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  1. The two lads seem to tick the boxes chris looks for. Young, versatile and improvement in them. Certainly not household names but lads that Chris certainly feels he can nurture into quality players.
  2. I think we can round off all this nonsense by agreeing that some people will never be happy.
  3. Wow! The kids clubs and initiatives are EXACTLY whats been missing in years gone by. They're the future, they're the ones who will get their parents to take them to the games, get their parents to buy the new merchandise etc. This along with the relationships with the community clubs has been excellent. It rubs people up the wrong way having such consistent negative comments on how the club is ran, and not offering any services to possibly improve it. Keep up the good work Graeme! Yours and everyone else's hard work isn't lost on me and the majority of genuine fans.
  4. People talk and rumours get out. Possibly been trying to get him to change his mind? The club can't let the 'tail wag the dog' and announce things before they're ready because people on this forum find things out. For example, the new kit. Leaked on here before club wanted to make a formal announcement.
  5. Yeah. But how selfish of them not to tell us right away!
  6. Basics of good business is to 'strike while the Irons hot'. Why wouldnt they align signing announcements to their own benefit? Its unfair to compare our situation to other champ clubs. All have known for far longer where they will be playing, what budget they will have and also many have full time/part time staff, far outnumbering our volunteers.
  7. Not sure why there is so much negatively about the club from certain people. We've just been promoted for christ sake (a year sooner than planned also). Retained majority of the squad that got us here and signed a handful of lads to replace the ones that left who've already played championship rugby. And captured one of the amateur games best stars. Everyone can have an opinion either way, and people can challenge that opinion also. But to constantly have a negative opinion of the club does raise some questions wether people are genuine fans or just on to stir things up
  8. Make or break I think for blane this year. Crowd favourite, seems to score whenever he gets minutes but for whatever reason has never been given consisgame time. I appreciate hes had two good lads in Dec and matty infront of him, but this will be his 3rd season with us.
  9. I'm certain everyone isn't naive enough to think that after 6 weeks of off season we can click our fingers and have an experienced championship squad that is capable of fighting off relegation before a game is even played. Who says the inexperienced squad isn't championship level? Alot haven't played there before? For example Tom Wilkinson cleaned up at havens presentation night. Played in the same team as Hanley Dawson a few seasons ago? I honestly don't think there is that much of a jump needed to be competing with the like of dewsbury and Sheffield etc. Barrow were meant to win the league at a canter last year and it didn't happen. I'd be interested to know your expectations? Would you rather be in league 1 but winning more games?
  10. Gone a bit quiet again on the retention/signings front? And the board information. New strip release soon in time for Xmas?
  11. Great opening fixture. Hope to see it packed out like the play off final was. I'm sure our geordie signings will be licking their lips. Excited to see when the Derby games are going to be. I'm longing for an ike game.
  12. Great player. Great lad. Glad to see him back. Towns social media team been brilliant lately. Kudos to them. Just disappointed the cheese xl wernt enough for the lad
  13. Excellent! I think everyone wanted to see him stay. Got better and better as the season went on and he settled into the team. Great news
  14. I'm really excited to see how he goes. It may take some time but I look at what Chris and his team have done with the likes of O'brien, Dawson, Bickerdike and Henson etc and can't help but think he's going to be excellent.
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