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  1. Lets really make some noise tomorrow and get the lads to the final, nothing would feel better knowing the fans have done there bit to help spur them on.
  2. why would you play fieldhouse?? He no longer wants to play for the club and wants to better his career remember. Wouldnt even pick him now let him jog on.
  3. jc1965


    usual < £15 south stand standing & 17 sitting down
  4. Appaently he wants to further his career but not at Dewsbury.
  5. Tom please dont explain to these people you have done nothing wrong mate, I can tell you now if we were in super league and were as good as Leeds rhinos we would still get so called supporters on this forum tearing the club and staff to bits mate. Save your breath and save all the long typing .
  6. If any Dewsbury fan actually thinks Morrison will get us in the super league then you either need to give your head a shake or want locking up. As we have seen the past few years the amount of money Leigh have spent and the squad they have got this super 8s has proved just how far Leigh are actually away from getting in super league. Leigh as we all know are far too good for this division but are still miles away from super league.
  7. Remember to get your tickets for The Amber Ribbon band night at Hanging Heaton Working Men's Club on Saturday 5 September from an Amber Ribbon committee member after Monday's match against London Broncos - or you can pay on the night. Fantastic live entertainment will be provided by Phoenix Rising. All funds raised will go towards supporting the Amber Ribbon's excellent work. More info here: https://www.facebook...06121373008760/
  8. £5 entry, Start at 19.30 Hanging heaton wmc. Check out the amber ribbon page on Facebook
  9. huge respect to keegan hirst for coming out gay, played his heart out today for the dogs respect man. I certainly did not hear any vile chants either .
  10. Wishing Johnny campbell a quick and speedy recovery , Not what we want to see in the game but these things happen.
  11. its ok i can no longer see his anti dewsbury negative comments anymore as i have totally blocked him. just totally ignore him he does things like this to get the attention.
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