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  1. "Sorry, but you must have a short memory. The last season under the Messiah, NK, was equally dire yet with more opportunity to plan than last year. He stated that he needed a much bigger budget, which we simply couldn't afford. LG was green and had a lot to learn; we were late into the market thanks to the coaching situation; and we all acknowledged that it would be a season for survival, nothing more. LG achieved that." Sorry BSJ youv'e missed the point surely. Last year we couldn't plan because, as you say, the Messiah gave us little time. LG has had a full season and we are now going back into training shortly. We currently have a small squad with no information coming forward as to how it is going to be strengthened. LG has had plenty of time this season and has had plenty of time to go into the market to strengthen it , do you agree? The squad we currently have is no stronger than we had last year. It needs to take shape quickly to encourage us all to have your enthusiasm.
  2. Is it just me, maybe slightly off topic, but we will back in training in maybe 3 weeks time. We are coming back in 2019/2020 on the back of, let's be honest, a shocking season. We just managed to survive. Certain posters on this forum constantly had a pop at our last coach for leaving a sinking ship and giving the club very little time to appoint a new coach and assemble a competitive squad for the coming season. I seem to remember that outgoing coach making his intentions clear prior to our last match. Our new set up has the benefit of a coach who has had the benefit of a full season. I see no temptation at the moment to tempt me in to parting with any of my hard earned income for what may be in store for next season. We have been notified of players leaving and the odd re signing. I have seen a lot of info being released by other clubs as to new signings, plans etc. Come on Dewsbury Rams give us some encouragement to look forward to next year and whet our appetites. Not particularly interested in a new assistant coach with no track record. Time will tell. I want the club to attract me for the forthcoming season. The opportunity is there. Let's get moving.
  3. Interesting. Your probably more in the know than me Graham. Only reason I mentioned it was I went out for a family meal last night and my son in law, who has grown up with them both and works with one, came straight out with it saying both were signing. I admit I was a bit surprised.
  4. Heard on the grapevine a certain winger from Batley is coming across. Always caused us problems in the past holding him. Also a centre who I believe played at Salford and Fev. Just hope his knee has cleared up.
  5. Thought a draw would have been a fair result. Exciting game to watch from a score point of view. Not a game for the purists. Fev got their rewards for targeting Finn's defence and it worked everytime.
  6. youngun


    What a fantastic performance by Fax this afternoon. Never looked like scoring a try but boy did they put in a shift. Well done Fax. You did the championship proud .
  7. You'll be telling me next that the last 17 years of struggling times at Dewsbury are all down to NK. You may be correct. Your knowledge of what actually occurred would be very interesting to hear . Maybe one day you will share it for all of us out here who maybe not as informed as you were. We all know we overspent and the club was financially mismanaged. What else is there to convince me it was NK's doing. I'm all ears convince me.
  8. I didn't realise it was NK spending the money. I thought he was the coach. So when we get relegated this season it's all down to LG then?
  9. York -16 v Batley -17 Donc - 28 v Sheff - 30 Leigh- 19 v Barrow- 18 Widnes -54 v Rams - 6 All tight games. Sorry no forgot the last one. Pathetic
  10. As I understand BSJ, NK was on GM radio as part of the commentary team. Also as far I understand his analysis was spot on and honest. Just because a coach leaves a club and we don't particularly like it doesn't stop him from giving his opinion of a match as he sees it. On the other point surely his skills were put to the test when he reached two grand finals in a row, one of which we won and on the verge of SL. If you refer to stripping the club of players when he went to Widnes, which coach doesn't?
  11. Might be a job for me there then. I never heard the commentary.
  12. Leigh are good but I don't think they got into top gear today and still blew us away. Just a solid performance doing the basics right. We need to be better on every tackle not just the 6th. Nearly every area of our game needs drastic improvement. We don't try to play the ball quick. No forwards running onto a ball. Probably the only team I know where our dummy runners are unseen. Pass the ball without looking. Run towards the touch line on first tackles. I could go on. We never look like scoring a decent try. Our only chance seems to be burrowing over from 2 feet. Sorry to be so negative but that's just the way it is
  13. Completely and utterly clueless. Not a lot more to say really.
  14. It looked like Paul Sykes has gone. I think it was Paul training on the twitter feed
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