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  1. If I've got any die hard hornets fans also I have team sheets for games that I've discovered today. I think I'll probably contact the club about these. Also have quite a few disaplinary letters aswell ??? hahaha haha think I'll keep them though because they make me laugh so much and they're quite beautiful little letters ?
  2. Hi everyone, First of all thanks for you patience. I'm sorry I haven't replied till now. I dug out the lists photocopied them then instantly lost them! I've just rephotocopied. If you could let me know your kind thoughts that would be lovely. If your going to be rude please don't bother I don't have the time or inclination to take on muppets. As as I said I'm 50/50 whether to sell at all and I also have a sister to run it by. I would also only sell/give to people who will genuinely want them for their own collections and not sell them on. These are my dads treasured possessions and I would rather keep them unused than someone profiteering off them. Thank you you all for your replies and PMs all advice welcome. Little Kek xx
  3. Excuse me you snarky sod. I didn't realise that I had to scrape to your demands. I work 70 hour weeks and it's been busy. Didn't realise you were poised at your keyboard for my reply. Who do you think you are speaking to someone like that??? I did say I needed to speak to my sister also and I didn't know what I wanted to do and all of this was sensitive for me. You can go whistle now you ignorant git!!! I don't know why in a month of Sundays you believed me to be someone who could be condisended and bullied but you picked the wrong girl. Now nice one, top one, do one mate. For the people with an ounce of patience. Thank you please bear with me and I will PM you individually.
  4. Sorry been working all weekend and not had time to put up listings when I'm day off on Thursday I will get to grips with it and type up the lists I'm not sure how legible his handwriting will be on here. Thanks for you honesty guys and taking your time out. If it turns out worthless but it will be looked after and enjoyed by someone I'd rather that that being sat collecting dust in old tomato boxes in my spare room x
  5. Okay thank you very much for this I will post the lists. I wouldn't be selling straight away I need to speak to my sister and partner and get opinions but it would help me know where I sort of stand. Thanks
  6. Hi, I inherited when my dad passed 7 years ago his vast collection of programmes they are boxed and the good old man had the very wise for sight to catalogue them all for me. I'm not really wanting to sell them but they're just in boxes in my back room and although I dream of my nephew becoming a rugby mad prop forward... the signs aren't there at the moment lol. I'm not looking to make a quick buck these were daddy Keks prized possessions and if I knew they were going to be appriciated would happily let them go. All I want is a valuation if someone was willing to look through the lists ( I think there's a few A4 pages so probably looking at 150+ programmes) and I will decide from there whether I will donate or sell to good homes/collectors/museum. If someone could point me in the right direction just want to do good by the old man Cheers Little Kek ?
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