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  1. I thought it was exactly to make up the numbers? To stop teams going into games without a full bench. We find it hard enough to attract amateurs as it is. Never mind if they only know they will be involved as and when we need them? Will they receive contract money even if they dont play? I would love it to work. But can only see the semi pro clubs benefiting.
  2. Interesting news that the rfl are introducing a rule where we can have up to 10 amateurs on 'standby' should we find ourselves short on numbers? Will amateur lads want to play if they are just being used when we're short? Will amateur teams be happy there players could get injured playing part time for town? Not sure how it will work?
  3. A player that will have been towards the top of both town and havens list for a few years. Good luck to the lad wherever he ends up.
  4. Think theres always been a re-signing or two announced at presentation nights recently. Hopefully same tomorrow.
  5. Where I can see, haven had a smaller squad than us this season? Stayed relatively injury free in comparison and won the league. Weve been very unlucky (again). Not down to the board
  6. Not sure where the BOD come into any arguments about squad size? We've been decimated by injuries this season and had 3 or 4 other lads not feature for various reasons. We would have had 17 if O'Donnell & Curwen weren't injured the week before, tickle wasn't banned and Rooke showed up. Hows that their doing? This board have overseen an upturn in average attendance, improvements to the playing surface at DP, improvement in social media, upturn in club merchandise sales, secured CT on a 3 year deal. Not sure what more fans could ask for! Its been said many times before that they are always on the look out for more pairs of hands to share the work load. Get on board!
  7. I thought it was a joke at first but he must be being serious. Elliot is one of the handful we have who are already championship level. To say youd let him go is laughable. Just because you have a season ending injury doesnt mean you cant come back even better.
  8. Blain is exciting certainly. But I don't think he has the passing game yet to play in the halves. He can also improve his distribution from the ruck when playing hooker to. Passes are sometimes slow and 'loopy'. Sort this out and we have a real gem of a player. Agree we need another half to compete with Doran and Forber though. Forber is a shoe in just for his kicking ability. We've seen this season when he is out, how much we struggle with structure and are hopeless at kicking goals. Top of the shopping list for me is a winger, or two! A halfback and two props for starters
  9. Missed CT interview. What was his thoughts?
  10. Was a worse challenge than the one that seen fui get banned after the bulls game last year.
  11. He has had 2 shockers at newcastle. However, he has turned up and pulled the jersey on. Which is more than some recently. Sure Chris will look to strengthen the wings. I like Bolton however
  12. Well that wa something to be proud of. When we had territory and ball we looked very threatening. Pez was outstanding, and has been all season. I really like the look of marwood. Always there in support. Excited to see him again next year. Just like last week, Fui proving he is worthy of another deal. 39 years old and playing 80 mins! Chin up lads. Can be proud of your efforts. Over to CT to do his stuff in the off season.
  13. Not having a reserve team forces the use of DR I think. It's difficult to retain at 25+ man squad if your leaving lads out every week. Nobody at the start of the season could say we would be impacted so much by injuries/lads leaving. Litherland, miller, fieldhouse, olstrum, mellor, wilkes, sutton, lancaster etc. So hard to point the finger at the board.
  14. Really feel for the forwards on a day like today. Against a quick team on a big pitch, it's going to be tough. Injuries happen and cant be helped. The daft thing is, to play in the conference you need a 2nd team and teams at every age group. But we can play league 1 play off rugby and only need 13 players? Good luck boys.
  15. Looks like we will.be doing it tough. And tougher than last week with numbers down. With a bit of togetherness, never say die attitude and a bit of luck, you never know what can happen. Could be a game to far for our busted troops though. Good luck all the same.
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