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  1. Vossy speculating that a number of Dragons cutouts had left early, absolutely priceless!!
  2. Two players mentioned on this thread clashed at Hull KR v Wigan. Bill Ashurst kicked through and appeared to be taken down by Frank Foster but the referee, a Mr Eric Clay indicated Ashurst had dived and just restarted play with a 25 tap. As a result of this clumsy dive he lost 4 teeth and had 18 stitches inserted in his mouth. Tough times indeed!
  3. I think I am right in saying that Lance Todd is buried in Wigan Cemetery. When Matty Smith won the trophy he was pictured in the local paper putting flowers on his grave, which is a quite impressive headstone.
  4. Samy Kibula I think was born in The Peoples Republic of Congo.
  5. I was lucky enough to be at the 9s and saw the Kelsey Gentles tackle but for me the memorable part was the reception she got. Shortly afterwards she was substituted and came off on the opposite side of the pitch and as she made her way back to the bench she received a tremendous ovation from the crowd every step of the way.
  6. He will also benefit from a full pre season as he was with the U19s at the start of the season. He was qualified for the U19s Grand Final but was required elsewhere but Wigan still managed to win it in an excellent curtain raiser to the Salford game.
  7. The W1GAN plate belonged to John Martin who for a time was a director at Wigan. He owned the Riverside club at the front of Central Park.
  8. I attended many of the previously mentioned ones but one not mentioned was Bradford v Wigan playoff game which Bradford led 30 6 in the second half but Wigan came back to win 31 30 with a Pat Richards drop goal.
  9. Going back to the topic title I would just point out that Flower couldn't have played in 3 of those years as he was suspended in 2014, had not played since June in one year with a ruptured achilles and played in a Grand Final with a hand heavily strapped which was operated on immediately afterwards. It doesn't negate any of the points made previously but perhaps gives a bit of background.
  10. I heartily agree with the sentiments contained in this post. I wish the RFL had the ambition of their predecessors who took the risk of taking it to Wembley in 1929. Just one more point this year will be the 90th anniversary of the first final at Wembley and although not a major one thought it might have warranted a mention somewhere.
  11. Sheffield Eagles are at the Olympic Legacy Park with temporary stand and toilets for this season and work is expected to start on the permanent stand towards the end of the season. The work is hoped to be finished in the early part of 2019 season when the whole Eagles operation will be based at the stadium.
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