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  1. Not about naming names. Tom just tried to message you but with no luck.
  2. Some fair points there tbh, thanks. And I hope you're right about Sawyer. I don't think it's fair that people solely blame Morrison now he's gone. It is Sawyer's club and many will have made him aware of the poor recruitment. Id also like to add that myself and some others I used to speak to at the games had offered their assistance with marketing and media and they were politely told no thank you. Not by Sawyer I'll add that. Disappointing really.
  3. Truth hurts. Oxford, Hemel, Newcastle and South Wales. The minibus better have plenty of fuel and a good set of tyres.
  4. Cheers! Is there a point on spending money on a half back? I just can't see a way of us staying up - it's near impossible. Wilsden what a throw a way comment that is. Keyboard Warrior. For one I do not believe there's money for a half back, and even if there is why have we found this after the season has started. He didn't need telling from a jumped up keyboard warrior that the squad lacked creativity. At this fans forum, was there any mention of where the new development has gone? I no it wasn't in a lump sum but IMO OF COURSE, I think Sawyer has personally done well out of these new developments and sacking Morrison was just a reminder to us that he's still around and hasn't forgotten about his hobby of running a club into the ground.
  5. No I didn't, because I have a lot better things to do and call me what you want but I won't be going anywhere near the stadium until I see investment in the playing squad. We joked about hookers and no half backs but the club are the but of all jokes now. No wins, and our players allergic to the try line. And you suggest I should spent £40 on a sunday watching that? Or miss Emmerdale to listen to empty promises? I won't be the only person that feels like this.
  6. Why doesn't Sawyer see what the fans see? The club enjoy some success and some say over achieved but we don't build on this. Other clubs spend to achieve similar or surpass our success in a competitive league. But we don't invest in the team to improve. Supporters see and hear about homes being built, as well as other facilities and are told this will bring in further income and investment into the playing squad. Yet no real investment. We tried with reserves but perhaps let down by the system but not to worry because once that was scrapped fans would think and feel that money will go towards strengthening our first team squad. It doesn't happen. Batley spend a little more as they look to capitalise on the likes of Fev, Sheff, and Fax failing to really secure a top 4 place year in year out. It pays off and now they are seen as a big team in the league with no fear of playing in league one in 2018 and show heart to comeback when the chips are down. We lose players like Wildie and Thacks with no replacements, but if you drive past Owl Lane on an evening you can see families in their new homes and people playing on the courts. The likes of BSJ might say what if Batleys gamble didn't pay off. Yet how bad could it have got? No wins in the league, no real quality players, dwindling crowds and a club that no damn well they are down in L1? In a time in rugby league where Wakefield Trinity don't have a home and people are discussing clubs disappearing or moving and licences being sold, I fear for little Dewsbury Rams with their cute stadium. Sawyer has lost the plot and whilst I agree with Morrison going it was an impossible task from the moment we didn't sign quality players in important positions. Utter disgrace and the club are under extreme risk of disappearing when the crowds dwindle in league one and the select group of players that are championship quality leave.
  7. Wakefield Ram I understand what you say about GM and how he is backed by Sawyer. But what about the dwindling number of fans who refuse to watch the dross coming from the red amber and black. Its a vicious cycle we find ourselves in. Lack of investment when we had modest crowds has led to GM and the team not performing, fans refuse to pump any money into the club because they are unhappy about the coach and the performances. One has to give way and I don't believe one try in three games is the way to get fans back. As a gambling man and businessman Sawyer must know the saying 'you have to speculate to accumulate.' GM will get another job because of results he has produced in the past but we need the Neil Warnock of rugby league to work with a squad on a shoe string budget. I haven't a clue who that guy is.
  8. Autocorrect but you knew my point. The post wasn't about your team thought so no need to comment really.
  9. Absolutely disgusting. You fans that support GM and MS lack of investment in vital positions should go home tonight, sit in your armchair and ask yourself 'is what I am doing helping the club I support?' Loyalty is one thing but waking up and smelling the coffee is another. It's easy to get caught up in the first week. Oldham winning, Swindon just losing to London but 46-0 with dual reg players away at the club many tipped to finish bottom. Laughing stock. I will not attend another game whilst GM is in charge and whilst we don't have a recognised half back that will improve our team. Sheffield apparently not got two bob to rub together yet have three half backs. You have to laugh.
  10. marketram


    And you think that's right? Different sports or not, if you fall into administration there should be a severe consequence. It happened to the the two above sports clubs Phil named. Bradford have been skating on the thinnest of thin ice for years. And yes it's sad but rugby league in this country is trying to expand by bringing in new teams but we're still pussy footing around teams like Bradford, Sheffield, bending the rules for them to stay in the champ. RFL should cut their budget, perhaps control it themselves like what's happening at Durham and stick them in league one. Not saying expel them from cup competitions because that's defeating the object but end of the day, Bradford especially, they'll still be able to sign good enough players because of their history, and Sheffield too that extent and get back up. Enough is enough.
  11. Sheffield Eagles I also hear Jordan Tansey will be joining him.
  12. Batley put the knife in and I think Liam Finn has just twisted it. The chances of us getting a half back from Wakey have just got slimmer. Liam Finn has joined a team in the championship.
  13. I tend to refer to recent posts not always the first one. But do you seriously believe we will finish 8th? We all speak like 8th is an achievement. What a time to be a Dewsbury Rams fan.
  14. Someone must have reported his post for being inappropriate
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