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  1. townie88

    2020 Squad

    I'd be surprised with the Frank King rumour. Sure hes in his early 30's. Wouldn't make sense to me. Dean Rooney (Ian's son) would be a great signing. Young and promising. However, the lad still has years of touring ahead of him. So probably unlikely
  2. townie88

    2020 Squad

    I believe he has. But it either hasn't been announced or I've missed it?
  3. Most say it every year. But genuinly think that's the best shirt weve had in years! Tops some of the others which were smart. Like to keep the same away one?
  4. Not the best kept secrets. But two welcome additions all the same. Positive signings. Gutted when Fitzy left and Marcus was probably the top player on the recent tour. Enjoy the evening
  5. townie88

    2020 Squad

    The only team I can remember exploiting our middles was Newcastle away. We had a long season and that took its toll on the older members. However, Think Fui done 2 or 3 70 minute stints last season. Fitness is not an issue. Having a big enough squad to use him correctly was the issue. If there can be a deal done that suits all parties, id love him back.
  6. Mcavoy is moving to Australia I believe. Id take Fitzsimmons back all day!
  7. Great signing! One of them players that hols the pack together. Miss him when he doesnt play. Will have a big part to play this year with fewer of the older heads
  8. Good solid signing. And will be a good player in this league. One thing is for sure, lads will need to perform to keep a jersey. Be interesting to see who has the full back role with having Fieldhouse, Hall and Fell all competing for their more familiar position. Squad coming together nicely indeed. A few big lads would be a plus.
  9. Correct. However, he proved everyone wrong last season. So good luck to him.
  10. Spoke to soon. Pez is away Thanks for the efforts. Be a HUGE miss!! Shouldn't take away from what has been a good week for the club!
  11. Great. Another to add more size and depth to the backline. Confident that a good pre season can see him improve his game even further. Well.done BOD. Is there an updated squad list anywhere?
  12. Anyone see the england lions game vs NZ Maori? Curtis Teare scored a great individual try. Would love to.see us get him from the brow
  13. Really like this signing. An area we needed improvement. Young, big (compared to what we have) and quick. Scored a hat full if tries in 'lesser teams'. Welcome on board. Look forward to seeing how Chris can improve him even further
  14. Anyone know when the opening night is penned in for? Also, as we are nearing Christmas, is the plan to make an order for new shirts in time for Christmas?
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