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  1. SCHOOLS RUGBY LEAGUE PROGRAMME EXPANDED IN NETHERLANDS 24th September 2015 After a successful first year, the Netherlands Rugby League Bond (NRLB) has begun the second year of their rugby league school programme. It is led my national head coach Kane Krlic and consists of delivering introductory sessions to participants aged between 7-18, while also providing resources and training opportunities for teachers. Last year, the NRLB worked with just under 500 students and have the targeted an ambitious 1000 for this academic session. “In the first year, it was very much a pilot. We needed to see how the students, teachers and parents responded to the sport,” said Krlic. “After receiving high praise, we quickly realized the need to fully roll out the programme. Most of our work is targeted in areas which are completely new to rugby. In Harderwijk, for example, where the Gemeente (council) and local schools have been very supportive of our development, due to the fantastic response we have set up a new team within the area, the Harderwijk Dolphins RLFC.” Krlic continued, “We have the objective that the club will be made up of players who have been introduced through this programme and that is a key factor which will allow us to grow and create a stronger sport within the Netherlands.” One of the schools within Harderwijk, Christelijk College Nassau-Veluwe, have been impressed with their student’s response. Head of Physical Education, Hilbert Docter explained: “If I am being honest, we weren’t sure what to expect when we agreed to have rugby league on the curriculum. None of our students had ever played before but the response has been fantastic. Kane has been working with both male and female students, aged from 12 to 18. Not only are they learning new skills, more importantly, they are enjoying playing something different. We hope some of our students go on to play for the Harderwijk Dolphins RLFC and who knows, maybe one day, they'll represent the national team.” http://www.rlef.eu.com/news/article/1134/schools-rugby-league-programme-expanded
  2. IN FORM GERMANS HOST NETHERLANDS 18th June 2015 Germany will be seeking to maintain their unbeaten run against the Netherlands when the sides meet in Gnarrenburg, north of Bremen, on Saturday. The match will be the third between the rivals, with Germany looking to build on their impressive recent win over Spain. Their squad shows few changes, with Wolfgang Polte and Max Froeschner replacing the UK-based Keinhorst brothers. “We are really looking forward to the game and the players putting into practice what we have been teaching them,” said co-coach and veteran German player Simon Cooper. “Myself and (co-coach) Bob Doughton were very pleased with the performance in Spain and we expect a similar level on Saturday. Our aim is to keep improving as individuals and as a team.” Cooper added, “It’s great for rugby league in Germany that of the 19 players named all but one live here. That helps us to build a solid platform and reward the commitment of those who often travel many hours to train and play rugby league. Mawuli Amefia has been chosen as the skipper and we believe he is the first black player to captain a German national team in any sport.” The Dutch, who are now under experienced coach Kane Krilic, have not won on the international stage since 2006, when they beat Serbia in a qualifying match for the 2008 Rugby League World Cup. “We are looking forward to testing ourselves against a very strong German team,” said Krilic. “We have talked about doing the small things well and then the bigger stuff will take care of itself. The team selected for this match is very different to the one we had against Belgium earlier in the year. Part of our development process is trying to evaluate as many players as possible within our international set up. “It’s important for us to put the right structures in place that allows us to have sustainable success in the future.” http://www.rlef.eu.com/news/article/1087/in-form-germans-host-netherlands
  3. http://www.rlef.eu.com/news/article/1087/in-form-germans-host-netherlands
  4. NETHERLANDS RUGBY LEAGUE RUN FIRST TRAINING CAMP 9th June 2015 In preparation for their forthcoming international in Germany (20 June), the Netherlands Rugby League national team has attended their first-ever two day training camp, hosted at 'de Horsterhoeve' in Ermelo, Head coach Kane Krlic said, “It has been a huge success, the amazing facilities allowed us to create the perfect environment for the players. The coaches used a variety of different training methods to test them both physically and mentally. Due to the players' work ethic and effort levels, all have shown remarkable signs of improvement over the course of the two days. We were able to monitor their development from start to finish by having a video analyst on site. That allowed us to not only give the players instant feedback but it also enabled the coaches to review every session to make sure our goals had been achieved.” Krlic added, “The camp gave us a great opportunity to work closely with the players on their individual needs. NRLB has taken an holistic view on the development of rugby league here. We have a long term approach to make sure the game is sustainable, which means we are not reliant on players from other sports. We don’t want to take any short cuts by selecting players that are not passionate about the development of the sport in the Netherlands. We want to develop and create our own homegrown players and give the sport an identity in the Netherlands." http://www.rlef.eu.com/news/article/1077/netherlands-rugby-league-run-first
  5. Final weekend. 3rd place play off- Amsterdam Cobras 22- 52 Rotterdam Pitbulls Grand final- North Brussel Gorillas 48 v 06 Den Haag Knights Att: 200 (Estimate)
  6. Round 3. Double header held at Den Haag: Den Haag Knights vs North Brussels Gorillas: 18 - 18 Rotterdam Pitbulls vs Amsterdam Cobra's: 52 - 16. https://www.facebook.com/rugbyleague.nl?fref=ts
  7. In Rotterdam on Saturday 2nd May 2015, marked the day the neighboring countries of The Netherlands & Belgium, took the field for the third time, to Battle it out for the Jerommeke Cup / Coupe du Jerome, in our annual cross border International clash. With Belgium winning the last two times that The Netherlands & Belgium met & coming off a convincing win over Czech Republic (50 - 12) a month earlier, the Belgium team were bound to be a tough side to beat, coming off with a convincing win of 60 - 12 at full time. The Dutch side boasting 7 debutants, where for most of them playing only their second game of Rugby League ever after playing their first game in the BNRL Championship in the previous weeks. Even though a win was not to be, NRLB Development Officer Jason Bruygoms said: "Obviously a win is what we always would like to achieve & all credit to the Belgium side as the better side won on the day, but from a development point of view, we are following a long term plan which means our main focus is on domestic rugby league, this is the first time we have had strict rules in place where players have to be registered with a local Dutch club in order to be selected to represent their country. We the NRLB believe that this is the way forward in building a strong foundation for the future of Dutch Rugby League". Nederlandse Head coach Kane Krlic had this to say following Saturdays game: "No one ever wants to lose but we also need to be realistic. We went into this game with just two training sessions against a very strong Belgium team with some experienced Rugby League players. We started very slow and sloppy but the second half finished 12-12, which gave the boys some belief for the future. Take nothing away from the Belgians though, they played some nice Rugby League. We have put plans in place to develop the game in the Netherlands and make it sustainable, this might mean our national team will take one step backwards to take two steps forwards but we are fully confident this is the correct way to take us forward. By us focusing our efforts into developing our domestic competition we hope in time this will have a knock on effect. Not only increasing our player pool but also increasing the standard. Already this season our player pool has nearly tripled, if we can continue with this development then the future looks every exciting"
  8. Nederlandse National XIII team announced to face Belgium XIII in this Saturday's International match: 1 Fullback – Jededaih Timisela – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 2 Right Wing – Thijs van Der Zouwen – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 3 Right Centre – Daan van Rossum – Amsterdam Cobra's Rugby League Club 4 Left Centre – Devin Schutte – Den Haag Knights Rugby League 5 Left Wing – Evert van Bochove – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 6 Stand Off / Five-eighth – Uri Breman – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 7 Scrum Half / Half back- Thomas Laauwen – Amsterdam Cobra's Rugby League Club 8 Prop – Emerson de Werk – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 9 Hooker – Jason Bruygoms – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 10 Prop – Bonne Wilce – Den Haag Knights Rugby League 11 Second Row – Patrick Neuteboom – Den Haag Knights Rugby League 12 Second Row – Paul Dirkzwager – Den Haag Knights Rugby League 13 Loose Forward / Lock forward – Remco Vrasdonk – Den Haag Knights Rugby League Interchange 14 – Gerbert van Bochove – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 15 – Joost Van der Wiel – Den Haag Knights Rugby League 16 – Patrick Ufkes – Amsterdam Cobra's Rugby League Club 17 – Jorge Vazquez – Rotterdam Pitbulls RLFC 18 – Marijn Steenland – Amsterdam Cobra's Rugby League Club The NRLB head coach Kane Krlic had this to say about the upcoming match: ""This is a really exciting step forward in our development. Its the first time we've ever picked a team from 3 different clubs. As a bond we have made a conscious decision to concentrate on our domestic competition, increase the player pool and make the game sustainable in the Netherlands. The Belgium's are a very strong team, as their recent results have shown. They invest a lot of time into their national team and that hard work looks like it is paying off. For us, this game wont be deemed a succes or a failure on whether we win or lose but by achieving the targets we have set as a team. Its part of our long term development process" The game kicks off Saturday 2nd May - 16:30 at Rotterdamse Rugby Club, Duivenpad 12, 3055 VE, Rotterdam
  9. Over 600 Dutch children get a taste of Rugby League. http://www.rlef.eu.com/news/article/1045/over-600-dutch-children-get
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