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  1. Hi LionelHurst, it certainly is mad Arthur Smith. I read about him around 6 months ago after you shared a post about him which inspired me to place him as my profile pic!
  2. York Lokomotive Under 8s would be very interested in attending. I'll send you an email later today.
  3. York Lokomotive ARLFC minis section are looking for a couple of fixtures before the weather turns. We're not in the league but have played a fair few friendlies and entered the odd tournament throughout the summer to which we've thoroughly enjoyed! We have children aged from 6-8 (only two 8 year olds) who are really enjoying their rugby league! Were willing to travel but would like to host due to not playing a home fixture as of yet! Any clubs have any free/available weekends coming up? Thanks
  4. It seems from the comments here the NWC junior league is a really well run, informative league. Unfortunately we're the wrong side of the Pennines to join! That said we would be very interested in a 'fixture' with the said clubs in coming summer months............more so if there's a cake involved! The new under 7s section itself is going really well and growing week by week we just feel a little like 'black sheep' with our views of not wanting to enter a league but still having a need for the odd fixture ,this post has put my mind at ease with regards our opinions and hopefully keep the momentum going.
  5. Again super replies and opinions, thank you. To reply to a couple of points: The word 'registered' seems to be getting thrown around a lot with different opinions to what your actually 'registering' to. Surely if your registered with the RFL (not a league), have DBS checks in place, have public liability/insurance and a welfare officer (to name a small number of required things we all know there's more) that is showing adequate precautions and that risk is managed? That said I do understand why the more traditional clubs would be more stand offish to 'unregistered' (to a league!) teams but at this age primary rugby is meant to promote 'playing the game', we're finding it very difficult to do this.......! Totally agree on players having the cards to eradicate older ages putting younger off. Again surely you could have these cards without actually entering a league though? Comments from other clubs spoken to in the Yorkshire junior league seems to suggest this method isn't currently working-coaches wanting to play 13-13, full contact, promoting winning mentalities over participation, 'forgetting' certain players cards etc. Regards asking the league, this has been done on numerous occasions by email and answer machine to no reply. Maybe the league is in a 'traditional mind-set' and feels our proposal doesn't require a response.....who knows! Maybe its just another slice of evidence that suggests our game is poorly run....
  6. Fantastic replies, thank you. In the last 2 days I've had 3 replies all quite strongly against playing us in a friendly due to 'not being registered' even though we are in fact to the RFL just not to a league. We as a club (and yourselves by the sounds of things) probably have the wellbeing of the children involved more in mind than the 'registered' clubs do. I myself, as many do started playing at under 8s, full contact with a strong junior section. By the time we all got to open age a lot of the lads just couldn't play anymore after 10 years of putting their body on the line weekly, not only did the club at the time lose out but the game of Rugby League itself. The more we push our children at a young age the more the game itself loses out in my opinion.
  7. Hi all, the club I'm involved in have recently introduced a under 7s mini section that has had a positive response from people in the local area with and without a rugby league background. We decided not to enter the Yorkshire Junior League because: 1-the YJL never actually responded to our emails and calls (anyone else had this issue?) when asking if there was a merit style league for this age group where we would happily organise our own fixtures. 2-we weren't sure on the interest we'd get so felt entering a weekly league was a too bigger leap. 3-our gut feeling was 5,6 & 7 year olds maybe shouldn't be playing full contact rugby league weekly even though we knew they'd be keen to...... Our training started and interest was good getting 8-12 regular children all enjoying positive, fun sessions. We approached a number of clubs about friendlies but have had mostly negative responses, some totally disagreeing with our decision to not enter a league and some seemingly treating us like the black plague due to 'not been registered' even though the section is registered with the RFL and rugby league cares just not to a league. Without waffling on too much more I'd like peoples feedback on this please.......? What would you do? Our thinking was primary rugby league was all about enjoyment and positivity, I'm not sure entering a league for us would have produced that. Also if you know of or are involved in a club looking for an odd fixture at this age group we'd love to hear from you.
  8. It seems strange that everyone in the summer leagues seem to be suggesting they want a return to winter (we, the Lokos don't!) but everyone in winter is suggesting a move to summer! The phrase the grass in greener on the other side seems to fit the bill! I was more thinking in regards league structure???
  9. Any of you good RL people have any clues or insights of the league set up for the 2015 Yorkshire Mens League?
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