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  1. I can confirm they are both not true. All of our directors are still in place and we are still based at the Etihad. For clarification, our Directors are all shareholders of the club.
  2. Hi Darren, I have sent you a message with some information regarding your points!
  3. This is incorrect, our academy is exactly that and is a completely separate entity to our Open age and MMU Uni side. The full time academy will train 4 days a week, during the day at Platt Lane whilst also studying for qualifications taught by The Manchester College teachers. They will be playing in AOC Leagues and we are working towards inclusion under the RFL Category C Academy, but quite rightly we need to prove the concept works first. The academy do not train at the same time as the open age, though they are welcome to attend evening sessions should they wish, there is no obligation. The academy is not a college team/uni team/NWML team, it's an Academy. We ARE actively running an academy and all the press releases made to date clearly explain that.
  4. Salford are a key partner for us and we work very closely with them to ensure the development plan for the city of Manchester is the best it can be. They work extremely well in the Salford district and also in Trafford with some coaching in Manchester but don't have the resources to provide wide scale coaching. Salford are a key partner for us and we work very closely with them to ensure the development plan for the city of Manchester is the best it can be. Without ourselves and Mancunians coaching in the local schools and signposting to clubs the reality is there would be less Rugby League development within the city. As someone not originally from Manchester the athletic potential of young people in this area is extraordinary and could prove invaluable to Rugby League. Salford and Manchester are both very different and independent cities.
  5. We have already identified potential player streams and the formation of our full time academy is also part of this. We have some players who can make the step up and we can further strengthen around them. Toronto have assembled a squad from scratch and what a squad it is. We don't want to just sign players, that's not what the club is about we are working hard, and have been for a number of years, to develop local Manchester based talent.
  6. No, this is a completely independent set up, Manchester Knights folded a number of years ago before we had formed.
  7. We will have no problem financially, we have the necessary procedures in place to ensure that we will remain sustainable at an increased level of expenditure. Yes the step up is a big one and we will look to strengthen the playing squad as required. We have everything in place to compete at League 1 level should the RFL accept the application, we have been in discussion for over 2 years and the application submitted in the last couple of months. It's not something that has happened overnight, there has been an awful lot of planning to reach this point.
  8. Potentially, although not knowing the set up over there I wouldn't want to speak too much from a point of ignorance. One thing the model is good for, is bringing in new players to the sport who may have some required attributes and giving them a minimum 2 years of development time in a regular setting. If there could be a number of colleges/universities and clubs developing something similar, I don't see why it wouldn't work in any area. The more you train and practice the better you will become so it certainly can't do any harm.
  9. Personally, I think it could be great for Open Age RL. It will essentially provide a player stream through into the community game, for those who aren't good enough to make it pro. Players in Manchester can sometimes have tremendous athletic ability but little experience of the game, these are the types of players who will benefit greatly from being in the system and will then be able to transition into community RL. It's an ambitious goal but we would love to keep every academy player involved with the game post programme, whatever level that may be at. Whilst Mancunians aren't directly involved with the partnership, it would of course make sense to signpost any players based in their catchment area to their club. Ultimately, the goal is developing Manchester based Rugby League players and growing the sport in our city amongst an age demographic where traditionally you see large drop off rates.
  10. Yes, the relationship essentially brings together all 3 organisations. The students study and gain qualifications at The Manchester College, Manchester Rangers provide the coaching and run the Rugby League side, whilst Manchester Metropolitan University facilities and expertise are utilised in specialist areas.
  11. Category 3 status is something which we will be working towards and is a goal for the academy. We will be running the programme as if we are already at that level but will be playing in the AOC NW Leagues. For example, the players will be training full time i.e. 4 days a week with games on Wednesdays and will receive nutrition, strength & conditioning and physio & rehab alongside use of video analysis. The Under 18s team in NW Youth Leagues is certainly an option we can look at, however that is something we would need to look at dependent upon the group of players we assemble.
  12. We have submitted a full application to join League 1, it is with the RFL for consideration.
  13. We are delighted to announce the launch of our full time academy from September 2017, in partnership with The Manchester College and Manchester Metropolitan University. The academy will create the first pathway from education to the professional game within the city of Manchester., due to the Rangers close working partnerships with a number of Super League clubs. Students will gain qualifications studying at The Manchester College whilst training full time at the impressive Platt Lane Sports Comlex, former home of Manchester City and now the base of MMU Sport. Upon completion of their course, students will have the opportunity to interview for a sports scholarship with Manchester Metropolitan University. For more information, please see the article below: http://www.manchesterrangers.co.uk/announcement-rangers-launch-innovative-partnership-with-the-manchester-college-and-manchester-metropolitan-university/
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