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  1. You'll be telling me next that the last 17 years of struggling times at Dewsbury are all down to NK. You may be correct. Your knowledge of what actually occurred would be very interesting to hear . Maybe one day you will share it for all of us out here who maybe not as informed as you were. We all know we overspent and the club was financially mismanaged. What else is there to convince me it was NK's doing. I'm all ears convince me.
  2. I didn't realise it was NK spending the money. I thought he was the coach. So when we get relegated this season it's all down to LG then?
  3. York -16 v Batley -17 Donc - 28 v Sheff - 30 Leigh- 19 v Barrow- 18 Widnes -54 v Rams - 6 All tight games. Sorry no forgot the last one. Pathetic
  4. As I understand BSJ, NK was on GM radio as part of the commentary team. Also as far I understand his analysis was spot on and honest. Just because a coach leaves a club and we don't particularly like it doesn't stop him from giving his opinion of a match as he sees it. On the other point surely his skills were put to the test when he reached two grand finals in a row, one of which we won and on the verge of SL. If you refer to stripping the club of players when he went to Widnes, which coach doesn't?
  5. Might be a job for me there then. I never heard the commentary.
  6. Leigh are good but I don't think they got into top gear today and still blew us away. Just a solid performance doing the basics right. We need to be better on every tackle not just the 6th. Nearly every area of our game needs drastic improvement. We don't try to play the ball quick. No forwards running onto a ball. Probably the only team I know where our dummy runners are unseen. Pass the ball without looking. Run towards the touch line on first tackles. I could go on. We never look like scoring a decent try. Our only chance seems to be burrowing over from 2 feet. Sorry to be so negative but that's just the way it is
  7. Completely and utterly clueless. Not a lot more to say really.
  8. It looked like Paul Sykes has gone. I think it was Paul training on the twitter feed
  9. I agree we have missed Sykes without doubt. But we have still only won two games when he was playing. One of which was Swinton at home. We have 2 very good interchangeable hookers in the pack but the rest, as much as they put in the effort, are just not good enough at this level. Let me ask the question. How many times have you seen one of our forwards run onto a ball at pace this season and knock somebody over? How many times have you seen them release the ball in attack and it go to hand? Defensively the pack are good for 70% of the game but after being dominated for long periods they tire and are bound to drop their guard. A lot of issues for LG to get right but a decent stand off is only the tip of the iceberg.
  10. I am certainly not criticising the coach, it's still early days. Time will tell. My point is that if our ambition as a club at the start of each season is to survive we are gradually going to lose support and with that income. The atmosphere in the South Stand is currently mind numbing. The standard of rugby being played at the moment is far from entertaining and no better than Glens days. Look at our points scored, only one team Swinton have scored less and they beat us at the weekend. We didn't have an off day against Batley or Swinton, we had a normal day. Think about it played 14 lost 10. Thrashed in CC by Fax, teams we beat were both amateur. The club needs to start speculating to accumulate, creating a buzz and stop using excuses before the season starts. I think Coolie mentions we lost Brown, Guzdek, Glover etc and also a decent coach. The root cause goes back to why we lost them. NK made his decision known before the season ended.
  11. I agree with the vast majority of what you say BSJ but the victories over Widnes and Fev were more down to those particular teams having an off day other than us being outstanding. Fev have proved that and are finding consistency. We as supporters will turn up week in week out and cheer the lads on and I agree none of them go out there with the intention of losing. As I have said before the squad just isn't good enough to compete at this level on a regular basis. The void left by Sykes injury proves that. But I do get a little bit miffed when all I hear season after season is the importance of avoiding relegation. The emphasis should be to entertain the fans with some exciting rugby along the way. We have had 3 coaches over the last few years, none of them lacking in quality, yet still we are playing the same style of rugby we were playing 4 years ago. The problems for me regarding performance and ambition lie a lot deeper than coaching and effort on the field. Put our fingers on that conundrum and we may just start to see things improve.
  12. "and I also have an inbuilt dislike of the selected location" You and me both!
  13. Robert Hicks once again wants to be heard. Absolutely terrible decision. Child also to refer it. What a couple of jokers. Even if the ball hits his hand he didn't play at it. The Warrington player knocked on and it hit Leuluia and wasn't played at. On field decision try. I wouldn't put Hicks in charge of Champ 1. He was garbage at Championship level.
  14. I agree Phil. We desperately need Sykes back. I came away tonight obviously disappointed but I couldn't say the lads didn't give their all. OK a couple were off their game but the desire was there. We currently just don't have the personnel to compete with teams at the top end of this division. We may win the odd game but it is more down to the opposition having an off day. We have some lads who will be cracking players in another couple of seasons but that's for the future. I think we just have to accept at Dewsbury at the moment we are going to struggle and if we can stay in the division it's job done. It doesn't thrill me as a supporter but hey ho.
  15. Swinton at Home
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