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  1. I won't be able to watch any RL game again until next year when we have a new coach. Hopefully by the time we play Batley we may be in a position to beat them and I can stop with the therapy.
  2. WTF...... Lets just have an Its a knockout (for the oldies) event played out by the mascots to determine promotion and relegation. Seriously nothing would surprise me......
  3. I was shot down in flames on here just a few weeks back when I suggested that there didn't seem to be a great team spirit. As far as McD goes I've been calling him an idiot all year. The general response was judge him at the end of the season. I never understood that - did anyone really need to witness THREE unsuccessful attempts to beat Batley before realising something was wrong.
  4. I suspect that had anyone tried it they would have been subbed for trying something different. Although I'm not convinced that any of our players had those skills. We got shut of those players(s) - but thats another debate......
  5. As long as the next coach is a former half back I'll be happy. Of all the dire things about this season what stands out for me was the lack of ideas on the last tackle and those unchallenged half hearted chip kicks down the full backs throat.
  6. Who was the last pt team to get promoted ?
  7. Well we wouldn't have done any worse
  8. Progress ??? He's taken us backwards !!!! Anyway yeah cheered me right up as well.....
  9. Mmm. Who is Jack B - that is the question. One of them I would be very gutted about the other not so - to say the least.
  10. Some of us have higher expectations than others.
  11. i'm sure theyve happily settled in the area and been offered a very good deal. Surely the most important things to them. My only evidence is what I see on the pitch. Ive been watching Rovers for a long time and what Ive seen in many games this year is poor body language, not playing for each other, lack of intensity and committment, generally underachieving. Actions speaks louder than words comes to mind.
  12. Pause the replay as he lands and tell me he"s a 'good foot' short (i.e.suggesting more than a foot) Not sure why I'm asking that - I know what your response will be - whether you believe it or not.
  13. Laughable that Fax are claiming a draw as one of Hall's conversions supposedly missed. If they want to see an injustice Briscoe clearly scored. I also thought Lineham hit the line with ball then it came loose so looked wrong but I am biased. Difficult to see on replay. Hall def offside.
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