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    Back up in Cumbria and been told Gary Murdoch has walked from the club what’s going on
  2. Just spoke to my cousin and he tells me that Ian Rooney is head coach next year, don’t think he’s the right choice if true from what he tells me he’s run his course at the brow
  3. Just spoke to my cousin and he tells me that Ian Rooney is head coach next year, don’t think he’s the right choice if true from what he tells me he’s run his course at the brow and his methods are dated
  4. Big Yin


    Building local has worked so far for Haven the only lads who live outside of Cumbria are the winger & centre unlike town who’s travellers couldn’t care less about town just hear for a final payday.
  5. Back from a couple of week at work what has gone on why was Tyler mellor not playing yesterday he’s been one of the better players since his arrival. Gary Murdoch would be my choice for coach as the club need to go back to basics.
  6. He will replace penky who’s out injured also anyone heard anything about Ell getting a season possibly career ending operation in the next week or so
  7. What a paranoid person I’m none of the above just a Cumbrian rugby fan living in London. But silly me I forgot if you don’t agree with the brainwashing on here you are a troll.
  8. Another traveller signing ex Toronto player Sam Hopkins so no doubts another local will leave when will this club learn moving away from locals is not the answer
  9. I was looking at ordering a shirt only to hear from family that he’s heard there’s a problem with the shirt not having correct design approval anyone else heard owt, as I don’t wanna buy something that’s getting changed later on
  10. Be carful GT they will be attacking you yo should know by now your not allowed an opinion in here unless it’s positive. Too many blinkered people just thinking everything is hunky dory
  11. Not a moron and not a troll just don’t think it’s a good deal we all know last couple of years has been very lucrative
  12. Disappointing to be honest not going to be a 6 figure like previous deals starting to get worried as this might be the reason we’re letting players go, hearing down in London that penky is going to Leigh as Duffy’s assistant player coach
  13. Just got a text from a relation Jarrod Sammut has gone on loan to Haven as of next week ?
  14. Finally Back on main land with decent WiFi it’s a shame to see lasts weeks result, maybe the team not as good as some think, anyway this game will mask over any problems there is so west wales 6 Town 82, but as said it’s masking over problems with squad
  15. I have been talking to people today about this and he’s heard that Pryce sacked Jonty because he’s questioned him on a few occasions with regards to local players not getting a chance behind loan players. I hope the BOD aren’t being influenced by an outside source to who plays and who doesn’t
  16. You keep mentioning penky but hasn’t he broke his wrist if so he’s a non starter for 6-8 weeks
  17. Just heard next signing is Gary Lo from cas
  18. Back up in Cumbria last week not been on here for a while due to working away. But surely Bailey won’t be missed neither will foster from what I’ve been told about him, I was watching the aintree festival last week and I’m sure I saw him on the telly bit of a spice boy if I remember from his saints days. What has happened to penky I was told he’s broken his wrist and out for 3 months but that came from the dark side of the family
  19. Will hope to see you all next week at Hemel as it's a home game for me. But on the last few weeks I have no conviction for a easy win
  20. Who else is getting concerned that Haven are steaming ahead of town in the league after a victory against Hunslet
  21. Awful performance I came up to see this promising team that we're supposed to have and to be honest no different to last year apart from not having sammut who I've seen a couple of times for broncos this year, Big Philly as I heard some one call him is a 30 minute man, Alex is finished and Brett didn't look interested. Early on but things not good on attitude of a few. Just my opinions
  22. I was told by a relation Dominic Smallwood
  23. Shocked with this one as I thought he'd retired after he fell out with PV & MF
  24. I'm sure I've read that you must guarantee an Aussie/Kiwi £20k plus accom and minor nations £10-15k nevermind that getting visa is nye on impossible
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