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  1. On 20/04/2021 at 19:00, J Phil Loxton said:

    For me you can't have talent like Chisholm not in your team. Even in his quietest games he has come up with match saving moments. He inspires players around him. I think him and Holmes have a good understanding. That adds to the dilemma with Brown Jones and Parata who have each excelled themselves. Fortunately now  Fev are rich with individual talent all over the park. Rotating the hooking position whether it be from injuries or loss of form might have to be the answer knowing that if Holmes or Chizzy ever get a knock then we have a replacement. Who would be a coach?

    Totally agree.  Chizzy has to play.  I'm not sure how we fit the three halves in but maybe injuries will now dictate that.  Holmes to full back and Hall to centre ?  Brown to 13 ? We won convincingly today in the end but with half an hour left they had us on the ropes.  It was crying out for some Chizzy magic.  He is the best half back in this division for me by some distance in terms of his overall running, passing and kicking game.  Ok his defence is ###### but if we can fit the 3 of them into the 17 we wont need to worry about how many the opposition score.....

  2. 14 hours ago, POR said:

    possible but I think  if you are leading comfortably at half time you know you have won  you still want to rub their noses in it and show the opposition how good you are in the 2nd 

     If you haven't scored in the first half you desperately want to score in the second especially against a team that appears to be falling off tackles and more importantly if scoring tries is not your forte I would be surprised if Hull didn't come out with the idea of putting FEV to the sword in the second half

    Salford didn't take their foot off the gas against Widnes.  Most of their 68 points were scored in the last quarter.  

  3. On 05/04/2021 at 09:39, Blind side johnny said:


    On 05/04/2021 at 09:39, Blind side johnny said:

    Not sure why this sounds ominous.  There is nothing in here that we didn't already know. It's just someone else's opinion. 

    you've got to love the comment.  '......Sanctions of the strongest nature should come Featherstone's way..... that is not because they deserve punishing....it is because the sport need to be seen to be sending a message out........'

    Oh ok then we'll be used to send a message out.

    Nobody is denying we've done wrong but clearly every non-Featherstone supporter commenting on this issue wants to see us receive a punishment that goes above and beyond what is appropriate and fair and more to the point one that will benefit them.

    We're just not liked - as if we didn't already know that.......

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  4. 3 hours ago, gazza77 said:

    Where did I suggest dropping him? I'm suggesting that the coach may want to consider other goal kickers if Hall continues to struggle, as he did in the game itself when Chizzy took over. 

    ok wrong phrase - dropping him as kicker I meant.  I think handing the ball to Chizzy the other day after missing a few is different to having the duties taken off him permanently

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  5. 14 hours ago, gazza77 said:

    Goal kicking is still a concern though, Hall needs to relocate his kicking boots or hand it on. 

    Talk about a knee-jerk reaction after a couple of bad games.  Hall has been a top goal kicker over a long period and we should stick with him.  I remember the great Steve Quinn going through a terrible patch when he didn't kick any goals over a number of games but I'm sure nobody suggested dropping him.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Blind side johnny said:

    I struggle with the website on a smart TV just as you have done. The only reliable way that I find is using a PC or tablet.

    It certainly needs sorting out - the coverage is quite good but the underlying technology isn't up to scratch.

    Tv and laptop virtually unwatchable for me due to long periods of start / stop.  Tablet much better but still not great.

  7. 40 minutes ago, J Phil Loxton said:

    Hope when the case comes up at the Old Bailey that there is no Dewsbury Batley or Bradford fans on the jury😂😂😂😂😂

    The Old Batley you mean

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    Even though Dewsbury usually get beaten by Fev, it's one of my favourite fixtures of the season home and away. Have to say just lost for words at this. Hard to understand how any of them thought this was a good idea. As to the punishment, it hasn't got a precedent but hard to see anything but a big fine and/or points deduction. Fev have been one of the best Championship teams for a number of seasons and I thought this could be their year. This might have scuppered it. 

    Only if the punishment is determined by our heavy woollen friends clearly

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  9. 4 minutes ago, gittinsfan said:

    Please don't start with the "Fev are victims" scenario.There is really nobody else to blame here.

    On a positive note this is something to batter us with now there's no DR. 

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  10. Yes what they've done is stupid for all the above reasons plus they are putting themselves at risk and thus our chances this season (haven't we already had a couple isolating). However there seems to be a lot of double standards going off with sport (and everywhere else really) We've seen players celebrating with supporters at Liverpool, Leeds, Rangers etc but apart from a few raised eyebrows nothing has happened but comments on here so far suggest that we'll be fined, thrown out of the cup, SL aspirations gone and the club set back 2-3 years......

    ...well this is Fev

  11. I think the backs pick themselves. (Maybe Welham gets in as Minns hasn't played for.....years)

    Interesting to see how we all pick the forwards / subs.  Theres no right or wrong but I'm surprised at some going for new recruits such as Field ahead of the likes of Coops.  Also Ferres seems to get the nod for most but, based on the few games we saw last year and his absence so far this year, he's not in the picture for me.

    Hooker is the biggie though.  No question I'd go with Jones and Parata.  Apart from a nice solo try Brown hasn't shown much.....yet.  Jones has proved twice now that he can slot in well and impress immediately.  As for Parata I reckon that only Brad Day has impressed more over the two games.  There will be an element of 'why would we bring Brown all this way to not play him' (come to think of it that goes for the other two) but hopefully he'll play a big part this year and as has been said its a great problem to have

  12. On 07/12/2020 at 11:17, the mutt said:

    good luck,hope you go up.knocking on the door for ages and a well run club i.m.o.it should not be about expansion at all costs,id rather it was on merit.i am also hoping  Barrow go up .wee can but dream!

    This sums it up.  It should be us.  OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE US.  Whether it will be is another matter (lets not get into the the corruption / conspiracy theory thing)  If only one of the criteria was 'it must be their ####ing turn' - we'd walk it.

    All this talk about preferring to be promoted next year just shows how institutionalized we've become.

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