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  1. 5 hours ago, Adam B said:

    No hard feelings at all my friend, and agreed re tomorrow, which now looks a little more positive (pun intended) in view of the squad we've named. Interesting to see Welham is suddenly available again, just in time for a run out at Wembley, unless he's one of our usual named decoys....... 

    Our desperation to hear of Welham's availability / whereabouts shows how dire the injury situation is given that we'd written him off recently and what with rumours of him leaving the club etc.  That said - due to his time away I'm not convinced he should be coming straight back in - in place of some of the younger lads.

    Anyway I would miss the weekly 'Where's Welly' thing........

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  2. 3 hours ago, georgeb1 said:

    let dagger play , and borrow a couple of saints or cas non playing members to get the go ahead , providing the rfl see that as common sense

    I feel for those that may lose their hard earned money but if we can't raise a team so be it - irrespective of anyones views on covid.   Not sure if the suggestions of borrowing players are serious or not ?  But surely we have maintain a degree of professionalism and ffs let's not give Cas even more reason to take the p*ss.

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  3. On 03/07/2021 at 22:51, Robin Evans said:

    You and I have disagreed many times re the ref. But today, I do agree that there was some well dodgy tackling particularly from the second and third man that wasn't picked up.

    Forrad passes I'll let go as it made the game flow. Hally's try from the kick and collect was brilliant.... but way offside.

    We have Robin !  I don't want to get into that now but we're probably not as far apart in the 'every decision is against Fev' and 'the RL love Fev' spectrum as as you might think.  There is something in the middle.

    Anyway I'm glad someone else picked up the dodgy tackling.  I was at the game alone yesterday and as a result I probably noticed a lot more than I usually would.  I am sure that London were repeatedly tackling illegally (often the same couple of players)

    Re the forward pass thing I generally agree that refs should be given a directive of 'if in doubt just let it go' rather than blowing the whistle for anything.  However it's a fine line and it has to stay professional / consistent .  We don't want to become like RU where anything goes and an anything goes approach may be hard to take if we lose a million pound game with a late try from a forward pass.

  4. 1. Chisholm - I think this was his best all round performance this season. It seemed like his first touch of the ball was the 40/20.  I may be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me.

    2. Hall - Looks like making a break every time he touches the ball at the moment

    3. Brown - Getting better each week for me.  Really shows his quality when he makes a break - always looks for and finds the support with a pinpoint pass. We're back to square one with the best half back partnership debate...

    A great team performance though.  Jones and Dagger outstanding.....


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  5. 5 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

      Looks like i got another one wrong.Don't like any players getting injured but Minns was carrying one so maybe he came back to early or he is just unlucky.I was worried with the amount of strapping on Chissy's leg but he put his foot through the ball pre match and it didn't blunt his pace during the game.I will make the odd mistake as i am usually the first to comment on the match,some don't do it until they have studied the recorded match.I won't change though it's too late at my age just glad that people put me right when i do call things wrongly.

    No worries - I knew Minns went off but just thought I must have missed something before Moors substitution

    What is it with us and injuries ? We go a couple of games without one then two more come along - a bit like Bussey's....sorry I mean buses.  But seriously I'm gutted for both the injured lads today.

  6. I noticed that not long into the game Sammut kept shouting ''Bussey" to his team mates and was even pointing to him as if they were targetting him.  I may have got the wrong end of the stick but doesn't look good given what followed.  I thought some of Londons tackling after that was questionable as well.  I agree that the officials were terrible.  How they dont see blatant forward passes is beyond me.  (and I'm talking about both sides btw)

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  7. 7 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

    London must have had four or five forward passes in the first half without the ref blowing.And he let them slow the play the ball down without penalising them.Three men in the tackle the second player took his time getting up and then placed his hands on the bottom tackler to push himself up,then the bottom player got up in his own time.Din't see their last try as i left early but first try a bit unlucky as the ball looked as if it was going dead but stopped short.And Brown's knock on from their kick off was hard as he tried to reach out for a swirling ball and take it at arms length.If he had let it bounce it would probably have gone dead with the strength of kick and firm ground.Sorry for Junior and Jack the injuries didn't look good and i wish them a speedy recovery.Thought all the backs played really well Chissy,with his pace Brown,Gale as usual and Hall who is kicking better.James Harrison along with Chissy seemed to finish unscathed which helps with Widnes next week.Remember the start of the season when we couldn't string more than three or four passes together now you wouldn't believe they are the same players.The squad for me is better than when we were so successful under Powell i think today's team would beat them.Probably have to go back to the 1990's to find a better squad.So we role on to The Halton Stadium next week.

    junior - did i miss that injury ?

  8. 1 hour ago, POR said:

    Could gareth have broken the record?

    Listening on rovers TV  and in first half 

     Gareth Gale sets one up…

    A powerful run down the right hand edge before an offload to Josh Hardcastle to score his first of the afternoon.

    we cant go below any teams who have lost more games than us

    Note to self.  Don't try to be funny on forum.  Gets lost in translation.......

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  9. 4 minutes ago, J Phil Loxton said:

    Moors was like a wrecking ball. If he had stopped on it would have been a very humiliating scoreline. Koppy too would have had a field day too had he played. Big wraps to their few fans who got behind their team

    Yep they made plenty of noise and not a word of offensive language (which is hard for geordies).  

    Shame about conceding 12 points.  Does that mean we go below Batley !........

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  10. 3 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Just a minor point Mark but Webbo described Jones as having been "out injured" in a post-game interview on Sunday.

    However as he has posted a video of himself playing golf with 3 of his team mates today I have adjudged that will suffice as his fitness test for Saturday

    I dont suppose Bussey, Chizzy and Day made up the four-ball ?

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  11. 6 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Junior Moors has been called up to the All-Stars squad for Friday's game against England.

    Obviously if he plays (it's a 19-man squad) he's very unlikely to be turning out for us on Saturday, though hopefully we will have enough players to cover for him in a game where we will start strong favourites.

    Don't have a problem with this myself (and it may have been in his contract anyway that he gets released for any International call-up), am sure some will see it differently though.

    If it was Samoa it wouldn't have seemed so bad.  What odds on another injury being picked up....

  12. A strange one today for many reasons.  Before the game we were on about injuries and how it couldn't get worse only to find out Locky (does he ever miss a game) and Jones were out.  

    Ok we are still just about managing to put out a 17 who are arguably man for man better than the opposition but I reckon scoring 68 points away from home against a team who always give us a good game made this our best win of the season.

    I thought Dewsbury gave it a real go in the first half.  I was behind the sticks and I wouldn't have complained if either of the disallowed tries had been given.  they could easily and maybe deservedly been leading at HT.  That said once we got on top I was disappointed with Dewsburys reaction.  We scored some cracking tries but it was a bit like a training session at times.  At least we got a look at what Toulouse face each week (when they have a game)


  13. 2 hours ago, The Phantom Horseman said:

    Suspected ruptured achilles for Day according to Webster though not confirmed. That would be terrible luck for him.

    Sounds like Minns' ankle was recurrence of an injury he's been playing with for last few weeks.

    Webbo said Harrison might be back next week but is the only one likely to return then. Ferguson and Ferres back running.

    Minns hobbled off the pitch last week.  He didn't look right for most of today's game after taking an early knock (even though he had a good game) I think we're doing something wrong on the injury front.

  14. 35 minutes ago, mightyship said:

    Some great shape in attack - I thought Dagger helped at Full back - but most pleasing aspect for me was our defence; some awesome goal line defence today 

    Such a shame about Day - was just saying that he seemed back to his best and then he pulled up injured. Gutted for him if he’s out for a long period.

    Thought Lussick and Kopzcak looked great up front as well.

    all in all - a great afternoon against one of our close rivals 



    really ? For me Lussick looked uninterested and I wouldn't compare his efforts to Koppy's.  However I'm happy to be wrong about Dagger.  Looked a different player to the 2019 version.

  15. On 06/06/2021 at 19:42, POR said:

    I thought Tom H had the worst game I've  ever seen him play  in a FEV shirt

    Apart from 2 superb passes to put Day over, making one of our few clean breaks of the second half which led to our penalty kick, pinpoint distribution, good defence including getting back to tackle Spedding one on one late on and generally not putting a foot wrong.........Yeah he was ######

    Seriously though it's all about opinions - maybe he's just set the bar high

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  16. Can't we swap loans with Bradford - we'll take Golding and they can have Mr Darcy.

    But of a tool isn't he ?  Does a bit of boxing ? Best part of that game in Toronto was when Briscoe accidentally kicked him in the head and he had to return with a bandage on his head.

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