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  1. Not really sure the article is disrespectful, Ned states Mark has every right to set the budget and he chooses not to work within those constraints. Fair enough imo . To be honest as things currently stand with the rumoured players leaving and no mention of whose coming in a relegation fight is probably a fair assesment.
  2. Still no comments from GM on yesterday, strange considering he normally is quick to blame everybody else, perhaps he knows the real problem but hasnt got the balls to admit it
  3. We have a half back in our squad our recognised half backs unavailable so we don't play the half back available, if this doesn't prove our coaches shortfalls then I don't know what does.
  4. to be fair kp did miss a one on one tackle to give them there match winning try or is that Mortons fault too
  5. u need to see how many times Morton is left 2 on 1
  6. I would have thought every Sat was a good un for Marquis
  7. Now I may just be a bit naive but it seems to me that the turn around in the teams fortunes seemed to happen when the fans started having a go? or was that just co incidence and it was some coaching masterstroke.If no one had said anything at Fev who knows what might or might not have happened.Personally I think GM has done a good job but some selections are baffling Crookes for eg.
  8. would like a centre or a tackle busting second row (for you middle aged ones someone like a Dean Hall in his prime )
  9. I wasn't there and couldn't comment about it however I would hope it wasn't the only basis for Glenns half time teamtalk,
  10. Would leave out Crookes,Wildie,Haggerty and Thacks but Glenn will probably leave out Morton,Glover and Farrel again and in light of our problems at centre I expect another number 9 to be signed
  11. Going by reports on twitter the game has involved the usual sendings off and sin binnings for Hock, nothing changes I so hope they goto Super League out of the way
  12. Poor performances week after week and its clear that we are in desperate need of 1 if not 2 centres.The coach doesn't seem to be able to inspire the team to better things and the lack of on field ideas is mesmerising.
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