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  1. I have to agree but I do agree with what derwent says and it’s Workingtons choice and not be dictated to saying we have to play DR players unless our own players have injuries and causing unrest with our own squad being dropped to accommodate Leigh as when would our own team get playing time then. But I do like the ambition our club seems to have this season.
  2. Have we won the lottery or something with theses signings bet Jamie didn't come cheap and thought he'd retired? Not complaining he was a great player and hopefully still is ?
  3. So the Scott leatherbarrow roumors were true new signing revealed ?
  4. Think you'll find it was Oliver gildart that got that award, liam Marshall won the Albert Goldthorpe Rookie of the year award .But sure Scott will give his all
  5. See Scott signed more good news ?
  6. Could be either Joe Ryan or Scott
  7. Thought you'd heard something for us . In fairness think he deserves it got great talent, think if he hadn't got injured he would have probably got called back when they had all the injuries
  8. Sorry to disappoint I meant dual reg.
  9. It's looking good now . What's anyones thoughts on DR or loan players will we have or need any this season ?
  10. Great news well done to the BOD welcome on board Leon Pryce should be very interesting roll on next season
  11. I do hope so , starting to get worried on what sort of team where gonna have or will we have but we all have to believe we have a great club let's get behind all our staff , players and coach whoever that maybe UTT?️
  12. Wonder if he'll give Scotland coach Steve McCormack the same grief ? don't think so heard he's high on discipline coming from a SL club maybe Callum can learn from this totally different environment
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