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  1. Fryston didnt do themselves any favours yesterday with there disipling and its mad to think that all of there players have played ncl level or even higher and now there season over most will go play ncl but as long as there playing pennine league rugby nothing will change cos it is just pub rugby and that showed yesterday just like to say a big well done to hunslet there a top team
  2. Come on fans lets just give both teams respect for been in the final and as for fryston been a pub team it dont say much for keighly who they should of beat and as for todays game if they won this would they still be labled a pub team?
  3. I think this weeks game will be a cracker and one not to be missed fryston would certainly hold there own in ncl 1 they show year in year out in national cups and challenge cup games there capable of beating ncl teams i think fryston beat normanton in challenge cup so for me this weeks game is more than evenly matched
  4. I think the result would be same hullfan fryston still had 4 quality players missing for that final and they dont have confrence players all the squad mainly live in airedale and all have played there junior rugby at fryston or redhill if some decide to go else were after the season thats there choice
  5. Its not a joke pal am sure barla will sort the situation the problem is teams try and use fryston past at present there coached really well and there miles infront of other teams in league am sure this will damper there chance of application for ncl rugby
  6. North hull knights should never play again discrace to game they was wantin trouble from when the got of bus fryston were really discipline and put on a very good perfomence
  7. I dont think its anything like banned players this time its a unfit pitch iv heard fryston seems a differnt team this year very dicaplined with a new coach who got them playing really well
  8. I hope queens dont give the game away with them really struggling for numbers
  9. Good draw should be some intresting games which team favourite to lift this cup
  10. Does anyone no when the draws made for next round
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