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  1. 1 hour ago, Unicorn 106 said:

    If that's the reason the fair enough,  but it's about time we were officially informed why one of our better players hasn't been playing recently and is now going down the road.🤔

    Dont think we need to be officially informed on anything. I like Pez, but theres competition for places and if he isnt pulling up trees in training, he wont be picked. Its up to him how he reacts to that decision. One thing is clear, is that Chris is honest, fair and a quality coach. If he thinks letting pez go out on loan for game time, or selecting others on match day benefits the team. I trust his judgement

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  2. Sounds like a good swap for both clubs. Both shipping out players that may have been 'problematic' and replaced with players in positions we need. 

    In tate and Wilkinson. We've got cover at centre and 2nd row with losing pez

  3. 4 minutes ago, Neutralfan7 said:

    When did Hanley Dawson leave town? Just seen he's been named to play for Millom tomorrow alongside Ethan Kelly

    Was weeks ago. Nothing formally announced by the club though. Same as Pez

  4. Out of curiosity did anyone manage to make the forum tonight? I read that Dave Bowden has stepped aside from.his role at reds to lead the project. Work got in the way of me making it down. 

    Any interesting updates we don't already know about? Budget? Timescales etc?

  5. Walker carries a far bigger running threat than Forber. Keeps the defence on their toes. Haven were just alive to the threat he poses after he rightly got MOM against them in the Ike game. If he is going to be the future, he needs time and a run of games to form that partnership with Doran. 

    Leave Oscar at FB. What I've seen of him there, he is very good. Id pick the same team to be honest, possibly include Dec if hes recovered 

  6. The next few weeks, recruitment wise are critical to give us a fighting chance in the 2nd half of the season. Hopefully lessons will have been learnt, valuable experience gained and we can start picking up some points

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  7. I know we've said it a few times before this season. But another game we've been close to a side further up the table than us. The win will come! Walker was clearly being targeted in defence, but I think he must retain his place. We seem much more a threat when he has hands on the ball. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, town2018 said:

    Well looks like I'm eating my words 🤣🤣 fair play to the lad as he put a massive shift in on Friday 

    To be honest. Forber didn't deserve to retain his place after Halifax. Like the look of our side today. Good to see Brown back at centre as well

  9. 10 hours ago, Sticklebricks said:

    Bits that I have heard is he needs to keep his head down,his ###### up and his mouth shut,want him to be the next boxer but like as been said maybe an older head would help utt

    Like of Doran should be in his ear guiding him. He maybe is. You can lead a horse to water...... and all that

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