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  1. Your points about Ottawa are well taken. I hope people don't think i'm putting Ottawa down, I'm just really skeptical about a team succeeding there or anywhere else in Canada for that matter. I'd love to be wrong, I just don't see it.
  2. I'm all for growing the game over here but I'm really skeptical about this working. Toronto has worked so far but they have a lot going for them that Ottawa doesn't. Lamport has been a good home with a good atmosphere. TD Place with 4 or 5,000 people in it would feel very empty. Toronto has lots of corporate money, lots of expats, and lots of people in general. Not so much in Ottawa. I think it's much easier to sell Toronto to prospective players than it is to get them to uproot their lives to move to Ottawa. I mean no disrespect, just my opinion. If they do have some difficulty attracting players, it's possible that the team might not enjoy the same success as Toronto has. We have yet to see how the game is supported over here when the team isn't winning. I know these guys know much more about business than I do, and I'm sure they have their reasons but I do not see this working. I'd love to be wrong though.
  3. I agree with your other points but I disagree that they would have really struggled in the higher division. Actually, yes, this team would have struggled... but I doubt we would have seen this team next year. It sounds like they would have (for lack of a better word) "bought" a significantly better team for next year if they had earned promotion.
  4. I've always wondered why they announced a 5 year plan to get to SL. Why not just say the goal is SL? Does it mean that Argyle is willing to fund them for 5 years and if they're not proftitable by then, he's out? Probably reading too much into it but I wonder if this season was profitable for the team? It was a pretty good year winning the league with an extra home game for the MPG but is the team profitable if they stay in the Championship?
  5. That was a really bitter pill to swallow but full credit to London for the win. Total team effort for 80 minutes. I thought the referee was excellent. Kept control of the game at all times and was consistent. Glad they had a video official. Imagine if that early TWP try had counted despite the offside. Might have robbed a team of promotion. Best period of play for Toronto was the first 10-15 min of the second half but after making it 2-2, they made a couple mistakes that seemed to kill any momentum they had. Not much in it really. Overall, TWP made a few more errors and showed a little less discipline than did London. I thought that was the difference. The yellow card on the half-hour, the knock-on off the re-start at 2-2, a penalty shortly thereafter to go down 4-2, the missed penalty to make it 4-4 (hard to call that an "error" since it was a difficult kick but it was makeable). Could add a couple of questionable/poorly weighted kicks in the late going but that was as much a response to London's effort as anything. IMO Toronto should have taken a shot at goal on their first penalty just to be playing from ahead but I understand why they didn't. Had they scored a try, I'm sure I wouldn't be bringing it up. As much as it hurts, I still consider this season a success. At least I think I will once the disappointment wears off.The qualifiers were so exciting to watch. Great job by the team and its supporters to get over the 9k mark in attendance. Best of luck to London and their supporters in SL next year. Enjoy it. I know there's a lot of talk about the ground, small crowds and funding etc... but if you're a fan of the team, what can you do about that?? Enjoy the win, it was well earned. Congrats.
  6. That's great to hear, it says a lot about their team. That had to be a crushing loss. Those are the types of things that make us love sport. Really impressed with their side. I wish them well... just not at our expense!
  7. I don't like that there is no TMO. It would certainly have meant a disallowed try for Toronto and I think there was enough evidence to warrant a sending off of Bussey for his inexplicable bite. In Canadian Football, every scoring play is automatically reviewed and the occasional delay is well worth it for me if it means they always get it right but that's neither here nor there. There is no TMO here so you just have to control what you can control. The touchie looked to be in good position on the wrongly awarded try. Might have been focusing on whether or not the player's foot was in touch, I don't know. Officials are human. They make mistakes. There's no agenda. Bad calls happen. I think they tend to even out over the course of a season. It's tough to take when it goes against you but the truth is that no game comes down to one bad call. Toulouse made some key mistakes down the stretch and ultimately missed a conversion that would have won the game. That's a kick you should make if your team belongs in the top division. Not the prettiest game but the effort level and intensity made it enthralling. Toulouse showed a lot of fight and that game could have easily gone the other way. Just when I thought they were spent, they raised their level and were unlucky to come away with nothing. As a TWP fan, playing these hard-fought, intense games week in and week out is an absolute joy, win or lose. I really hope they can earn promotion.
  8. Maybe it's our North American outlook on sport but that's exactly how I see it. I find the qualifiers more compelling. When you reset the points for all teams, it makes every game so important. 2 games left and still everything to play for. With the Super 8s, the bottom teams are so far behind to start (at least this year) that they are virtually eliminated before they start. Obviously it wouldn't be fair to reset points for the Super 8s but I think something like the NRL format would be more exciting for fans of all 8 teams and the casual observer.
  9. I kinda feel like you're both making the same argument from opposing ends. Said argument being that it isn't fair to have teams with vastly different resources competing in the same league. The point is well made about Batley not having a second team to send, not to mention having players with work and family commitments. It's also not Toronto's fault that they have to face part time sides. Perhaps they will get "bashed around" by "real top squads" for a couple of years if they're promoted but what does that prove? My takeaway is that it's too bad that the sport's popularity is so low that even in its "heartland", only the top division can field fully professional sides. I hope that changes.
  10. Competitive games are definitely coming. I like this format. You don't just have to prove you're better than everyone in the Championship, you have to prove you're better than the SL team(s) you're replacing in order to be promoted. Based on the last three years, 5 wins has been needed to finish top three. 4 wins has meant the Million Pound Game (not necessarily at home). This is the first time TWP will play seven consecutive teams of similar or better quality. First meaningful games at Lamport as well. It won't be easy but it should be a lot of fun. I can't wait.
  11. I know it's a difficult job and it's probably hard to find a broadcaster who knows about RL but I found it cringe-worthy. Should have been better prepared. Maybe didn't have much time to prepare but didn't seem to understand rules about tackling or being held up in goal. Terminology was an issue too. Suggested Dews might kick a "field goal" early on in the game instead of a new set from 10 away. Called offloads "back passes". Probably best when she was just describing what was happening instead of offering an opinion or speculating about the game. I thought she got a bit better as the match went on and Noble did more of the talking. Can't fault her enthusiasm. I'm sure we've all had a rough first day on the job. I wish her well and hope she gets better as she learns about the game.
  12. Not an easy game to officiate. I thought the referee did very well to try to keep things under wraps. If throwing a punch isn't a red card, I don't know what is. Kay's yellow for lifting the ball carrier's legs above 90 wasn't malicious but that's a yellow. I was pulling my hair out listening to Mccrone be told three or four times to stop talking and refusing before he got his yellow. When Toronto were playing rugby league, it was enthralling stuff. Wasted an opportunity to show what they could do against a quality side. Warrington looked the better side but I thought Toronto were good enough to make this a real contest. Instead it turned into whinging about hair pulling and biting and throwing a useless punch and frankly behaving like children instead of professional athletes. I truly hope they learn from this because I think they're better than they showed. Embarrassing stuff. Frustrating to watch.
  13. FWIW, wikipedia has attendance info. Not sure how accurate it is but here are the links. Takes a while for some of them to be updated and you have to scroll down a bit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_League_XXIII_results https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_RFL_Championship_season_results https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_RFL_League_1_results Only 2 Championship sides averaging over 2k per game so far according to them.
  14. I think that would be a dream scenario. Imagine in year three, you are in SL, attracting thousands of passionate away fans every week and maintaining home support such that you have to expand seating. I think the jury's still out on the success of RL over here. We've had one season of winning RL in a huge market. I'd be happy if TWP got to SL and averaged 9600 (current capacity) next year. Things have gone as well as could be imagined in Toronto and their future looks good but... I think we are a long way from worrying about how to "squeeze in" thousands of away fans. I'd like nothing more than for that to be a problem though
  15. Thought yellow was the right call. Just a few mistakes starting to creep in now. From a Toronto point of view, I'd be happy with a draw at this point.
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