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  1. Lokoload, i hope i can provide some reassurance and encouragement for you. im sure youve had great moments and frustrating ones whilst youve been getting your sides together and when youve put a lot of time and work in you do feel those frustrations. we (chester u8's) have started in earnest this season and experienced a lot of those, fortunately for us everything is working out very well now, we have children loving playing and training, parents helping out with coaching, supervision, laundry, car pooling, fee collection all helped by some really great match day experiences. we are obviously still learning a lot every week from the clubs we visit and teams we play but expect the core players we have will be playing together for years to come and enjoy playing these clubs regularly. on the registrations it does seem like another obstacle in your way but it is actually quite straightforward. you can photo/scan documents to send electronically and last week i had a card returned on saturday that id emailed documents for on wednesday. it is also free. with respect to reception/games we would love to give you a game and share some of our experiences and would be happy to do so on whatever basis would suit you - smaller sides if you have less players, pooled teams, quarters with training breaks, pause at pb, full set of 6 and progress to u8 rules if that suits you. we'll even make you a cake. from the teams we've played this season i know some others would do the same. if you'd like to get in touch with me i can see if we have a slot or time in the summer maybe for a game. happy to share any of our experience on progress to getting a team together this season too if it helps i'm sure mick could put you in touch with other suitable teams for a positive first match day experience. cheers mate, stick at it. its so worthwhile, sundays are the highlight of mine and many others weeks now and the effort you put in you really cant put a value on the rewards from Tin
  2. that is fantastic to hear. my daughter(10) loved playing last season. we, chester gladiators, dont have enough for a girls only side but know thatto heath and crosfields in the north west do. maybe someone there can help you
  3. thanks for the response, things are looking really good for us at the moment with increased participation across all our younger age groups. so good that we have managed to raise a team at u7s and u8s for a league entry. the way we are going also looks good for a u9/10's team but too late for this season. it may be a bit of a trek as you say but we will have a look and see if there is something that will work out, possibly a couple of games or an overnight stop. cheers
  4. Hi, if you get a juniors section together then please get in touch we (chester) have been training for a season and looking to play development type games
  5. Chester Gladiators are running a Mini/Junior section with players aged 4-11. We have been training for a season and are able to field 6-7 a side teams at u7/u8/u9 age groups. Our players are a really great bunch and are really keen to play their first games together. We are happy to travel or host games as either friendly or training fixtures or in a festival format. We are also happy to 'piggy back' onto other fixtures or mix teams. It would be great to hear from any coaches/clubs interested in any of these formats. Please get in touch if you can, or if you have any other suggestions Thanks Tin
  6. Good luck with it Tim, Id be really interested to hear how you are getting on. Our club are probably in a similar situation and have various initiatives and plans to increase involvement, it would be great to hear what has worked (or not) with Chargers
  7. Afternoon all, I'm coaching the minis and juniors at Chester Gladiators. We are starting up junior teams recruiting players from 4-11, have been going for a year now and have players that are really keen to get some game time and play together. We are very much a development side and have a really great set of enthusiastic players having a good time but we are really struggling for numbers. The advantages for our individual players enjoyment and development in playing smaller sided games are obvious with respect to involvement and decision making and can be seen in the Union clubs (though they play tag for too long). From practical team perspective playing 9/13 a side format presents an insurmountable barrier to us being involved which is a real shame for all - players, our club and our sport. There is no chance of us recruiting in the numbers we would need to raise a side and providing the supporting facilities across age groups for that. Playing a smaller sided format does not mean playing non contact. I do think this is a good idea at the youngest age group though. We have U7/8/9 teams of 6-7 players that are really keen to get a game if anyone is interested? Tin
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