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  1. Ellis Robson is a loose forward from Warrington. Fringe player on a months loan to us. Cheers
  2. Probably something in that.......I remember the Alliance fixtures were always (nearly) atmospheric occasions.
  3. Stood in front of them on Boxing Day and to be honest it spoiled the game. Couldn't concentrate on the game and when they did have a brief break you were on edge, dreading the racket starting up again. Put me off going on South Stand, possibly Headingley any time soon. Perhaps trade them in for those Peruvian musicians who used to buck in town centres.....can't beat a bit o pan pipes and nose flute?
  4. Not posted in a while but that performance deserves recognition. Just watched it back on sky to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Great game and a great advert for the championship with 2 teams really going for it. 1 to 18 for Dewsbury were superb, with Tom Garrett and Worrincey deserving special mention, plus how much has Kyle Trout improved over a few seasons? Hopefully the tv coverage may whet the appetite of a few prospective supporters. On a final note, the sky cameras zoomed in on Coolie who appeared to be fiddling about with something in his lap......purely innocent I expect.?
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