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  1. I have handed over a cheque for £75 today, which along with other sales of £30, takes the total to approx £255 since the appeal was made. Keep the donations of your old sporting memorabilia coming guys! John Spoor
  2. Hi Carl The surplus from the Gold Rush goes to the general running of the club which it obviously needs desperately at the moment to keep the day to day expenses up to date. We ring fenced the Super Lotto surplus to pay for the academy, youth development camps etc. Any increase from this source would, I hope, go towards giving Cresta the resources he requires for next season. An extra £1 per week is very welcome and helps make sure that we are here next year! Hope this helps! Many thanks for your donations again. John Spoor
  3. Hi Scott All subscriptions for the Super Lotto are by bank standing order, thus greatly reducing expenses. If you ring Jane at the shop on 824454, she will send you an application form to fill in and return, when she will take it to your bank, after a reference has been added. Many thanks for your interest. John Spoor
  4. Following recent contributions from Bryan Price and Gary Mark, along with earlier contributions from "Shipbuilder" and "TMF", I can report that I have just handed over cheques today to Karen Heighton totalling £150. I still have items to sell on, so this total will increase in the coming weeks. If any supporter has any unwanted sports programmes, memorabilia etc, then please leave in the Rugby Shop, Scott Street, and I will collect it from there. Many thanks to the above named individuals for their generous donations. At the EGM, Steve Neale mention the Super Lotto as a way of raising new funds. Supporters may remember that in a previous life, I introduced this £2 weekly lottery, firstly to raise funds for the new floodlights, and once they were installed, to promote the Youth Development and Academy team. This it continues to support for the future. However, whilst I was looking around the other RL clubs for ideas in 2013/14, this £2 lottery caught my eye because of the success it had at other clubs. For instance, when I spoke to the Halifax Lottery Manager, he said he had over 1000 members paying into their £2 one as well as over 4000 in their £1 one. The Workington Town £2 lottery was also well subscribed. They were intended for the genuine supporter of the club concerned, knowing that the money was going into player development, and not a financial black hole. So when supporters ask how other clubs' manage, this is one very good example. The attendance for the Toulouse game was just under 1000 which we can safely assume were our "hard core" supporters. If we can persuade half of those to invest in the Super Lotto(current membership was reported at 193 at the meeting), the we are well on our way to raising an extra £30,000 towards player development. Please call in to the Rugby Shop if you feel you can help. Many thanks for reading! John Spoor
  5. There were plans for a stadium on the old Steelworks site, and this was probably the very first proposal, but I cannot remember why that never materialised. I have always been in favour of a shared stadium for both clubs and the only time there was an actual vote was in the mid 1990's when the then RL board under the chairmanship of Steve Johnson proposed to sell Craven Park. This was defeated by the debenture holders - mainly because there was no plan to locate anywhere else. As far as I am aware, there has been no firm proposal since, and I do not suppose there will be any in the near future, mainly because of changed circumstances. However, never say never! TMF - I have managed to sell some of the 1980's programmes, but have struggled with the recent ones. I am still on the lookout for programme fairs in the area to try and sell them that way. John Spoor
  6. TMF's comment "I also think in the past there hasn't been some serious discussion" cannot be further from the truth. In the late 1980's and early 1990's there were several proposals put forward for ground sharing or new stadiums - all of which fell by the wayside for one reason or another. The two that I remember the best were the proposal of selling both grounds(worth approx £15 million combined in those days for retail) and the building of new back to back stadiums on the site by the reservoir in Schneider Road. I was shown the plans for this project which included bowling greens, tennis courts and squash courts. This scheme was turned down by the council on the grounds that the developer's figures "did not add up" and that they had their own scheme in mind by Cavendish Dock, which was then scuppered by the discovery of asbestos. The second scheme was the Bill McCullough/Bill Pears plan to sell Craven Park and develop Holker Street by lengthening the pitch, building new grandstands and installing floodlights to use the training pitch for reserve/A team games etc. An EGM of the rugby club was planned but was eventually withdrawn because of the anger caused by the proposal. I remember meeting the late, great Ray Wilkie on a couple of occasions to discuss this project and remember him saying that Barrow AFC were going nowhere whilst they were playing at their current Ground, despite the fact that they had just won the FA Trophy in 1990. How prophetic those words were! At this moment in time, I cannot see it moving further unless Paul Casson wishes it to - after all, it is he or his company that owns Barrow AFC, not Asda. After his day then perhaps? Also, the value of both sites wil have diminished greatly from those days as retail sites. It would be interesting to see what the current value is for retail or housing. John Spoor .
  7. TMF I will be in the Rugby Shop this Wednesday at 10.00am if you wish to bring them in then and I will have a quick look whilst you are there. If not, then leave contact details with Jane or Tracey and I will get back to you. I am looking forward to seeing them! John Spoor
  8. Morning Carl The answer is yes! I will take anything like this and if unable to shift it will take it to a charity shop myself! There is always somebody who wants something! TMF - the answer to your question is that if I can see that a collection is valuable then I will tell you! I have sold several collections in the past few years and passed on the proceeds to the owners but asked them politely if they would like to make a contribution to the club, which without fail they have done. I have built up several contacts and sometimes can sell stuff without resorting to e-bay as I know that these collectors want these items. The other thing to mention is that the RL charity - RLCares are attempting to create a national RL Programme archive - every professional RL club programme since the Second World War. Ex RL CEO Nigel Wood starterd this scheme with his own 20000 programme collection and I am in the process of handing well over 150 Barrow and other club programmes to this archive, along with other items that have been donated over the years. I hope this answers the questions! John Spoor
  9. Thanks to "Shipbuilder" and other supporter's donations, I have given Jane a cheque for £100 this morning to go into the Ground Development Fund. This is going towards the cost of water supply, sink, inlet boiler and pie oven for the refreshment kiosk by the main turnstile, which will mean that the club are able to sell pies on both sides of the ground once having satisfied the essential h & s and food standard requirements. Keep the programmes and other items coming and you will be able to see what a difference it can make! John Spoor
  10. Many thanks to Shipbuilder. I picked up your donation this morning and am currently sorting them into the best selling order. If anybody else wants to clear out their collections, then leave them in the Rugby Shop, and I will pick them up from there, or leave your details with Jane and I will call round to your house. Anything is accepted - RL, soccer, speedway programmes, metal pin badges etc. All profits are donated to the Ground Development Fund. John Spoor
  11. Hi Shipbuilder I take anything sporting as I have built up a number of contacts in other sports over the years! I am in the shop next Monday if you can get in before then. Thanks for your donation! John Spoor
  12. Thanks Jane. I can confirm that I still have all my contacts to sell on old programmes etc, and in the last 12 months have raised just short of £400 which has been donated into the Ground Development Fund. Please contact Jane in the Rugby Shop if you require anything picking up from your home, and I will call round to collect them, and give you a quick value. This includes other sports programmes - not just rugby league. John Spoor
  13. Although I have been retired for 2 years now, it was my understanding that there could be no incentives, discounts, free tickets etc for a shared gate like this match is. However, this may have changed since then, in which case I stand corrected! John Spoor
  14. After seeing first hand the problems Cresta had last week trying to get 17 players to Toronto, then today was Cresta's day! He is now a winning coach as well as being a good coach! Nobody deserves it more! Well done to all the players, coaches etc. A well deserved piece of silverware! John Spoor
  15. Random thoughts 24 hours after the event! 1. Any new club/area to Rugby League that can attract over 7,000 spectators for its second game on a public holiday week-end has to be taken seriously! That said, I was surrounded by Canadians who have believed the hype that this team are going to be winners! All around me thought that Barrow were a full time team. When I informed them that Jarrad Stack had travelled for 4 hours to the airport plus a 7 hour flight after a 12 hour night shift, they started to realise! More information needed I think! There is no doubt about it, the atmosphere in the ground and organisation in the stadium were superb - beer fest tents, several people selling cold cans to those in the crowd, and the shooting of hot dogs into the crowd at half time was a hoot! However, because of the visa issues(I won't go into that!) and the uneven fixture list, this season is not going to be a level playing field, and it is for this reason that the Wolfpack are not going to be popular in this country. In hindsight, perhaps they should have been parachuted into the Championship, if all knew they we're going to be a full time outfit? It would not have been popular but it would have given another League 1 side a chance of promotion. It will be interesting to see how this develops. Once in a higher and much more competitive league, will the Wolfpack command this support if they are not top dog any more? I could go on with more thoughts but I will leave you all with this! Toronto and Niagara Falls one week-end, Blackpool and the Pleasure Beach next week-end. It could only happen in Rugby League! John Spoor
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