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  1. But we now follow the NRL model of best out of three.
  2. I had a good chat with Steve Ganson at Headingley the other week when covering Leeds v Castleford. He basically said the reason for the two video referee system is that regardless of the on field referees original decision, with two video referees you either get a vote of 3-0 or 2-1 after reviewing the video evidence. He did say that they would be a thorough root and cause investigation at the end of the season to see if the system (we use the same one as the NRL) is workable and delivering the right decisions.
  3. Being a bit pedantic is your only issue. Less than 300 seats out of 74,239 tickets sold isn't a problem in my eyes.
  4. You and your obsession with tickets. Of the less than 500 tickets that remain, how many are single seats?
  5. Referee: Ben Thaler (Wakefield) Touch Judges: Tony Martin and James Child Video Referees: Richard Silverwood and Phil Bentham. Excellent appointment as Ben follows in the footsteps of Russell Smith and Richard Silverwood in officiating both the Challenge Cup Final and Super League Grand Final in the same year.
  6. I've just forwarded this idea on to the powers that be at Red Hall. Excellent opportunity to certainly sellout the Test Matches at Hull and Wigan.
  7. Snap. Great news to see the end of season showpiece sellout.
  8. My source was direct from the RFL, I wasn't told 'off the record' hence why I tweeted it. Wigan to win for mine.
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