we don't just watch different games each week - I think we support different clubs. As for King's try - totally agree. Locky obstructed and almost pushed the defence out of the way. Mind you the game was over by then. Reminded me of a crucial one in the 2014 play-off final v Leigh (which wasn't given) A couple of their tries in the first half shouldn't have stood imo but as has been said above this wasn't the reason that we lost - our defence was terrible.
  7. I know - I was quite surprised at that as well.
  8. Featherstone Rovers boss Ryan Carr holds clarification talks with RL referees. Disgruntled coach Ryan Carr says he has contacted the Rugby Football League's referees Department over incidents in his team's 3 away games this year. Rovers have won both their home matches in the Betfred Championship, but have yet to pick up a point on the road after defeats at Bradford Bulls, Leigh Centurions and Widnes Vikings. They are 6th in the table and in the wake of the 44-22 loss at Widnes yesterday, Carr insisted : "We didn't get any favours off the officiating". He said "the officiating away from home has been hurting us in all 3 games. "I have discussed it with Phil Bentham and the feedback I got was he agrees
  9. Another good game from Cameron. I see no reason why Widnes shouldn't start a fundraising appeal amongst the generous RL community to sign him up before next weekend. (On the grounds that they can't field a sufficiently dominant team to annihilate part time Barrow next week).
  10. I was just about to respond with something similar !
  11. **** me there goes one of the forum mafia completely denying any wrong doing again. Did I say they had been in administation ?
  12. To think a few days ago the whole RL community were 'rallying around' and raised £100k just to keep the club afloat yet they will probably stuff us tomorrow with a team of FT SL players. Given how Bradford and Leigh have been brought back from the dead in the last couple of years it makes you wonder how we fall for it. Who's turn will it be next year ?
  13. I can only assume you've added on our points from the middle 8's ? (I thought we only did that when we were trying to convince Blues-Ox that we were better than them) Generally though if you look up final 2017 standings it will show you the position out of 23 games. Also I wasn't including games we've not played yet so 4/4 in my book. Anyway I think we're probably both bored with this now.
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