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  1. Toronto have done sod all yet for rugby league... leave them b... Bradford hopefully can see this season out...
  2. Why should Toronto shoot straight in at championship?? If bulls have a chance to form again to play the season out Then that will be best for rugby league How many fans will Toronto bring over??zero!!! Support our teams first I'm not bulls fan at all.... I'm rugby league fan Toronto have done nothing as of yet... let them prove thr worth it We know bulls have been run very badly, but thr fans deserve more respect from the rugby league family Not 2 faced t#%%^# on here, throwing them down the bottom....
  3. Totally agree we have other areas to pick up on But it shows that rfl can't make massive strides , to move our game forward ... seeing challenge cup final with thousands of empty seats aswell 4n games wasn't great.... promotion for rugby league is shocking.. best thing I've seen was Bradley wiggins and Sam in their advert...
  4. Tell me one game that as had 40k watching it at magic weekend??? Because I cnt remember any game looking over 20 odd k??? One of our top sporting event , with every team playing shouldn't pack out Newcastle ??? We either have very little interest from neutrals to attend, or rfl supporters don't find it appealing enough ??? Attendances don't lie...... don't forget we say it's greatest game in the world
  5. So again ur convinced that 40k is best we can do for 6 super league teams??? Rfl convince people like u, that magic weekend is amazing ??? If this is one of rfl top events and we can't sell it out, surely something's wrong??? Again nothing to do with 40 k one day, as to do with we can't sell it out, with a packed out super league teams and star players You think it's attended well??? So what your saying is 12 super league teams with our star players should accept mediocre crowds ??? Because one day gets 40k??? Rfl small minded and some fans think exactly the same.... lsts see what people say at Glastonbury, when they get 50k crowds in a site that holds 150k
  6. 150k at Glastonbury is sold out?? How's that compare to a half empty stadium nearly all day in Newcastle ??? If magic weekend was sold out, I'd understand your point completely,... but it isn't anywhere near full
  7. If ur saying loads of neutrals attend magic weekend, then our own rugby league fans must think it's not worth the effort to come ??? To me it just doesn't show enough growth to keep saying it's doing well at all.... I like magic weekend , but it should be absolutely packed out ,to the point u struggle to get a ticket.. This is every super league team playing.when u speak with new fans to our game, they don't understand why it's not attended better.games showed with 12k fans in some games , doesn't look great in a 50k stadium... Amateur rfl should make this event huge, not accept 2k rise
  8. magic weekend is not promoted enough...small increase each year in crowds , doesn't say it's a massive success In fact it says how small minded our top guys are Increasing numbers by a few thousands is really poor Magic weekend should be nearly sold out over the weekend... all our teams are playing and it's not full?? Come on , stop seeing this as positive steps forward Our super league stars , should be walking out to a huge crowd full of on going entertainment before hand ,packed with stars in the crowd and stars performing ... Everything rl do is average ... we deserve more from top guys at rl
  9. We have Nigel wood at the top- who do we want to take over him?? Who else would improve our game and make the best decisions to take rugby league forward?? Sky team - who do we want instead of Barry and terry?? ( to me they are horrendous at commentating on rugby league)phil Clarke needs replacing ??? Jon wells?? Anymore to add ???
  10. It's sad for fans , when they support a club and they go under... little money around in rl , so hard for clubs to function well and to turn over profits.
  11. Are clubs solely to be blamed for how badly their run?? Or is it super league competition?rfl top guys running our game???
  12. I never said Samoa are ok...I answered a question about Samoa .. not saying any teams right, to have team full of heritage players This is about Scotland, doesn't say Samoa are the 4th best team in the world
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