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  1. simply poor from minute one with weak tackling and poor kicking fev are their own worst enemies in this game need a miracle to win it most likely a 40+ defeat get parata on it just shows fev need to be full time toulouse much stronger and fitter than fev. utr
  2. brilliant display by rovers just one player not up to scratch but none the less a perfect result. Just hoping Chris Kendall doesn't ref the final else we may as well not go. if we can play without too many errors again like yesterday and a fair ref ha ha then superleague is definitely on.
  3. looks like brown may be off to saints you know one of those super league clubs that don't want anything to do with the lower leagues I know fev have always had to sell players to survive but this is the best squad we have had for years and we are still losing our players no doubt after the play offs a few more may leave which you can't blame them it's just a job nowadays my money on the next to go will be hardcastle maybe jones again and a fit bussey.
  4. do fev pay leeds for an injured player to get him fit so he can go to cas ? just one more to join the injury list and just in case he gets playing and does well leeds can take him back not good business sense to me would love him back if he was fit but it appears he aint.
  5. rovers need to be at absolute best today just found some odds for the game fev 7/4 toulouse 4/7
  6. I believe the ref is jack smith the bloke who clearly gave bradford a win with that terrible late try which certainly was not a try at bradford if my memory serves me right I never want refs to help any team not even rovers when they make absolute howlers however they seem to be getting worse and most games are ruined by too many 6 agains and stupid drop off ball stealing this season.
  7. harrison by a mile lockwood one of his best games davies never dissapoints
  8. is it just me or is the commentary garbled today can hardly hear whats being said maybe a good thing taking the half time score into account.
  9. great result today with a really weakened side forced upon rovers and what a pleasure it was to listen to a good commentary for a change I used to like jo commentating except for constantly plugging the LD Nutrition stadium ( I know advertisers help pay the wages ) but nowadays the commentary we get is lets just say better than nothing.
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