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  1. Then I would ask, what would BARLA loose by not having representation on the RFL board or council? Surely they are trying to influence and are discriminating without prejudice. Would many of our representatives that sit in government and even parliament be fit and Proper people? I think not, again we are just trying the smoke and mirror game, discrediting others to allow change not to happen. Look at the Board what skeletons do they have? What does BARLA really have? A Three Counties Series that is nothing like it was three years ago, player pool that is ,( not to be disrespectful but) below standard for what was such a great Competition. And that will only get worse as the RFL grow their own Yorkshire/ Lancashire series. Cast your mind back to the Counties of Origin of Series that was meant to be rolled out in 2014/15 under the RFL and BARLA through David Gent, this is what the RFL had in mind back then and is not putting into place now. A cup competition that again is a shadow of the past, again a second rate competition. And a winter playing league which drops in numbers year on year, with more and more un for filled fixtures every year. I still think that there are enough people out there who could make a difference to BARLA, but you would have to get rid of the dead wood first. What must Maurice Oldroyd think to this debacle?
  2. Firstly, I cannot see how BARLA can question the credentials of someone who now seeks a position on the Board, they have placed him in a position of high regard ,(Yorkshire County Chair), he has been a district Chairman for several years now, Management of the Pennine League, and this has never been an issue. You would not have an employee who after several years employment looked for promotion so looked to dismiss him/her as they may be a threat. As I see it the BARLA board is somewhat depleted in numbers and has been now for several years, surely new members should be encouraged to come forward. Unfortunately as you are fully aware unless you are selected to join your acceptance is almost impossible, as obstacles will be put in and rules will be suddenly applied. The board in my opinion would need more than Carl to change things, and would the present chair stay on if defeated? She does seem to have other capacities on the board. As you well know, majority votes have always been the order around the BARLA table, so anyone would have to persuade members to have the courage to speak their own mind and not just vote as expected, or told. I think the present board would work with most people, and most have worked with him for several years now in one way or another, but I think that there would have to be new board members with enthusiasm and commitment to change to really shake things up and make things happen. If the fully paid up District members at the AGM vote for Carl Morton to be BARLA chair then how can the RFL question this?
  3. As you state Roger, It seems that Carl is a legitimate threat to the BARLA Chair, and in fact the rest of the board (with exception to probably one other), and would seem to have a chance of dare I say victory at the AGM, unless it could be proved that he was an unfit person, which is where things seem to have been directed. Maybe the only way to save the vote for the current chair? The Current board has been put in place to support the chair , and anyone who may have had different views or opinions has removed from the position, just like the District leagues who no longer have votes, or their annual fees have not been paid conveniently, so they are not allowed to vote. Carl was once one of her trusted allies, but seems to see things differently from when he became Yorkshire Chairman in 2016, a position which was orchestrated by one Sue Taylor.
  4. Carl Morton from Leeds and district
  5. One challenging for chair, and one new application to join.
  6. No problem, I played with his brother Phill in the late 70's when I captained the side at 17.
  7. Stanningley have hosted the event for the last three years now, and the costs wont be the reason as the costs were minimal, I booked it so I know. I believe the reason it was taken elsewhere was that it was left too late and the field was already booked.
  8. Hughie Armitage? Both he and his brother Phill played there.
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