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  1. Yep, Eddie Hemmings has been a constant for me and the Mrs since we were married in 1991. That was when we first got a Sky TV set-up as I was posted 'down South' with the RAF. That was the only way to get our RL fix. So, we're gonna miss his dulcet tones. All the best with your retirement Eddie and thanks for all the memories.
  2. Maybe an England watch is better than a Mickey Mouse watch. On the other hand ...
  3. People don't watch because they don't show it. How can people watch the games if they're not being broadcast? Not everyone can get to the grounds to watch live. I, for instance, due to my disability go to maybe three or four games per year. The majority of the games I watch are on TV.
  4. Trinity for me tonight, but not by much. It should be quite an exciting game.
  5. Castleford will be too strong for FC here even though they are away.
  6. I think this is only going one way. Saints to win, but not by that much though.
  7. In as much as Leeds can't do any worse than last week, and I suppose that could be said for Wigan as well, I can't see anything other than a home win here. Even if it is just home advantage that gives the Cherry and Whites the edge.
  8. I think this is going to be a tight one to call. But, I'll go out on a limb and plump for London.
  9. Yep, that's what I call a season opener issue alright! Bloomin' good fare I'd say. I even like the light heated stuff at the beginning!
  10. A close one this. I'd love Huddersfield to prevail, but I think Salford might just prove too strong for the home side. Red Devils to win then.
  11. Broncos will mark their return to Super League with a win methinks
  12. France would be a great choice. Think of the publicity the game would get there. Plus, the French public would surely turn out in force, wouldn't they?
  13. What was your best ever game? In terms of personal performance, team performance, fan interaction, funny moments, anything.
  14. Switched to my phone. Not good. Can't watch on big screen PC? Poor, very poor.
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