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  1. yep finish second then get ready for another leigh bashing should rovers make it that far and rovers on current form ought to be 500 to 1 to get promoted. Still we had a dig but it will be back to the drawing board for next season in the championship hopefully after offloading all those either too old or not up to it and we certainly need a bigger squad due to all the injuries we get. There is only one hope part of macs cunning plan that is for rovers to continually get worse every game making leigh over confident then bang we get to the final game and rovers up their game and decide to defend for once and surprise everybody. If that were to be the case then how many of our current squad is up to super league standard probably count them on one hand.

  2. 3 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

      Yes J.D not up to it but Mac picks Hepi who  is no bigger and in my opinion not as good.I think Mac has wisely saved J.D. for next week so he dosn't get busted.Give Leigh credit they are the best Championship side i have seen.And for once this season they have got their recruitment right.Beaumont rightly sometimes gets some stick but puts his money into the team and it looks like paying off this season.

    only logical explanation saving davies knowing we were in for a thumping

  3. pessimists and optimists which are you I feel rovers will be lucky to get within 30 points prob 42-14 however that said when I organised a bus for family and friends in 83 I distinctly remember saying to our coach driver as we got off the coach as long as we make a game of it and don’t get hammered we will be happy and just look what happened. 83 memories yep my son was pestering me I want a drink dad and when steve quinn was about to take that winning penalty kick I said son you can have a bottle of champagne if he kicks this and rovers name went on the cup once again. utr

    oh and he did get that bottle of champagne many years later.

  4. I thought he was mostly very good but seems to lay most of the blame at the paying fans who have a right to complain when every week rovers defence is really poor and it’s no good saying we outspend others if you are not getting the right players however thats probably due to money and players desires to play for fev. OK I believe our attack is as good as anyones but defence has always been the key to success just watch saints they defend like lions. I honestly cannot see rovers having any chance of promotion this season barring increasing the super league to 14. I will be delighted to be proved wrong and rovers win the play offs but unfortunately I feel we will be runners up once again this year. I really admire Mark for his constant support of the club in many different ways and if only for his sake rovers really ought to succeed. 




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  5. seems very harsh to me you could push a policeman or smack joe public like prescott did and get virtually no penalty I think it’s time for a points system but certain clubs won’t want that maybe the likes of saints and wigan not leeds they seem out of favour at the mo. ok it was stupid of him but it was in a split second in the spur of the moment the ref obstructed him maybe.

  6. Well after all the highs and lows fev really need toulouse to finish bottom of the pile this season as that is the only way I can see fev getting into super league. If rovers make the top 2 the rfl could decide to increase the championship to 14 just to avoid toulouse going down as we all know how the rfl work fairness forget it thats not in their vocabulary. But hey with the 83 spirit and a better coach who knows. utr

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  7. They are supposed to be penalised but how many more 6 agains can we put up with it mostly depends on what team is doing it. You will be asking for those ref assistants to spot forward passes next.

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  8. Most of us could see this result coming perhaps a good thing as we now know fev are nowhere near as good as everyone has been shouting about so just maybe a new coach and offload some more oldies and go back to the drawing board. Our defence has been woeful most games and not a prayer of super league with this set up. I honestly believe this year is the last chance saloon for rovers but I suppose playing in the second tear of a 10 team super league is all we deserve.

    However if rovers do manage to sort themselves out who knows in the play offs. utr...

  9. I cant fault which players we have offloaded recently and expect hall and maybe a couple of old forwards to be got rid off hopefully making way for some decent forrads to come in. Hall is a great championship player but seems reluctant in defence at times.

  10. I take it this is their share of the cash wakey are getting lets hope rovers will get their cash pronto.

    Wakefield Trinity have been given some superb news this afternoon.

    £8.8 million has been released to help the West Yorkshire redevelop Belle Vue in order to secure their Super League status.

    A report to Wakefield Council’s Cabinet stated: “Failure to secure improvements to the stadium presents a direct threat to the future of professional sport in the district and the future of the club itself,”

  11. Well now that the dust has settled Im hoping that my first thoughts about the game will come to fruition i.e. if we only just lose we shall stick with the same squad whereas if we get well beaten which we did its back to the drawing board and offload some more players and replace them with some stronger younger forwards in the pack. I feel this is the last chance saloon for rovers as we are surely going down the route of a closed super league shop again or the 2x10 idea.

  12. Could be a player we really need but if we get him playing some good rugby wakey will probably recall him. Rovers desperately need some younger players in the squad.

  13. Briscoe is one of our best players gives his all however rovers problem lays at the door of his team mates who hardly ever give him any cover or support when left alone to deal with the high bombs.

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