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  1. And they could work the modern technology
  2. Anything to keep fans engaged with the club is good. I donated my usual spends on a match day. The chats a really good and interesting to hear from different people from within the club! Could an idea be to stream footage of games from by gone days via facebook? Town vs Haven games, super league era, old Trafford final etc? And get people to donate a match day fee?
  3. Not rugby related. But the reds have just found out their season is to be voided! 10pts clear at the top. Been top of the pile for vast majority of the season! Feel for everyone at the club. They've had a great year under Danny Grainger. Now like most lower league clubs in all sports, fighting for their future.
  4. How Fui scored from 80m out, and rounded their full back was amazing
  5. I keep clinging to the idea that when this is all over. However long that takes. The community will realise how important the club is the to them. And we get a HUGE crowd when we start back up again. The club means too much, to too many people for us to let it dwindle away.
  6. Got to agree. Even though there I no game. I would happily 'donate' an admission fee to see us through
  7. It was to be expected. And rugby should never get in the way of peoples health. I'm sure the outstanding community, fans and board members will all rally round to make sure Workington Town still have a bright future. Still very early days to be talking like this but the uncertainty around this unprecedented matter has all concerned
  8. Were far better equipped to deal with injuries this season than we were last season. O'Brien has been outstanding so far, so he could be a real miss. Miller has played with that hamstring strapped up all season.
  9. Today probably showing how big the gap is from L1 to championship. Only got to listen to 20 mins of the 2nd half and we had them troubled at times. Back to the bread and butter now.
  10. Awfully quiet about today's game. Any squad news? Any commentary anywhere?
  11. Then your argument is surely based on getting our current fanbase spending more rather than attracting new fans? They might possibly spend more per person, but they are still in our league and after the weekends performance, not better than us and still playing in the same league as when they were Gateshead? Changing our branding or name etc doesn't mean we will be successful. Just an opinion but I would hate to lose our badge and possibly our identity Just out of curiosity, what ever happened to Swinton? Weren't they going to rebrand last season?
  12. Because it costs money to rebrand and offer all this merchandise. Money we dont have. If an investor came in, then I could see it working. But not now. Look at Newcastle Thunder. They have a 'brand's rather than a traditional badge/logo. And they are no better off than us?
  13. Wigan manage to do just fine without changing their traditional badge? I get the argument to bring us into the 21st century. But I believe better facilities will bring the next generation of fans rather than what our badge looks like or whether we can get a cuddly toy.
  14. Can only ever see a 'rebranding' coming about if there was ever any sort of merger. Tradition runs deep in west cumbria. More so than other parts of the country. I'd hate to lose the badge of club colours. The stadium is at the forefront of the modernisation required
  15. townie88


    Probably never gets the credit he deserves. Always a 7/8 out of 10 every week. I think he still has a fair few miles left in him to. Great servant
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