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  1. Bradford opened the area behind the sticks this year for 1 game as the other part of the ground had ice on it. So that would suggest it's safe.
  2. Really?? i have been up a few times with my son who is 8 and have always had to pay something for him.
  3. Not for a while, not even moved any earth on the site yet!!!
  4. https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2018/02/huge-retail-development-middle-yorkshire/
  5. They will be announcing something else at a guess.
  6. Well i bought mine after the announcement. It was said yesterday that we had sold 2400 season tickets. Target was 3000, so we might make it.
  7. Yeah you are correct. Looks like there won't be one at this rate!!
  8. Does he have a budget to being in player's that is the question?
  9. I for 1 are looking forward to league one next season. Get to see some new grounds. :-)
  10. I don't think they are rolling in money but why run an academy, why employ so many people. I just can't work it out. I forget his name (the guy from salford) commercial manager or what ever he is. Do any other league 1 sides employ a commercial manager. And Duffy!!! It just doesn't make sense.
  11. Thanks very much for that. Summert definitely doesn't sit right. Let's see what happens if it gets to court.
  12. I don't know how he is affording to run the club to start with never mind affording this? I just don't understand how the new club can be involved when surly it's the RFL who are in the wrong. They advertised for a new club in Bradford but they then bought the rights from the administrator to sell the the new owners!!!
  13. I have already bought mine, looking like it could be a waste of just over £200.00
  14. Heard on BCB that Mark Green on way back from Holiday early. Maybe for a sale
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