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  1. I would like to congratulate hunslet from everyone at fryston we was beaten by a far better team on the day its given us a wake up call we needed but will re group and come back stronger everyone can knock us as much as they want yes we played dum yes we had 2 sent off and 2 sin bin which does not reflect the game we got ourself back into the game at 18 10 ht but threw the game away thinking we could keep giving them posesstion they played off our mistakes we could not cope with Jamie fields who I congratulate on the mom I would all so like to say a big well do to your full back what a player you have there for the future the best team won on the day im not blaming any 1 we lost fair and square to the better side on the day I could use many excuses to why we lost not playing for 4 weeks bad refereeing but know1 is to blame other than us we lost fair and square to the better side on the day so well done hunslet keep it polished nice cause we will be trying to get it next year and as for everyone who might want to slag us off thats fine as we re build and come back stronger next year
  2. Blackburn ambler to name a few if you was that much up on the siddal team pal you would of been there supporting them and you would off seen then but no just another key board warrior
  3. I think you will find siddal had 10 of there 1st team regulars in the side which played but hey still not good enough in anyone's eyes as we are fryston just a pub team
  4. Why don't you give us a laugh then with who you think would grace this final
  5. Yes they were in it haydock but gave the game to Upton shame like would of been nice to lock horns with them later on but unfortunately it wasn't to happen
  6. I think theses 2 teams would be in the final no matter who enters or not hunslet got to the conference knock out cup last year and won't be far from it this year so there here on merit and I'm sure we would give any conference team a run for there money like we did siddal thornhill and norminton this year so let's not moan who not in the cup let's get your money out of your pocket and come watch a cracking game of rugby which could go either way come on boys and girls come to Fev on Sunday you won't be disappointed!!!
  7. Fryston team at present are not the fryston team of old yes we play good hard rugby but with only 3 dismissals in 2 years I think you will find a change in playing style to fast lowing rugby the lads have bought in to my ethos in coaching they train hard and play harder it's been a pleasure to coach this set of lads I've brought together over the past 2 years and Sunday's game will be the pinicle in a lot of lads rugby career and we aim to make good memories not what happened in the challange cup against keithley which was taken out of proportion as all our doing I can't speak for the crowd which follows us but I can speak for my players coaching staff and committee we look forward to testing our self against a top side like hunslet are just like we did agInst siddal norminton and thornhill this year the best team will win on the day I've seen them play the last 4 weeks were we have been inactive so they are battled hardend but my lads have been in a mini pre season so they are ready to go no stone as been un turned to prepare my boys for Sunday so all we need Isca big effort from 1 to 17 and a bit of Lady Luck and hopefully we will bring the trophy home and do a clean sweep !!!!!!
  8. I think we might have a few tricks up our sleeve ourself for the final been to see old boys twice now in 2 weeks some good points some bad plenty for me to chew on may the best team win come the 28th
  9. Fryston entertain thornhill trojans of the national conference league in the barla cup semi final Friday 28th April 630 ko all are welcome to what will be a cracking cup tie
  10. I will have a walk over thanks for the post
  11. It seemed a good game pal Widnes we're saying there are a very good young side the orrel team good win to go there and get the win
  12. I hear what your all saying but if you see the scores from yesterday some very close games and what a wonderful day we had in the cup away in Widnes welcomed with open arms cracking game played in good sprit of the game and welcomed after in the club house by players and supporters good food good banter so take a bow Widnes West Bank thanks for a cracking day and we look forward to the semi final against current champion thornhill up the mighty fryston !!!!
  13. Some good ties this weekend in barla cup hope Upton give there all as they did last week against us be a tough test away at thornhill and best of luck to queens in there home draw against orrel st James
  14. NoThanks for the info I'm sure we won't be going to bully them as you say just to put point on the board play hard but fair we also won't be bullied either we will pre pare good for the game 3 games in a week will put us there or there abouts starting with Upton this weekend then a local derby with cutsyke on Thursday in a local cup then full focus on the barla cup game on sat we won't be taking them lightly I seen they lost a close game at the weekend at home and have haydock this week so they will be battle ready but I'm sure I will have my boys on top form come next sat but thanks for the reply !!!
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