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  1. What on earth have Keighley been doing.... portraying how badly injured Emmerson Whittle is with a broken jaw - they failed to mention he was one of the players who run in punching If he had kept away he wouldnt have been injured!!!!!!! Fryston were in the wrong and will pay the price, Keighley have been making out they are entirely innocent - I think not...
  2. Who knows who voted for who?????? and who actually get to vote ?????? Do Barla get a vote as to who sits on the Community Board ?????? Wonder if either of the Stuart`s ask for support from WARLA/Pennine ????
  3. Ooops..... Taxi ...... Yet again wrong information posted....... Marauder ... always jumping on some one`s band waggon If u spent more time on the task in hand in stead of writing rubbish u wouldn't be in a mess Why should NWC Juniors be any different to other leagues ???????????? PLAY TO THE RULES Be a man attend Youth meetings and state your case face to face instead of behind a computer NWC was the first to jump into bed with RFL - True Prior is on board with the RFL - True Taylor did not vote against NWC - False
  4. Pennine minutes have been circulated, no mention of the secretary or anyone stating time to move to summer. Fact: Pennine and Hull can only run winter rugby Too many speculations from people spreading false information causing mayhem within the game - who needs the RFL to destroy the game we have enough people doing a good job on their behalf!!!!
  5. I think the rules you are referring to went out of the window in around 2003 when unification was agreed Under the human right act - players are amateurs and cannot be made to comply Most playing leagues don't abide by Barla rules as they come under RFL playing leagues who make up rules to suit themselves which in turn is closing down the traditional playing leagues and teams Too much choice in when and where they can play or lack of commitment from players and disrespect to the guys who work hard running clubs
  6. Some of you guys want to get out into the real world of the amateur game instead of sitting moaning and criticising people who actually work for the game and want to see it survive. Truth is - like it or not, some or most of the decline is down to players lack of commitment to the game Some clubs don't even train anymore, in my day if you didn't train it was simple you didn't play... lucky if you even got to put on a subs shirt. Players now want to pick which games they play in, coaches want to select which division they are in - what happened to a competitive game of rugby, sportsmanship and being proud of your club There has always been the so called `pot` hunters around, it appears players now move clubs even when they are in for some trophies - has the world gone mad Its the same after the game, spectators don't go back for a drink, half the away teams don't bother - worse still is your lucky if half your team come back Ref`s well enough said- no commitment to the game just want their money straight away - strange how they all have somewhere to go once paid! All the above said - this is not down to any playing league or barla bad management its the way things are moving - but its easy to blame someone than face the truth within the game You only have to look at the NCL - they no longer have a team they have a squad... the majority of whom I`m informed only play around 10 games a season The NCL are no longer a dominant league with strong morals on admission standards to the league - they have had to lapse their standards to not only attract new clubs but to retain the ones they have So come`on lads ... too many people pulling our game down, lets start promoting the amateur`s (that's unless you are all on the side of the RFL who want it to decline)!
  7. Looking back at your threads - it clearly shows you do not have the interest of the game at heart It looks like you are a constant mischief maker - something the amateur game can do without Makes one wonder if you are not part of the RFL as the above Barla rule you quote has not been adhered to for some 5+ years!!!!
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