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  1. Excellent once again. Each week is refreshing and there is certainly no feeling that things are repetitive. Long may they continue. Anyone know what the damage has been at the club or what has been taken? There is no limit to how low some people will stoop. Hope they get caught and justice is done.
  2. Some huge names on the webchats in recent weeks. Really good watch.
  3. The rule changes have certainly speeded up what was already a fast game. Been great to watch. I think the 'crowd noise' being played makes it more enjoyable to watch as well
  4. Great show again. Time just flies by. Simmo could talk for England (or jamaica) ? Well done all
  5. As you say. JJB is easy on the ear. And Phil has had such a distinguished career, he could no doubt fill an hour by himself. They really have been a highlight of most of my weeks during lockdown. Well done Gary and all who have contributed. Be nice to see some more past players and possibly someone from one of the community clubs? Keep up the good work
  6. Interesting to read yesterday that two working groups have been set up between champ and L1 clubs to consider how we can potentially restart RL behind closed doors. One group considering the logistics behind carrying out the games and possible broadcasting. The other considering revenue opportunities. What's peoples thoughts? Would you like to see RL back even if it meant only seeing games from a computer/TV screen? I can see it working if some sort of streaming subscription can be put in place to still get the club some income. There are still plenty of hurdles to overcome to make it safe for players and staff to train and play. But these discussions show were taking steps in the right direction. Hope everyone is safe and well!
  7. Havent seen it advertised anywhere
  8. Fantastic gesture. Hopefully it can lift any pressure for the family at this time. RL family at it's best right there
  9. Fair point. Would love nothing more than to see a big crowd at our first home game. Whenever that may be.
  10. Got to agree. The last two weeks chats have been brilliant. Corky and Big Jim have been excellent to listen to. Well complemented by chris and the current squad members.
  11. Really enjoyable they are. At a time when there is nothing going on. They are a highlight to alot of peoples week. Be good to get Pickering, Limmer or even Ged Stokes on the other end for a chin wag. Hope everyone is keeping well and safe. Hopefully wont be to long before we see rugby again. UTT
  12. Will there be any fan interaction this sunday?
  13. And they could work the modern technology ?
  14. Anything to keep fans engaged with the club is good. I donated my usual spends on a match day. The chats a really good and interesting to hear from different people from within the club! Could an idea be to stream footage of games from by gone days via facebook? Town vs Haven games, super league era, old Trafford final etc? And get people to donate a match day fee?
  15. Not rugby related. But the reds have just found out their season is to be voided! 10pts clear at the top. Been top of the pile for vast majority of the season! Feel for everyone at the club. They've had a great year under Danny Grainger. Now like most lower league clubs in all sports, fighting for their future.
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