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  1. On 17/08/2021 at 22:35, gittinsfan said:

    Before I buy your bridge,bearing in mind the situation,what in your opinion is the fair and reasonable way to go.

    I really am interested to hear your insightful opinion.

    I'll answer that - not letting Toulouse enter the competition this year with everything going off. 

    We'll lose to Toulouse in the final.  It will be close but they'll come through due to having a fresher full strength squad against our depleted squad who have played twice as many games.

    We constantly go on about the game going down the pan yet It makes itself look foolish. Come to think of it the last ridiculous decision was to allow Toronto to play against part time teams.  That also ended up with us hammering every other team (with a rightful place) but being #### on.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Monkeymagic22 said:

    Anyone know what the situation is with Jack Bussey?, is he out for the season?

    I saw him at the Toulouse game on crutches with his ankle / foot in plaster.  Before that he was at Wembley and I may be wrong but seemed to be walking ok.  So looks like he's had some sort of op.  I assume thats it for the season but you never know ?

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  3. 3 hours ago, georgeb1 said:

    What you've got to understand is it's not only the players ability but whether they want to be tied to fulltime rugby , most you've mentioned it would be difficult on both counts .

    Yes I do understand the issue regarding players having other jobs but thanks for pointing it out.

    Your post though referred to taking only 20% of this squad 'if we had ambitions of staying in SL' so we both know you were meaning quality of players - not availability.

  4. 9 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    On the article about re-signing Alex Sutcliffe we've got a photo of Liam Sutcliffe, and the website write-up on the win at Batley is full of typos and errors, including the title. Do wish we would be a bit more professional in this respect, it seems clear that nobody sub-edits or proof-reads those write-ups.

    Yeah got to agree. 

    I appreciate spelling might not bother some but the wrong picture ??  What next ?  a headline 'Rovers re-sign Mal Meninga' ?

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  5. 2 hours ago, georgeb1 said:

    Realistically any championship side going to superleague would probably only retain 20% maximum of the squad if they have ambitions of staying there.😀😀😀

    That really depends if you are talking about a squad such such as say.....Fev or...... York

    There's some very average players in SL.  Especially when you look at fringe players in the lower half of the table.  20% would mean that only 6 of our squad could make a SL squad.  So (accepting that there would need to be strengthening in places) who do you think from Hall, Gale, Holmes, Hardcastle, Chizzy, Brown, Bussey, Jones, Parata, Halton, Moors, Day, Harrison and one or two others couldn't get a SL gig ?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Monkeymagic22 said:

    People who believe in conspiracy theories are rarely correct. 

    You sure about that ? 

    1 hour ago, lingaro said:

    Except the one that put us out of the top flight for 20 odd years

    Nobody cares any more mate.  Just a couple of us dare to question it when the RFL sh*t on us from a great height once again.  We've become institutionalised.  Collectively I'm not sure we want promotion.  Anyway on a positive note isn't Blackmore available again this week following the last excessive punishment.  

  7. 8 hours ago, gittinsfan said:

    You are still blaming the RFL.The club broke covid rules and possibly put the Batley players at risk.Do you still think the club did nothing wrong.

    You are still not listening to what people are saying. It is the severity of the punishment that some of us are questioning.  Although most seem to be accepting that quite well.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, gittinsfan said:

    I find it absolutely unbelievable that some people on here still think that the club did nothing wrong.

    Don't they realise that the club's totallystupid actions that day could very possibly have cost them any chance of promotion this season.

    Ferres got a ban because he was the only one identified at the time.The other 12 players who turned out against Batley must have known they should not have been on the field.So much for their integrity and respect for their opponents.

    It's time the Fev fans stopped blaming the RFL and turned their wrath on the club's management for THEIR stupidity.

    I wonder what the reaction on here would have been if Cas had done a similar thing.


    Do you think a £10,000 fine is appropriate ? - never mind the potentially more damaging points deduction (and a player ban) ?  I doubt that the same fine would have been handed out to any other club in this division - but thats not a view supported by many of us.  Also had this been a premiership football club (and there were many examples of clubs breaking the rules eg Liverpool players celebrating after winning the title) then the equivalent fine for them would have been more like £10,000,000.  That just wouldn't  happen.

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  9. 7 hours ago, Bullmania said:

    Makes you wonder now if you had of won toulouse would it been a 4 point deduction? 🤔

    I'm glad someone else was thinking that - whether in jest or not.  You can look at it in different ways but if Rovers had won then even the RFL wouldnt have had the balls to take 2 points of us the next day.  Anyway when are the other 11 players starting their 10 day bans.  During the play offs ?

  10. I have to agree with just about about everything that has been said.  Particularly that we know we can be much better.  With the ball it just seemed that we didn't know whether to stick or twist at times.  The one and only time we were incisive near the Toulouse line we scored the best try of the game

    Toulouse never ripped us apart with the ball as they have every other team. Defensively in the main we were very good yet disappointingly all 4 tries were soft. 

    The other thing worth mentioning is that whilst we were getting giddy about players returning we still had Chizzy, Dagger, Blackmore, Springer, Day, Bussey and Minns unavailable / missing.  As far as I'm aware Toulouse we at full strength.

  11. 3 hours ago, POR said:

    Don't think we signed him  because of injuries Bottom line it gives webbo a bigger  option to rest forwards as we close in on the playoffs 

    Err...... well if you've got injuries you can't rest players

  12. 4 hours ago, gazza77 said:



    Out of interest, which of our forwards are currently injured? I know we've had a very light squad for the last couple of weeks, however I was under the impression we were due most back following isolation.

    I'm one of the more ill informed supporters but even I have guessed that Day and Bussey may well be ####ed for the season so for that reason alone this signing makes sense.  Who knows how it'll go but he might just rise to the challenge.  At his best he does take some stopping but at the very least he's an extra body for the run-in.

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  13. 26 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    It's not just about the Club compensating players, empolyers, whilst often sympathetic to players, need to be considered too. it's not long ago that Ben Blackmore gave up his job to travel for a game abroad with Sheffield (Totonto IIRC) as his employer wouldn't give him the time off

    Yep.  Was just thinking that.  Believe it or not.....

  14. 5 minutes ago, The Grinder said:

    Rob, so you don’t believe that Fev had the choice to go to France play the game against Toulouse and then isolate on return to the UK in the same way that SL team s playing Catalan have? The reality is that we did have that choice, however with part time players and the costs we would have incurred as a club made this poor choice. So yes we chose to use the rules the RFL had put in place meaning that a part time team did not have fulfil any game in France without penalty. 

    On the other hand Toulouse have had to do the travel and isolation every other week. 

    Are part time players with jobs outside of the game in a position to make that choice irrespective of what the club is allowed / wants to do.  FT teams are in an entirely different position which is why London had to forfeit.  We're comparing apples with pears.

  15. 9 hours ago, The Grinder said:


    In relation to Fev not playing in France, Fev have got an advantage of not having to play TO over there. London haven't for example so we have gained an advantage. Had the travel restriction not still been in place Dewsbury would have had to travel there this weekend and we would have had an advantage over Dewsbury. Assuming that TO do come to Fev to play on Yorkshire day, we will have gained an advantage over TO by playing them at home and not away.

    Whether it was our choice or not is irrelevant, we have gained an advantage over other teams in this league.

    Your comment here is trying to back up your initial statement which said we took advantage of the rules. Totally different to how you've worded it above.

  16. What about C*s not being able to get a team together before and after Wembley.  But on the big day they were all all either fit or didnt have to isolate.  Whether or not that comes from a backward thinking conspiracist - its all a bag of sh*te.........

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  17. 47 minutes ago, The Grinder said:

    TO can’t just decide to not play us, if they do then the RFL will give us a 24-0 victory. Only the RFL can cancel the game under COVID-19 protocol.

    In truth if you look at it objectively you could argue that it Fev that have taken advantage of the rules by not playing TO in France at the beginning of the year.

    Was that their choice ?

  18. I know injury news isn't widely available but I thought Fergie was due back soon.  Has he had a relapse ?   Is Bussey definitely out for the season ?  He seemed to be walking ok at Wembley ? (Although i know if he needs an op or whatever it doesnt mean he has to be hobbling about on crutches). Maybe the club should start a subscription injury news channel........

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  19. 11 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    At the start of the season I honestly didn't think any of those five lads would play a single minute for us. I thought most of them would spend the season on loan, probably in League 1.

    When you look at the probable pecking order at the start of the season it might have been something like this
    Hall, Gale, Hardcastle, Welham, Blackmore, Holmes, Brown/Chisholm, Kopczak, Jones, Harrison, Ferres, Day, Lockwood
    subs Halton, Parata, Moors, Bussey

    That means that possibly not even getting in the 17 would have been Brown/Chisholm, Davies, Minns, Cooper, Ferguson and Field, all of whom would be standout players in most Championship teams.

    It's remarkable that all 5 of the youngsters played in a Wembley final.

    Sadly we never saw anything like our full squad fit /available at the same time.  Seems a long time ago that we were discussing our best 17 and Websters selection headaches.  Anyway for what its worth I would have played Chizzy at prop rather than leave him out of the 17.

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