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  1. Hard to say. Not much info on who is available. With the time out we've had, I'd take a win by any means possible. Wont be easy though. Keighley are a decent side. Them.and Rochdale best we've seen this season I think
  2. Is it up to the two clubs to agree on a rescheduled date to play the game? What happens if a new date cannot be agreed? I'd have thought the rfl would be in charge of setting the new date?
  3. Different sport, but the reds travel to away games every other Tuesday night for most of their season. Cant see why RL teams can't do it to catch up with a few postponed games
  4. Not to get bedded down with covid craic. Am I correct on saying after 16th August, there is no need to isolate if you've been a close contact and double jabbed? If so, could hopefully see less games postponed?
  5. Couldn't make it up. Hopefully everyone is safe and well. Surely a possibility for a midweek replay?
  6. Match off. Couldn't make it up
  7. Is there any injury updates? Lightowler, pez, elliot, Scholey? And other I'll have missed?
  8. Really looking forward to this one. Massive game for both teams. Shame about Caine. He's been our best player so far imo. Would love this game to get a massive crowd and have a similar build up to the home game we had with York a couple of seasons ago. My only concern is we might come in undercooked having had so long off. Sure the lads will have had a beasting in training to keep them sharpe though.
  9. It's make sense. With no guarantee what will happen in the coming months, it would be good if this could happen. Then all being well, could potentially leave us free to replay the Rochdale or Coventry game
  10. Should really check the fixture list shouldn't I.
  11. Anyone know if the boys are back training tonight? Hope everyone is well and we can field a good side in whats going to be a tough game this weekend
  12. All is well. Its back open for the match until Sunday
  13. Was always going to happen there? Sure I read your they were having 450 in the tent?
  14. How many players were there? We still can't raise a 17?
  15. Difficult to say without knowing who will be available to come back in? Young? Fell? Pez? Calvin? Lewis Brown? Coventry had a great result last week so will be bouncing. But hope we can take confidence in from keeping the opposition out last. Expecting us to win but won't be comfortable
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