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  1. As a regular attendee at BF, thought there was between 3000 and 3500 there. Ground coped very well and looked great. Oldham played brilliantly for the first 25 minutes before Warringtons size and full-time fitness began to tell. They looked very good. Nice touch by Tony Smith at the end when he shook all the Oldham players hands. Our win against Leeds didn't help so no dual reg but perhaps it wouldn't have made any difference and, in a way, it was good that your lads got the chance to play. Hang in there - those there know how well you played.
  2. Felt sorry for your great support and supporters this aft. Was a hell of a game for a neutral and my pal, who's never been an RL game before, has probably been hooked for life. Oldham are a side and deserved it - just. Perhaps Kruise Leeming was the difference? Good luck for the rest of the season
  3. Great win, fantastic game. Took a mate to his first ever RL game and he was jumping up and down like a an idiot when you scored the winning try. Thankfully, we play Friday so got a ticket for the Warrington game today
  4. Hope you're all coming? 45 minutes direct train link then a ten foot walk to one of the country's very best pubs. What's not to like? Ground has a curry house attached and I'm sure the lads there will be doing pre-match specials.
  5. Well you'd better start saving up Dave as you will be playing them very soon!! Premier sports tonight at half-seven may help answer some questions.
  6. Vegas Giant

    cup draw

    It'd better be on a different day than Giants v Leeds. Otherwise a v difficult choice! Can't agree with BBC TV choice. Nonsense!
  7. You're going to get us (The Giants) hopefully at the Fold. That would be brilliant. Whatever happens, I hope you get a SL club at home and hopefully, with the right marketing and publicity, there should be a great crowd on, hopefully something approaching the gate all those years ago against Stains. 4000plus and it absolutely ###### down! Now is your time.
  8. The observations of your speccies about the ground here in Stalybridge is very positive. Given the way you are playing and the three teams you have already beaten, there seems more than a good chance you will stay up. As BF is quickly turning into a bit of a fortress and Whitebank remains unsuitable, do you think the BF sharing arrangement is likely to be continued? If so, working with the local schools around here might be very beneficial.
  9. Absolutely fantastic result! Calamity for Rervers but magnificent for the Championship. Hope you get my lot at BF in the next round. SKY might have it on the telly.. Mason and Josh Johnson had fantastic games against Wire Las night. Mason came of age squaring up to Sims and Hill and not taking a backward step so suspect they may not be available for you in CC.
  10. Snow is melting rapidly here and for the third Celtic/Roughyeds weekend in succession, Celtic's match is off. The comment about clearing the terraces is a valid one. Just wondered who's going to do all the clearing?
  11. You're absolutely right. This is definitely a big game and plenty of people around here are talking about it. One thing that may have been lost on some of you lot is there are an awful lot of potential RL supporters in general and Oldham fans in particular here in Tameside. So while you're here, you could find yourselves a lot of new fans - especially if you can stay up.
  12. Still a lot of snow around here folks. Strongly suspect Celtic's game will be off as snow tends to linger in the pitch. Might need some of you up here early to help clear the pitch..
  13. Vegas Giant


    Kells have played at Bower Fold before - in the FA Cup. Celtic beat them in the First Round (equivalent of the 3rd Round these days) in 1935-36. I'm sure the home team will triumph on this occasion also!
  14. Vegas Giant


    Bloody Hell! If you get them in the next round, me and the wife might come to that one. Especially if it means missing a Giants game... Toulouse is a cracking city and Minimes a great ground. Playing at a Rah Rah ground this season I believe whilst it's brought up to Superleague standard.
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