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  1. he may not be our player now but has played 24 games for us this season making line breaks, try saving chase backs, ball steals, as well as tries. The most games any fev player has played this year is 25 games I dont normally comment just like to read peoples opinions but to disregard him as 'not our player' seems abit fickle
  2. agree with this. Try briscoe in the centre sure he played there before. then misi, robinson n handley (if available) can all cover wing
  3. Gutted for Moore hope it's nothing too bad he was havin a stormer of a game. Unfortunately too many gains for them off are mistakes again. Thought Kyran did ok after all he has had hardly any match time, as did Cooper. Bit of credit to Briscoe too who I thought handled Carney well, especially that tackle early on in the first half. Wish the right side got a bit more ball I don't think Hardy and Briscoe's potential is used enough.
  4. Moore - gutted when he left pitch Cooper - did himself proud needs more of a chance such potential Briscoe - handled Carney very well
  5. Briscoe could of been seriously hurt wi him running in like that. Im sure Grady and Briscoe sorted it themselves, looked to be coming to a end before Tangata ran in from were we was sat
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