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  1. I have now reason to believe ( kindly supplied by a board member ) that my grandad played for St Helens recs ( 12 times ) in 1933. Final of the Lancs County Cup (Nov/Dec ) that year won by Oldham v St HR. Could that be where he won his ( losers ) medal ? Does anyone have a programme of that game for reference please ? Bill.
  2. DJ69 thanks for that info you are most kind. Do you know were I may be able to expand on this information ? Bill.
  3. Greetings fellow supporters. I discovered my granddad Walter Mason had been a rugby league player prior to WW2 . A Dunkirk veteran and sadly not still alive to ask some questions. After the war his rugby career was was over. The family always talked about the Lancashire League medal he had possibly won ( lost in the mists of time. ) I realise from some recent research that he probably played for Liverpool Stanley and I now realise 1936 was a relevant year for the team. Can anyone help me me with my historical search perhaps with a list of players from that era. My internet searches keep coming back full circle probably because the team , eventually went out of existence. He may also have played for St Helens Recs ? South Liverpool ? Halifax and had trials with Wigan ( they said not big enough ! ) Possibly a goal kicker. Thanks for any help in my quest.
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