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  1. They maybe will be favourites. But does that mean all the other clubs shouldn't show ambition? We should be pleased we have a board confident enough to take it on.
  2. I'm all for it. We are in a position no weaker or stronger than any of the other teams applying. So why not? If we aren't successful, it may at least give us an idea of what areas we need to improve on as a club to get to the championship.
  3. Seeing reports of crowds being allowed back in tier 1 & 2 areas once national lockdown is finished. Does this mean we could see rugby back soon? Assuming we and others can meet the other coronavirus protocols? I think everyone involved from the board, coaches, players and fans are just desperate to see some action now.
  4. Going to be some real competition for places. Specifically centre, 2nd row and hooker.
  5. Superb! No other word for it.
  6. Fantastic ee have so many young, fit and hungry individuals signed up already. Exciting times watching them all develop. I still think we would benefit from a bit more experience in the pack. Well done all
  7. Good solid signing. One things for certain, we will have a very fit bunch of lads next season. Looking forward to seeing him develop under Chris and the coaching team next season
  8. Top top signing. Sure he will adapt to the pro game no bother. Look forward to seeing him play. Well done all Be interesting to see how we shape up next season with Henson, O'brien, Marwood all able to play that hooker role
  9. The lad has bags of potential. One thing is for sure. The lads town have signed from amateur over the lads few seasons have all stepped up (Dawson, Marwood, obrien) and I'm sure Ethan will be the same. Well done and good luck
  10. townie88


    Chris dropping a hint that we could see dec and Calvin back? Hope so.
  11. townie88


    Just reading news that the Ottawa Aces will not now be entering the competition in 2021! Where on earth does this leave the players that have committed to playing for them? Are they free agents? In which case, I'd like to see Dec return? Thoughts?
  12. Replacement for elliot Hall by the looks of it. Young and enthusiastic utility back. Welcome to the club!
  13. Not rugby related. But they way football is carrying itself on at the top of the pyramid. I'd have thought people would want to flood to BP if allowed. And in turn, the same to watch town
  14. Agree. With the way the game has been hit and the way it looks going forward, assets from the community game are going to be vital. Nobody better placed than Hewer to help develop these lads into the pro game.
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