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  1. Should be announcing two signings soon I believe.
  2. Always concerned for Tom when it looks like a knee injury. Hes had bad injuries with them before. What is Wellington injury? And o'Briens?
  3. Be no fitter props than dawson and Scholey after these last 2 weeks
  4. Hope everyone gets their hands in their pockets and buys Stevie a pint. His body should be donated to medical science. Hes a machine
  5. Doing it tough before the season has even started. Yes, injuries are inevitable. Not worth risking further injury but it also puts the other lads more at risk of injury playing longer minutes? What I will say is yet again, we look very well coached. Better discipline than last week. And have more than matched barrow for the first 30 minutes.
  6. Shows up more than ever how vital it is we get another 2 props in!
  7. Caine Barnes and the 3 young trialists on the bench! In for a very long day. Really feel for the props on what is traditionally a heavy pitch
  8. My point being, it was obviously a much tighter game until crusaders lost all but one of their subs. Never mentioned about the game being shorter than 80 mins?
  9. And 3 tries in last 10 minutes probably make it look wider than it was?
  10. Played last 15 minutes with only only 14 fit men. We have a game today. So not really to fussed what haven are doing
  11. Agree with you. But if rumours are tru and we do lose tickle. That is a HUGE amount of experience to try and replace. I'm enjoying seeing what CT is doing to the club and have every confidence in his ability as a coach. Just worry about lack of experience when we get to big games vs newcastle, doncaster, barrow etc
  12. Who else was there missing? O'Brien and wellington?
  13. Thought marwoods defence was spot on. For a lad playing 60 minutes against a big pack. Thought he done well
  14. Looks promising. Thought he would show a clean pair of heels on his way to the try line. Got caught a foot short of the line
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