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  1. I personally didn't buy that excuse. It was still getting used as an excuse 3/4 of the way through the season. Every team seemed to be able to recruit signings or loans far easier/quicker than we did. If we have a good season and are able to make the playoffs I'd hope we would have learnt our lesson
  2. Forber or Scholey would make good captains
  3. What we've learned over the last few years is we could have addo-carr on the wing. If we don't get the ball to them in good space there's not much use of it.
  4. Heard what? Do you have to go to the ground to get info on new signings? Just stating what his stats are?
  5. Is that right? Played only 2 games in each of the last 2 seasons for NW Crusaders?
  6. Lets hope he can keep his head down and be the player we all know he's capable of being. Solid signing
  7. Fitzy was outstanding last year and deserves to be operating at champ level. Gutted about Lightowler. An honest hard working forward who was a massive miss when he was injured. Good luck both
  8. A new ground with up to date and better facilities would be a start
  9. If we want experience and local without paying top whack. I'd love either Mcavoy or Dawson back from down the road. That's if they aren't already tied down and willing to drop down a league.
  10. I expect forber for another year
  11. Has been a great servant to the club. Nobody can argue with his efforts of performances over the years. Shame we are losing him. Going to leave a big gap. Consistent and hardly every injured. Good luck
  12. Didn't JD have some issue with one of havens directors? Or is he no longer at the club? It's the same as has been for donkeys years. Now with town in the lower league players are likely weighing up the contract money + the winning/losing pay they'd likely receive from each club.
  13. Enjoyed that. Good to see the county side back in action and a packed DP. Any crowd given? Jamaica just ran out of steam in the 2nd half which I imagine will be alarming with them going into the WC next week. Cumbria were very good I thought. If anything, the game confirmed to me that a joint cumbria side could well compete at the very top of championship and attract good crowds. Hope to see it back again next year
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