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  1. Alex Brown is playing for the Jamaican RU 7s in Dublin I understand
  2. From memory, the top 8 play each other (not sure about carrying forward of points but would think they would be), the top two then play off, winner goes up. The loser in that match goes into play offs with 3rd, 4th and 5th, with eventual winner also going up. Hope thats clear, and right
  3. Is there any time the club will be open in the next few days, I have to sort my lad's season ticket out
  4. Alex Brown keeps coming back to Batley, albeit on loan last time. Not 100% sure but think last season was his 4th spell at the Mount
  5. If this rumour is true, and if the other rumour that JC had previously approached the club about next season are also accurate, whoever is responsible at the club for the player contracts needs to take a good long look in the mirror. It may be over egging the pudding but for me JC has been the talisman of our side for a number of years, granted he has done foolish things off the field and the club has stuck by him, but he is one of, if not the most exciting players we have had in recent years, a true 100% player, someone who the crowd clearly enjoy playing for our club. If is true that he approached the club about signing for next year whoever put him off for whatever reason should be ashamed of themselves. I cannot blame any player moving on for better money, it is a short career, but JC has previously shown there is more to a RL career than just money, we should be moving heaven and earth to keep him and his ilk at the club. If it is true and him and Alex Rowe are moving on it shows a worrying lack of foresight and, dare I say it, ambition from the powers that be within the club.
  6. It was in the Press about Alex Rowe http://www.thepressnews.co.uk/sportsnews/cain-campbell-return-clash/
  7. With no disrespect to these clubs but I would want York, Swinton or Leigh Miners at home, then if we got through as expected someone from our league at home, then a big Super Dooper club, Leeds Wigan, St Helens, get a bit of brass
  8. This is great news, will bring my lad down on Thursday all being well
  9. Harry Townley would take bookings and take the money on the bus, this was in the early/mid 80s. He either helped or was helped in this by Trevor Heylings On the couple from Chinewood was the bloke called Mick, had a beard?
  10. As far as I can think we haven't lost final since the Yorkshire Cup in the 50s. I wasn't around then but think the side was captained by the old landlord from the Imperial on Bradford road, Ray Laycock. I think we have been in 2 finals since, the Trans Pennine against Oldham and the NRC against Widnes, I know we beat Dewsbury in what technically was a final at Widnes but seeing as, for us, it was a relegation play off I'm not sure ttha counts. We have also lost a couple of A Team finals, the Yorkshire Cup in about 81 and did n't we lose in the Alliance 2nd Division Cup thingy in the 90s.
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