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  1. CT - Excellent coach. Very professional and good to listen to. However, I'd imagine he has plans on coaching at the higher levels again following his battles off the field. Rooney - From a sustainable point of view. I may prefer him, than keeping CT? Only if he has the pulling power to get some of the top amateurs to sign on. Promotion - Id have fancied Havens chances of staying up if they got the approval for a reserve side. As both teams have seen before, you need a large squad to be able to cope in the championship. Without the any reserve players to call upon they might find it difficult to run with a large squad. Town are in need of a 're-build' regardless of whether we are promoted or not. A lot of the travelling/older players are well rumoured to be on the way out and will be hard to replace. Another year in league 1 may not be a bad thing for town at this stage if a new coach/players are coming in.
  2. Could never see Rooney being assistant to anyone. He is more than capable of coaching at this level. We harp on about attracting the top amateurs in the county. Rooney is the best coach in the county! And probably has been for the past 10 years with his record speaking for itself. He could prove to be that missing link between the semi pro level and the conference that has been missing for a while now.
  3. Depends when the inspection is made I'd say. Most pitches would struggle with the weather wave had. Hopefully a dry morning tomorrow will see it go ahead?
  4. Heard the 'cheap' version is a single stand on one side of the pitch? Which would be utterly pathetic
  5. Bit miffed in the end. A good hard game. Typical derby. But almost as if both teams were accepting of a draw? Why didnt we go to the sticks for a DG at the end? Town were solid without setting the world alight. Overall pretty happy that we carried on where we left off last week. Charlo echoed my thoughts. That if haven had as much ball and territory as town, they'd have won the game. JD good for town along with Stevie and Tickle. Both wingers had solid games to.
  6. Walsh to miss out for me. And assuming Karl wont turn up or just being named so we have a 19? Essential we get on top of Forster if we have any hope of competing. Must be odds on to get a try from barging over from 2 yards out. A committed performance and improvement from our last derby and I'd be happy.
  7. Everyone knows Caine isn't a centre. But has filled the gap when needed. With Haven having two strong centres in Taylor and JJP. Id look to put him in there.
  8. I cant see how any of the cumbrian clubs couldn't compete at the same level as a Batley, Dewsbury, Halifax etc. Yes, they would need to rebuild with a few additions. But to often we put the area down. There is defiantly championship level players in this county
  9. Great! Was playing well. Hopefully Caine is fot enough to slot right back in.
  10. I just hope we can put up a performance worthy of a derby as last time out was probably the most embarrassing I can remember. I hope out players haven't forgot about that day and are busting a gut to put it right.
  11. After a weekend off for our lads I hope we can really build on what we seen last time out. Hopefully the little break will have helped a few out who were struggling with knocks. Can we expect olly back? Bolton? Going to be a real tough afternoon. Haven have been so consistent this year and are closing in on the title. A defeat against us could open the window for newcastle however. Hope as many town fans go as possible. Predictions??
  12. Shows how things can change quickly in this sport. We were no hopes a few weeks ago. But if we can continue with that form. And possibly get ell back going into the play offs. Anything is a possibility. Would fancy us against anyone if we perform like we did yesterday.
  13. I imagine they we used for the sprinkler system to water the pitch. The pitch will improve with time, once the ground starts to settle.
  14. Played well today. As good an 80 minutes as we have put in for a good 6 or 7 weeks. Keighley were poor, but only because our defence was excellent. We played the conditions alot better. Hard to single any players out from what was a complete team performance. Tickle was given mom. But I'd have gone for Sam Hewitt (before his yellow card). Thought Forber was also strong and showed why we missed him so much. Tom Curwen was my pick of the forwards today. Good to see Caine back out there. Him and Sam could form a formidable right edge. Pitch looked very good! Must be a pleasure to play on. UTT
  15. Full of positive posts you. Great that so many from the club were there. Well done
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