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  1. It would seem a bit odd RL having a team that represents Great Britain when RL is a regional M62 sport and would be full of players that originate from the M62 and not UK-wide. The concept was blatantly nicked from RUs Lions and, as in the 'Four Nations' being copied from RUs 'Five/Six Nations', just smacks of RL riding on Unions coat-tails.
  2. You make some good points but 2 years ago nearly 400,000 people watched the British & Irish Lions in Australia so to say the trend isn't one nation doesn't always apply.
  3. No idea who he/she is. Are people saying the facts as they are so rare on this forum that when someone does, they are called 'dutoni'? If you want to stick your head in the sand like Collier and pretend international RL can be successful in Scotland and Wales then crack on in your fools paradise
  4. Professional RL can't even break out of the M62 in England so how will it ever be big enough to produce Welsh and Scottish-born players to compete at the highest level? It's a regional minority sport in England and big in 2 states in Aus, unless the NRL is going to bankroll the entire international game for the next 20 years it will always be a sport full of joke 'heritage' teams.
  5. You got a cheek. On the Sussex Merlins thread you are gushing with praise about them yet they are playing at a Union clubs ground, playing a game (RL 9s) that is blatantly coped from Unions Rugby7s, yet in your eyes Josh Jones is now a sporting leper? Why aren't you calling for the Merlins to be outcasts for getting into bed with RU? You bang on about how evil RU is yet you are quite happy to borrow their clubhouses, pitches and even copy their ideas. If i despised someone I wouldn't ask to borrow their car. Not if i had principles anyway.
  6. There was a London team that played over 12 times a season in Superleague for years and it never caught on, attendance-wise or commercially, so this is a pointless exercise. RL will never be big in London.
  7. Eastmond said last week he has fallen 'in love' with Union and has no intention of coming back. You won't get any half-decent RU players coming to RL as we haven't got an International game that can ever compare with theirs. Even though our marquee player rule is blatantly nicked from Unions marquee player rule, they can pay alot more than RL because of their cash revenues.
  8. Some people on this thread should really get out more. A wolrdwide conspiracy against RL, a lockdown against RL by the BBC, media cover-ups against RL. I'm sorry to break the news to some on here but in the real world RL just isn't that important, if it was such a threat to RU then RU forums would have threads about RL and the danger it poses to them but (unlike this forum with it's obsession on all things RU) they never talk about RL. What does that tell you?
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