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  1. Yes it does tell you something, Barla do not have a say how the Youth & Juniors run so the playing leagues have the option of administrating the game to see how this would make it better and get more players back in the game. It is not too bad with juniors but youth has all but gone at 17`s & 18`s now and many teams pack in at 16 when the super league teams take their best players to use then throw them back. Marauder my name is Paul you can guess my second name and i am a member of a big club in Yorkshire that runs all levels of Rugby and like yourself i am very passionate about the game at all levels and Yes Hull is in Yorkshire but run there own winter league and have the licence for winter rugby in Hull not Yorkshire. Everybody is saying the Yorkshire Mens League is the best thing going, every week there is 20-25 games sceduled and if you look at the results only 8-13 is played and thats week in week out, guess winter rugby has not worked well for 100 plus years. Players leaving winter clubs as nothing to play for at the end of the season so the winter club packs in and near the end of the Summer season they leave that club to go winter. clubs are packing in as they have no players left. The world is changing and sport is changing with it.
  2. It was sent out to every District League and the my district league sent it to all clubs and was talked about by our district league. Even the Yorkshire Juniors sent the membership out and they were the first to leave Barla. The scheme is for £25 which all TEAMS within Barla used to pay at the beginning of the season, this is in the Barla handbook, Now they are trying to do it for the whole club. cant understand what all the fuss is about, everyone slags them down for not doing anything then when they do they get slagged down. i have come to the conclusion that all the anti barla/RFL on here are like a set of old washer women thinking on how to bring them or the RFL down and spreading romours. The great game of Rugby League is on its knees as it is and getting worse. In the next 5 years half the youth teams will not exist and with the pro/semi pro teams struggling (York, Sheffield) and a few others we will see a big decline in the once great sport. The game has changed since 1973 as all others sports has, a decline in people playing due to education, weekend work commitments and Summer rugby. Summer rugby was an idea to stop the kids playing in bad weather but now they are all at either football or many are at Rugby Union with better clubs and facilities than possibly their own and are not coming back. Pity people cant go forward instead of slagging everyone down.
  3. You forgot Super League who have there own franchise, they are killing the game off faster than the RFL or Barla ever could.
  4. No idea when they are, i dont have much to do with Yorkshire county.
  5. This was changed many years ago and it states you have to play for your County before any international selection. the district leagues intertown packed in due to nobody wanting to play for there district leagues. its hard enough getting people to turn up for a club match now.
  6. alot of teams and good clubs have gone too mate and many more will go before long, we have 5 u18`s in Yorkshire that are struggling as we had 5 last year, thats players going in to 120 open age teams, not even 1 player per team for last 2 years. year before we had 8. still not enough and the youth are playing under the RFL. why not blame them when clubs, & HARD WORKING people leave the game. They run ALL Rugby league in the Country. everyone signed up to them so the RFL could get all the money. my club is dropping fast even at junior level. Kids at school or collage now till 18 is a big input. I know Barla are not the best and neither are the RFL but I cant understand why people that sit on the fence and slag everyone down, why dont you all join Barla or the RFL and put your mouth and idea`s in to action there. be in it to change it.
  7. Apart from the £65 savings the players can play in the County & International games, i can see why the NCL was against their players playing for Barla Internationals when they are not a member of Barla and under the RFL and the same with the Youth & Juniors, no matter what anybody says all the youth and open age have signed the Operational rules so are now under the RFL, each playing league can have their own rules but all child welfare, referee abuse (asault) Appeals are RFL. Barla could tell all clubs years ago that this weekend nobody was playing and nobody did, thats when all amateurs were under the same roof. Barla can have a say about Youth & Juniors at meetings but do not have a vote as was stated in the Barla minutes. Back to the main topic, if a club is a member of Barla any of there U17`s, 19`s or open age is eligable for County and International which the NCL was trying to stop.
  8. Sorry mate but every amateur player and club are under the RFL, once your league has signed the operational rules you run under the RFL, child welfare, referee`s and rules. The Pennine League have just sent out a statement that they will be paying all Yorkshire & National cup fee`s now for clubs under them. Think the Coach was right, this forum is ME, ME & ME and sod the rest. If everyone got together and sorted themselves to work for the good of the game then why does many on here slag everyone else off for doing a job they are not paid to do, Slag the RFL as they are killing the game and they get paid to kill it. I will ask again but cant see me getting an answer, Why does people want to get rid of Barla and set up a new organisation for amateur rugby when everything at that side of the Pennines is all great, ??? If your league is running well why change it.
  9. The Lancashire cup is run by who ? NWC ? we would still save money in the National cup and our players will be able to play County and International for Barla. Barla have not said you have to take this up but our club wishes to. If you are outside you cant moan.
  10. We have junior teams that enter the Yorkshire Cup and an open age team that does too as well as entering the National cup at all age groups, The Juniors depending on how many enter is £5 each, the open age is £15 for Yorkshire cup and National Cup. if we have our open age enter both we are £5 better off and our juniors can enter the Yorkshire cup and National cup free of charge plus we can have 17`s 19`s and open age playing county and International matches. if this was last year we would have saved £65. any money is better than none. Plus more things are on the agenda to give member clubs as far as i am aware.
  11. i think i must agree with you terrywebbisgod. i thought i would be able to put my imput in after reading a pile of rubbish gossip murchants that seem to be trying there hardest to bring the game to it`s knees. Saying all is good at that side of the Pennines is great, dont think the NWC juniors think so with the RFL. All playing leagues at that side of the pennines are under the RFL so why worry yourselves about what Yorkshire, Humberside and the Pennine league are doing within Barla. I just wish to know when people are saying that Barla give nothing back apart from take money, I aint seen much money coming from the RFL or the NCL , in fact i dont see any playing league giving any money away. Barla run the Yorkshire cup and the National Cup, they dont run the NCL or the NWC or Cumbria and cant run Juniors and do not have a say how they are run, they have no option but to sit on the fence. The thread may have been started by a Cumbrian but streight talking is not quite right. people should read the statement that was in the rugby papers and on the Barla website/Facebook before gossiping and getting it wrong with hear say. ANY club that is a member of Barla is eligable to enter Barla Cup`s and their players are eligable for Barla 3 Counties or International honours. Just the last thing, why if all at that side of the Pennines is so hunky dory, going well, no problems then why is people talking about another organisation to run amateur rugby. ????
  12. hi wilber, i can see the points but my club has never had anything off Barla in 26 years of being with my club as clubs now that are under the RFL also get nothing off the RFL. i dont think the Barla chair is to blame, Barla had finished many years ago when leagues started to leave Barla including Barla allowing the NCL league to go on there own. maybe it is time for a new amateur organisation to come in place as the game is in dire streights at the moment. as far as i am aware of the Barla scheme it is trying to do things for the members, dont know if that will happen but if it saves my club any money that is good for us. i am not totally for Barla and not for RFL but i am for the amateur game and hope it does not keep going down hill as it is.
  13. if you run a club that obviously you dont then you would have got the paperwork through stating what the membership scheme was about, The Yorkshire Juniors have sent out telling ever body what the scheme allows them to do and as a secretary of a club that plays in both the Yorkshire juniors and Pennine League we will be taking the offer up. Why not read the in`s & out`s before writing stuff or why not email Phil Sharp (yes i know who he is) and ask Barla before putting gossip on.
  14. As a newbie to the RL forum and looking through the feeds which some are very good and proactive but it seems that many people are pro Barla and Pro RFL. if people put as much effort in to keeping the great game alive as they do with slagging everyone down then maybe the game will go forward instead of downhill like it is.
  15. The CMS Yorkshire league is nothing to do with Barla. it is the RFL that have said the do no longer have a licence as all the teams left and went to the Pennine league. the Pennine league now have the Winter licence for yorkshire area.
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