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  1. From a Swinton point of view I'm really not looking forward to sunday after the abysmal performance the players put in yesterday! Thinking ahead to next season whoever does stay in the Championship can possibly look forward to some pretty miserable away support! Just think there might be the huge travelling support from London,Sheffield,Toulouse,Catalans and Toronto to cram into your ground.Might be more financially beneficial for the RFL to scrap relegation this year, there again I've started clutching at straws!
  2. All will be revealed on Monday giving some fans no time at all to make travel arrangements, RFL-- ######-up in a brewery comes to mind!
  3. All been delayed again until Monday, hope we don't get TO away first weekend!
  4. I would like to ask as many of your fans as possible to make the journey to Heywood Rd next week. My club is in dire straits financially and we need all the support we can get through the gates to enable us to finish the season and pay the players and staff all monies owed to them.
  5. As I've said before this was decided by the RFL and doesn't suit us either so your 'cowardly ' accusation is out of order!
  6. Not sure about the discussions leading up to the date for this game to be re-arranged but as a Swinton fan I would have preferred it to be played at some other time. I think we would obviously have targeted the Halifax match as a possible win so to have to play you midweek is a distraction we could well do without.
  7. Went to the game yesterday and if its any consolation it was possibly our most complete performance of the season. I thought your forwards ran hard and with purpose but there was very little creativity anywhere else. We got lucky with our first try but that sort of luck has been long overdue. Your centre really butchered a chance right before half-time which might have made the second half a little more even. I personally don't think you will go down and if any of the rumours are to be believed Bradford will also get a reprieve thanks to the corrupt RFL. Good luck for the rest of the season and i can't wait for our next meeting in the bottom 8's or whatever it's called,so long as it's at Heywwod Rd
  8. Congratulations and thank you to all the travelling Rovers fans for their friendliness, wit and good behaviour at Sale this afternoon. I wish every team had supporters like yours and I truly hope we have the privilege of welcoming you back regularly in the future ( even though it would mean you staying in the Championship ).
  9. Good luck this weekend in France, we had a nightmare getting there after Ryanair cancelled the flight the day before. Good drinking places include Melting Pot, Pub O'clock and Le Monte Carlo ( situated in the town just outside the ground). There's a great food market open on sunday morning just behind the Pub O'clock where all the locals drink wine and eat oysters ( 6 euros for 6 and 3 euros glass of wine). At the ground near the ticket office look out for the man giving away free entrance tickets. Hope you get the good weather we had and I'm looking forward to renewing acquaintances at the game on Good Friday. COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!!!1
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