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  1. I'm going as a neutral for both days, bringing a mate from the Netherlands for the Sunday too - looking forward to it!
  2. From what I've picked up from various forums he's not too far off - fingers crossed anyway!
  3. It's given pretty big billing on this section of the Guardian website.
  4. I like that they've done this - regardless of if they are Mancunians or not. Its a great kit and I've ordered one even though I'm not a Salford supporter. I know it's only a fiver from each shirt that goes to the charity but hopefully this will sell well ?
  5. Cheers Dave, I had seen that but then when you select an area you get to choose "seats" from a grid with different ones highlighted red/green which made me think that it wasn't unreserved seating - I was after someone who has been to the bash before to clarify but seeing as it's unlikely to get anywhere near selling out I guess it's a moot point!
  6. I'm hoping someone here can be more helpful than the RFL twitter account - are the tickets for the summer bash for specific seats or do people just sit anywhere?
  7. Donated - best of luck to you guys! It's always nice to see the RL community come together.
  8. The Guardian seem to be talking about it, but unfortunately aren't quite sure what Lockers looks like...
  9. Just seen this on Instagram from Wigan. Love the home kit but not keen on the away.
  10. I'll second the recommendation for the Superleague Pod - best RL podcast I've been able to find.
  11. Not sure if I'm looking in the wrong place on that site but I can't see any info on pricing...
  12. Hi, anyone know how much tickets to this will be? I've managed to find out where it is and what time it kicks off (15:30 at Bok de Korverweg 6a, Amsterdam) but the rest eludes me! Cheers!
  13. Think I prefer that to the England kit tbh
  14. Gonna come along this Sunday - will be nice to see how many other neutrals show up in support
  15. Well currently all I have booked is a honeymoon to Positano in 2019 but I'm hoping to get over sooner than that! I'd like to visit a lot of the country over the next few years so I'm open to suggestions
  16. Awesome! Will definitely keep an eye out as I'd love to watch some RL in Italy when I finally go over
  17. Hey Matt, I'm currently learning Italian and am planning on visiting as often as I can in the future - do you have any recommendations on where I can find out all about Italian RL? (Other than keeping an eye on your posts here of course!) Thanks!
  18. Amazing deal! Signed up on the spot - cheers mate
  19. Forgive my ignorance but what happens to Wigan U19s players on loan at Swinton when playing the Wigan 1st team?
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