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  1. Indeed that's why I said Widnes. The drainage issue was a cross between pipes under the stands and a collapsed bank on the thames
  2. Widnes was a home game as the drains under the cottage had collapsed.....
  3. London have had more grounds than shirts..... Since 1980 there's been home games played at: The Cottage, The Bridge, Widnes, Palace sports centre, Chiswick Poly, Wealsdon, Griffin Park, Hendon, Copthall Arena, The Valley, The stoop, Barnet 2 and now Ealing....we took games on the road to carcaison, Tynecastle, Leicester and Bridgened as well as Orient and Gillingham...not forgetting Hersham and Wycombe Ealing is a perfect ground for the club in its current incarnation, but once again, should they be in the top flight I suspect that they will return to Brentford, which was I am reliably informed was the only ground they called home where they actually grew attendances!
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